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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Finale Schedule, Temptation Island, & Cassie’s Ex Speaks Out

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Hi Steve,

Two things on this week’s episode.

1. Heather never been kissed date – If a man licks his fingers while eating, I think most women would see this as a total red flag and definitely not as a prelude to her first kiss. Gross! Maybe that Thai food was so good he couldn’t help himself. Or he thought he was eating at that Pirate show again.

2. After watching Young Once Season 1 and some of the trailers for Season 2, I agree with you that Cassie and Colton will never get engaged, much less get married. Cassie is obviously much more intelligent than Colton; she always seems to be aware of what she is doing and more importantly, she leads the way and always gets her own way without losing her sweetness. Caelan is no match for her and neither is Colton. And it doesn’t seem like she is in a hurry to get married as she is pursuing graduate work in the speech therapy and it wouldn’t surprise me if she continued her modeling career and followed her sister into acting.

So, Colton worst fears will be realized because he picked Cassie. Can’t blame him, most guys would pick her out of this group of 30 women.

Comment: Couldn’t agree more. She’s 23 and still in school pursuing that graduate degree. She’s not the least bit ready to think about planning any sort of wedding.

While both of the young women looked ridiculous during their argument last night, I really blame Colton for some of it. I’m pretty sure if you go back and check, that Onyeka told Colton that Nichole was “emotionally unstable”, and then when Colton relayed it to Nicole, he said that Onyeka said she was “mentally unstable”. I wasn’t surprised that Nichole went ballistic over that. I think she would have been upset to hear “emotionally unstable”, but no one want to be labeled “mentally unstable”.

Comment: That’s true. He did do that. And we specifically saw in the deleted scene they released before Monday night’s episode that Onyeka said Nicole was emotionally unstable. She never said mentally.

Hey Steve,

Couple of questions:

1.) When Chris Harrison was introducing all the girls, he alluded to some conversation Colton and Tayshia had which was (as usual) one of the deepest they’ve had on the show. Any idea what it’s about? You’re mixing up the women. He said that about Caelynn, which is what we saw 2 weeks ago.

2.) Have they started interviewing the possible bachelorettes? We know it’s Caelynn but do they typically interview like the top 3 or 4? They interview whoever they feel like interviewing. Some are just courtesy interviews.

3.) Do the producers ever instigate or tell certain people to do something to cause fights? Idk this whole season seems manufactured


Comment: Of course they do. That’s how most of these fights happen.

Hi Reality Steve.
You answered all my Bachelor questions in the recap, regarding the editing and the second hand embarrassment we all had to watch. Here are some off topic questions for you:

-In your opinion, since the year 2000, what is the best college football national championship game? (Not in the playoff era) That’s easy. Texas beating USC 41-38 in 2005 ending their long winning streak. Not only was it the best national championship game since 2000, it’s probably one of the top 5 college games ever played.

-What has been the best college football playoff game in your opinion? (Semi-finals and championship game)

Comment: Well there’s only 10 to choose from, but two jump out to me: When Clemson avenged their loss from the year before and beat Bama in 2016 35-31 on a TD with no time left. And then the following year when Bama came back from the halftime deficit throwing a freshman QB in there and beating Georgia in OT, 26-23. Can’t ask for more than a walkoff TD in a national championship game.

Hi Steve,

I really enjoy your podcast. I think you do a great job letting people tell their story and I appreciate it!

Question about pay on the show. I have seen shows (like Teen Mom) quote a per episode rate for pay. I feel like I’ve seen the same for Chris Harrison. Is it really a pay per episode or is that just a way of breaking down the salary? I’m wondering if a shorter season like this one would cause anyone (production, Chris Harrison or even Colton) to get paid less because there’s not as many episodes as usual?


Comment: I’m pretty sure Chris is a per episode employee, but even with one less episode this season, I really don’t think he’s hurting for cash or is pissed off about it.

Read your Super Bowl recap yesterday and while I agree that at times, I was looking for teams to score, I thought it made for a good game. Not the most exciting, sure, but I was drawn in. All year long, people and commentators doubted the Patriots and their defense and they showed up and shut down a Rams offense that scored a shit ton of points this year. Impressive. So from that perspective, it was interesting to see. Also, since you don’t have a team, do you hate the Patriots as well as every other person not from Boston or can you appreciate them? No. I don’t hate them at all. Hating them is for people who are fans of the other teams that New England beats up on every year. We’re never gonna see something like this ever in football again. We’ll see someone win back-to-back. Maybe even 3 in 4 years. Or 4 in 5 would be an accomplishment. But an 18 year dynasty? And people seem to forget that they went TEN YEARS in between title #’s 3 & 4. So it’s not like they just kept running the same guys back every season. Two different eras, where the only mainstays in each run were Brady and Belichick. It’s just never gonna happen again.

