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“Reader Emails,” the Garrett Controversy Goes Mainstream, & “The Proposal”

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Hi Steve,

I love you site and your podcasts.

Since Becca picked Garrett, do you think that the next Bachelor will be Jason or Blake?

Is it possible that ABC would still want Peter for Bachelor.

Comment: Certainly looks like it’ll be one of those two, but it’s still early.

Anyone who’s ever been popular on this show (and pretty much finished in the top 4 of their Bachelorette season), I guess is technically always an option from this point forward considering the last two seasons pulling Nick and Arie out of their ass. But I don’t think Peter will be the “Bachelor.”


I have been meaning to send a follow up after your interview with Stephen – great interview. When you were talking about Jeff’s catch phrases, how about “I’ll go tally the votes.” Seriously one of my favorite lines. And “come on in guys!” or “I got nothing for ya, head back to camp.” Yep. After that interview, when I watched the rest of “Survivor,” I realized there were so many more that I forgot.

What about the finale this season, I jumped on twitter to see if you were tweeting. My jar was on the floor but honestly how else could a Dom and Wendell final vote go, other than a tie? Crazy! It’s days later and I am still shaking my head.

Have fun in Denver, we have a trip planned there mid June and we are thinking about catching a Rockies game also! Too bad it’s two weeks after your visit there.

Comment: Maybe I wasn’t paying nearly as much attention as I should, but once Dom and Wendell were in the finals, I guess I just thought Dom had more of the jury than he did. I thought he’d win 7-3. MAYBE 6-4. But I certainly didn’t anticipate a tie. Never saw that coming. Well, until Jeff said he was reading the votes right there, then I knew a tie was coming because he reads the votes privately before reading them out loud, and they order them as dramatically as they can. They wouldn’t have done that blind. They knew they had a tie, and they knew they could save the final vote til the live show.

The thing I didn’t realize until I read stuff post show, was that the first 5 people sent to the jury voted for Dom, and the last 6 sent to the jury all voted for Wendell. That was interesting to me.

Hi Steve,

I have a question/comment for when you start publishing emails again. It is probably just be a contractual issue–but if ABC is letting the girls (Rachel, Becca) say they are engaged pre-season, why are they not letting them wear their engagement ring? It seems silly to me that Becca is in People Magazine saying how happily engaged she is, but not wearing her ring yet.


Thanks for spoiling

PS I listened to your Meredith Phillips interview. It was painful to hear how broken she is, but I thank you for allowing her to have an outlet to share her truth.

Comment: Because they can’t take a chance on them ruining it or losing it I assume. Granted, that could happen the day the finally do get to wear it, but I guess they just want to preserve that as long as they can.

Thank you. I’ll repeat how impressed I was with Meredith after all she’s been through. I get people are concerned for her, but she’s doing well after this. She really feels better now that she told the story.

Hey Steve! I’ve read your columns for years and I feel like your favorite part of the job is the investigative piece of figuring out the ending (maybe if this Bachelor thing ever dries up, you could have a backup career as a PI? ?) Anyhow, how’d you feel with the TMZ article? Was that annoying? Were you ticked it took away some of the suspense from your audience? Just curious. Love your honesty, frankness and love your blog!

Comment: The short answer I can give is no. The only thing that bothers me is if something affects my bottom line or my site traffic. And considering Monday was the highest traffic day in the history of my site by 300k views, I figured things were good. Then yesterday’s traffic beat Monday’s by 100k views. Things are better than ever on the site.

That was the first time in 36 seasons TMZ had pics of the final rose ceremony. I’m not worried this is going to become an twice yearly thing. Especially because those pics weren’t take by paparazzi. Just a random person on their honeymoon who pitched the pictures to any outlet looking for payment. Like I said, I don’t blame them. TMZ didn’t even give Garrett’s name in the picture, so, how much do they actually even know? Wasn’t that hard to figure out who it was. They’re not a “Bachelor-centric” organization where their main focus is covering this show like my site is. So no, them releasing the pics didn’t bother me.

Hey Steve,

I hope you’re doing reader emails this week, since it is premiere week and all. I have two questions for you:

1. Is it true that Colton is actually still a virgin or is that something he is making up? I believe it’s true. At least that’s the story he’s going with on the show.

2. Have you still heard nothing but good things about Becca overall?

Comment: Pretty much. Everyone loves her. Even I’m a big fan. I really do feel bad right now, but this storyline is going to dominate her season. It’s all anyone’s talking about after the premiere now that the mainstream media has picked up on the story. She’s got a hell of a situation to navigate now, but, until we hear her speak about it, it’s hard to know what’s going on behind closed doors. And she won’t say anything specifically about Garrett until the finale, so it’s gonna be a while before we really know anything.

