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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Temptation Island,” and Tomorrow’s Podcast

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During the course of doing 114 podcasts up to this point, and even including the “He Said, She Said” ones I’ve done with Sharleen and Ashley, there have been some pretty powerful stories we’ve been told. From Jenn Sterger, to Meredith Phillips, to a rape call we had, there have definitely been a few that were on the more serious side. Tomorrow we’ll get another one of those, and honestly, it’s probably one of the most important ones I’ve done. A former Bachelor Nation contestant, and someone who I’ve had on before, has a story to tell that very few people know. Definitely hasn’t been talked about publicly, and I only found out about it in October when they reached out to me. This is someone that I kept in touch with on a fairly regular basis, they kinda fell off the face of the earth this summer, then I heard from them in October and I found out why. There’s a lot of layers to the story, but I think it will be helpful since I gotta believe there will be at least one person listening tomorrow who’s either been through this themselves, or are currently going through it. You will know tomorrow when I post the podcast, but I hope you all take the time to listen. I promise you it’ll be one you won’t forget and I can’t thank this person enough for sharing their story, because I’m guessing it wasn’t easy for them.

Ratings are in from last night, and they aren’t exaggerating this time. Not only did they get their highest rating of the season, but also their highest total numbers of viewers drawing 6.35 million and a 1.8 rating. For those keeping track, here is the ratings breakdown for the first 4 episodes:

Ep 1: 5.1 million (1.5 rating)
Ep 2: 5.6 million (1.7 rating)
Ep 3: 5.96 million (1.6 rating)
Ep 4: 6.35 million (1.8 rating)

“Temptation Island” episode 3 recap with our Nell Kalter is now available for your reading pleasure. Because I saw episodes 1-4 over two weeks, I kinda got mixed up a bit of what aired in each episode. Yes, last time was a little tamer than I remembered. What I can tell you is the next 3 episodes ramp it up in a big way. Sh** is gonna start to get very real, very quick. Even some stuff that I don’t even know how to react to. Yes, I know it’s television and I’m aware these people knew what they were signing up for, but to watch what happens in the next 3 episodes – some of it made me visibly cringe. Just wait. I can’t give out anymore. But some of you tweeted that last night was a little slow and lacking drama, and you may be right, but trust me, you get it all and then some coming up. Here’s an exclusive clip from next week’s episode as Kaci begins to feel the pressure at bonfire:

And of course don’t forget, Kaci will be on at the end of tomorrow’s podcast to talk about what happened in last night’s episode.

Some really good emails this week. A lot of informative stuff in there. It all starts on Page 2…



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