Obviously I know the bachelor and bachelorette has morphed over time and these people come on the show knowing that if they play their cards right, they’ll have thousands, maybe millions, of followers when they leave. Cassie is no different. I mean, she did this show AND the bachelor? And it’s off putting because she wins. But come on. Her sister’s an actress dating a famous actor. Maybe a match made in heaven for a guy as thirsty for fame as Colton. Maybe not for your sake, but don’t you think it’s time to give this show a rest? No one believes or even cares if people end up together anymore even if they numbers shows otherwise. Not sure what you’re saying. Give it a rest? Like how? Stop talking, writing, and spoiling it? No. I enjoy spoiling it. It’s my favorite part. It’s pretty cool to be the only site on the internet for 10 years straight who spoils the show season in and season out. Anybody in the world in the last 10 years could’ve started their own website and done what I did to try and match me. Anybody in the world. But they haven’t because they don’t get the information I do. Trust me, if someone had the information that I get every season, they’d be running to their computer trying to get it out there. It just doesn’t happen. It’s a role I’ve been given and I enjoy it. And I’ll keep doing it until I don’t. Whenever that may be.

Are you tuning into the new season of the challenge tomorrow? (Or tonight when this email is published) And do you have any updates on Cara and Pauly, they’re still hanging out?

Comment: Oh, I’ll be watching. Looking forward to it. And I have no idea what’s going on with those two. I’m assuming they’re still together because I’m guessing if they weren’t, someone would’ve told me by now.

Hi Steve,

If Caelynn is chosen as the bachelorette, do you think the show will

A) be scrutinized heavily when it comes to the guys cast based on a guy like Lincoln slipping through the cracks last season? And/or

B) go out of their way to show they are vetting contestants out in a different way this time around?

I imagine they don’t want to draw attention back to the Lincoln issue, but it’s hard to think that the issue wouldn’t be brought up in the media somehow given Caelynn’s past, which they’d undoubtedly use as her main storyline going in as bachelorette. Thanks!

Comment: I think they’ll vet out their guys as thoroughly as they possibly can for fear of getting caught with their pants down like last season. Literally (Lincoln).

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  1. iampunka

    February 7, 2019 at 2:54 PM

    So he made a comment about Cassie’s indecisiveness, and now the Bachelor is going to play out showing that quality? Huh. Consider me not shocked I guess. Sounds like she’s a girl who look the pursuit and chase, but just really doesn’t want to get caught. Because if it plays out that way again, sounds like a trend.

    Just hope it makes good TV. Cringeworthy, can’t beleive she did that TV.

  2. rob22

    February 8, 2019 at 1:19 PM

    So, full disclosure. I watched very little of this season until the last two episodes. While it wasn’t very interesting, I’m trying to figure out who everyone is, so I can have a clue when I watch the sh*t go down at the end. But as far as Cassie goes, it seems to me that she pretty much did what most contestants do. She ended whatever relationship she had, and it doesn’t sound like it was one that was going great, and went on the show. If she didn’t sit down honestly with her boyfriend and explain it to him, I could understand that being called out. Ghosting people, especially if you show up on a reality show, is pretty low behavior. But I’m not hearing that’s what happened. She ended the relationship and went on the show. That’s kind of how things should go. When it’s over, have that conversation and move on. What am I missing that makes this some sort of terrible thing that she did? RS can really get on his high horse sometimes.

  3. tinyred500

    February 9, 2019 at 9:17 AM

    @robb, regarding Cassie and her other show and ex-boyfriend. She’s like so many other contestants as to why they do the show, and her ex-boyfriend seems fine, and well and truly over her. I feel very similar to you, with RS calling her ‘shady’, is not really fair or applicable IMO. I think it can be noted that RS has a bit of habit of blowing things out of proportion and turning them into hyperboles, when not always appropriate to do so.

    Regarding the season overall, I’m an episode behind America, and each episode has been so bland and similar, that I’ve tended to switch off whilst watching. I’m trying to stay spoiler free (I only know who Colton picks), so I can only hope the season improves. 😉

  4. sweetness354

    February 11, 2019 at 5:40 PM

    I really don’t see the big deal with Cassie & her moving on with the Bachelor. So what if she’s on a docu series with her ex? The show is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things & very few people are even aware it exists

    Even still, she seems like she was well over the relationship by that point anyway, so no reason not to take the Bachelor spot if offered. She was single by the time she was on the Bachelor, so I fail to see exactly what shadiness Cassie did

    The Young Once show doesn’t matter. But Cassie ‘s interest in Colton does. Clear that Steve is just showing another case of him being way too skeptical of something with no need to be skeptical of

  5. tater82

    February 11, 2019 at 11:39 PM

    A few things…who is Chris Harrison dating? How do I watch Young Once? I love that Steve seems to be like a decent human being even though he can’t stand Arie every time someone mentions something about him Steve always says something like I hope it works since they’re having a child. Some people wouldn’t be polite in that situation. I didn’t figure Steve was a awful human or anything it’s just nice to see him be polite and encouraging with that situation.

  6. monicascarlet

    February 12, 2019 at 5:59 PM

    (????)I was heartbroken but after I contacted robinson.buckler {@} yahoo. com my ex came back.. °*”˜« ?* ¯).«.*¯))

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