I skipped the last two seasons of this show and was excited to get back in, then I find out about the whole Garrett situation and already has me wanting to stop, which leads me to ask you this…

-Do the casting people only care about the superficial attributes that Becca gives them? If I were there, I’d say athletic, outgoing, funny. But also would say that they need to give me guys that lean more towards the left because that’s where my political views line up. Obviously this is a show but also her life, so how do they walk the line? They just don’t care about politics and religion, which I know is always not the best thing to talk about, but it makes sense if she wants to marry the guy. Judging from Becca’s instagram and what she’s put out there, it’s safe to assume she does not have the same views as Garrett. I’d be pretty pissed if they presented me with all these guys who held different views, views that one would hold really important to them, you know? Not just liking different basketball teams. I know it’s silly to think they would actually care about really finding the one for Becca but the time we’re living in right now, it just seems like based on the photos Garrett liked, he’s showing bigot, racist tendencies. It’s kept pretty general. Which is what makes this pick of Garrett, and what’s subsequently happened, kinda head scratching. How was this never addressed? Not him liking posts on IG, but just in general because they are almost at the farthest ends of the political spectrum in their beliefs. This is touched on a lot in tomorrow’s podcast.

-Are Ashley and Jared the real deal? It’s always so strange to me when people announce they’re dating, have photoshoots and bombard us with so many couple pics. Obviously we don’t see everything that happens, but Jared never seemed interested. I watched the video and he says he was, but it just seems weird to me like when Becca and Graham dated. And how Jared’s all of a sudden referring to Ashley as the one or whatever. You’re aren’t the only one who feels that way.

-Last thing… was Becca’s long instagram post on her premiere night because of Garrett and the hate he’s getting? I wonder what’s going through her mind about this whole thing.

Comment: I’m sure it was.

Regarding the Garrett situation, I could not agree with you more. I’m actually really glad you spoke out in the way you did because I also don’t think it’s fair that so many people are judging him without even hearing what he has to say. I strongly believe and hope for racial equality and have always supported LGBT rights. I feel that gun violence is a huge epidemic, and my heart truly hurts for all of those affected by the school shootings. Thus, my typical reaction would be anger toward Garrett’s alleged social media activity. However, like you, I definitely think there is something fishy going on. If there are people willing to make fake accounts and troll people, why wouldn’t potentially that same individual hack his real account and do some questionable things? Now, if he is guilty of this, I truly hope he has apologize and learned his lesson. I also don’t see how Becca could go an entire season without learning even SOMETHING about his viewpoints. I guess I trust her judgement. She seems like she knows what she wants and would have no problem putting a man in his place. If these accusations are true, I guess I believe the guy can change? I have many thoughts on this, but I suppose I don’t want to react too much before hearing what he has to say. Now, do you think it is possible that ABC is preventing him from making a statement? I’ve seen him reply to comments on Instagram, but he hasn’t made any mention of the situation. Does ABC have control of what he can and cannot say about the situation? Also, I’m wondering if he DID get hacked and is waiting to speak until he speaks with his lawyers. I can’t help but wonder if he is taking legal action toward someone trying to destroy his character. Just some thoughts.

Comment: Even if it’s true, I still want to hear from him before passing judgment. Bigot, racist, homophobe – he’s been called every name in the book now from people who believe the likes were his. And since yesterday’s post – after talking with Ashley, and being contacted by the people who initially took the screen shots – it certainly looks he did like those IG posts. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but over 10. I absolutely don’t agree one bit with the things he liked, something I stressed yesterday. It perpetuates hate, homophobia, transphobia, and school shootings of conspiracy theories that have already been debunked. It’s disgusting. I just wanna hear what he has to say for himself before I comment on it. Some people are bypassing that and giving their thoughts. That’s fine. That’s their prerogative. It’s just something I’m not choosing to do until I hear what he has to say. It’s not a political thing. This isn’t left vs right thoughts. He didn’t just like a couple MAGA posts. It’s way beyond that, and if people can’t understand that and their sentiment is, “What’s wrong with liking a couple posts?” they just don’t get it. “Roseanne” got fired yesterday for posting a tweet. The HIGHEST RATED SHOW ON ABC was cancelled because someone sent a tweet. Think about that. This sh** is important now, and ABC’s actions towards “Roseanne” yesterday proves that. If you don’t understand the severity behind this, you’re not paying attention.

Hey Steve,

Ok, I might be making this up, but this is what I think. I listen to your podcast and read your page all the time and I also listen to Ashley I’s podcast and A LOT of times I feel like she uses the information in your site to talk about stuff. For example, today she did an Interview with Access and they were talking about Becca potentially falling in love with two guys as they showed on the teaser and Ashley said that she thought it was Garrett and then also…. guess who? Blake. According to her, she observed a lot of chemistry and connection between her and those two. Like really? Can she be sooo spot on based only in the first episode? Also when they mentioned Colton she immediately mentioned his past with Tia… she said she probably flew to see him or something like that… like literally all the things you have said in your site. I don’t have any questions I just wanted to bring it up since I think it’s kinda sh***y of her to never acknowledge you but I swear she uses all the information you post to look like she knows a lot. I wish we had to sign up for your site or something so you would know she’s constantly reading everything you post.

Keep entertaining us!!!!!

Comment: Wait a second, you’re telling me that stuff I talk about and post is used as someone else’s content? No way! I have some more news to share with people: water is wet.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all the updates along the way, it is so helpful.

I just have a simple question. If someone is on bachelor in paradise and doesn’t find a person to propose or take home with, is it still possible they can be the next bachelor/bachelorette?

Comment: Happened for Nick, but that’s the only example.



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