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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Temptation Island,” and Tomorrow’s Podcast

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Hi Reality Steve!

Are you able to recap what exactly Cassie filmed with her ex? For those of us that aren’t going to watch the show but are still interested in what that was all about/details about their relationship or where it stands ….

Comment: Well it hasn’t aired yet. I doubt I’m gonna watch the whole thing. I’ll just skip to Cassie and Caelan’s parts. I mean, I know they aren’t together and didn’t leave that show as a couple but that would look incredibly bad on her part. But I also don’t think they left enemies or people who still didn’t care about each other. Weird dynamic I’m hearing.

I know you mentioned the ridiculousness of Colton’s long t-shirts. I had the exact same thought. I cringe every time I see him (as a young 20 year old myself, I can tell you this is NOT a style…). Good. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.

In the latest episode, during the group date, all of the girls are in their ‘nicest’ outfits, and colton is wearing…. a silk shirt and light blue jeans. I thought he looked out of place (and I was barely paying attention).
I know there are stylists but I feel like they should? talk him out of some of his stylist choices. But what do I know…You’d think, but then again, Arie last season might’ve had the most boring, bland style we’ve ever seen on this show.

I know the girls don’t have stylists (maybe until the very end,) but if they looked really bad, something didn’t match, hair was super out of place, etc. do you think producers/stylists influence looks especially in their interviews?

Thanks, Steve!!!

Comment: You’re correct. Only at the end do they have a stylist for the finale. But I think the women know the way they want to look, and a producer will only step in on a wardrobe if they don’t think it works for whatever reason.

Hi Steve,

Just want to make sure you know that they mentioned you on the Elvis Duran and the morning show today! All positive stuff – they were saying if you want to know what happens, then Steve is your guy. I was curious so I googled how many listeners they get and one article said 5.5 million a week. Congrats!

Comment: I’ve heard of the name, but I don’t think he’s on in Dallas. Or maybe he is, but I don’t listen to FM music on the radio. Cool to know though. Anytime they want me on, they know where to reach me.


I have a few thoughts and questions and I know some of them were addressed a long time ago. I had surgery a few weeks ago so I am a little behind.

First, the premiere. I did not like the premiere and the past Bachelor Nation ppl with their hosting parties. I think most of them are still trying to stay relevant and it’s pathetic and ridiculous. Leave the event watching parties to Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Rocking Eve. Lets pray to God they never do that again for the premiere. Useless.

I agree with you on all points that all the hype Chris H. said did not equal the payoff. All he did was listen, which is fine and all and what he should have done but my opinion of Colton is he’s a fame whore just like everyone else.

Demi / Courtney – you mentioned that Courtney was probably told by producers to not speak to Colton. Demi told Courtney to speak to him and Courtney kept complaining about time not spent with him. I have to side with Demi on this one. Courtney doesn’t have to do what producers say. Anyone can make a choice at any time and she didn’t. Plus the comment of Courtney saying Demi is immature and her age, then Demi calling her out and saying they are the same f’ing age – priceless. Wasn’t age the drama last season with Beka M ? Courtney is the one that bothered me this episode. I know Demi was being mean but Courtney wasn’t a saint either. They were both being mean but saying true statements. Courtney was pissed that Demi spoke to Colton twice ? The whole point of the show is to start a relationship with the Bachelor. If Courtney wants to sit in a corner and whine and complain – it’s her loss. Screw what the producers say, go talk to the Bachelor and stay on the show longer.

Comment: I see what you’re saying, and I know it’s very easy to Monday Morning QB and say, “she doesn’t have to do what producers say.” Unfortunately, sometimes you kinda do. There are numerous examples throughout all the podcasts I’ve done where you’ve heard contestants talk about this. You trust these producers and while you’re there, you always think they have your best interests at heart. They don’t. And never will. Unfortunately most of these people don’t realize it til it’s too late. No, I don’t think Courtney handled herself great either. But from what was shown, and how I know this show works behind the scenes, I think there was more than meets the eye there. Something didn’t seem right at all with how that all went down. And seeing the women this season jumping on Demi’s IG supporting her, all while Courtney is taking a beating from fans being called names and not one person bothers to say anything to her is kinda disheartening, especially when they called Demi out on the show for calling her a cancer. There’s a pecking order on this show. I get that. But sometimes maybe you don’t want be all fake about everything and claim #womensempowerment all the time when you basically do the exact opposite.

Hi Steve, here are my random bachelor questions for you.

Do they edit the next episodes as the show is airing? Meaning the show the first couple episodes and see how fans are reacting towards different contestants then edit future episodes to make a certain contestant look better or worse? Example if every one started hating on Caelyn would they start giving Hannah G a super great edit to get every one to love her more? They are always editing the show. To say exactly how far advance they’re doing it, that I can’t answer. But they work backwards. They know what happens at the end of each episode, so they craft the episode to tell a story to lead up to that ending.

Right now Hannah G and Caelyn both seem too young and not strong enough to carry the show. I liked Becca and Rachel as they were so confident and seemed like they could be ready for marriage. These two look ready for a boyfriend and some fame, but would struggle to lead the show. Maybe that is why many are screaming for Elyse. Thoughts? Elyse finished 12th this season with one 1-on-1 date followed by Monday’s episode where she got zero screen time that killed every bit of momentum she had. Happens every season. She’s not going to be the “Bachelorette.”

Were you super shocked that Lauren and Arie got married and are having a kid? Do you think he moved on from his party days and is really settled down? Knowing he did end up getting married do you think he went into being the bachelor with better intentions than you gave him credit for initially? No, I don’t think he went into it with better intentions that I thought. He seems to have come out of it with better ones though. And yes, I’m shocked.

Do you ever wish you ended up being the unofficial blogger/spoiler for a different show? I know this show is all drama and ridiculousness, but do you actually enjoy watching and spoiling it? Or would you rather be a Survivor blogger? Do love your blog and your sarcasm. You cannot take this show seriously and I love reading any behind the scenes info you have. I thoroughly enjoy spoiling this show. It’s my favorite part of what I do. The show itself I don’t care about. The spoiling aspect though is a blast for me.

Do you think all the members of bachelor nation read you blog? Like does Colton read every Tuesday when this comes out? Do they read every word I write every column? No. Are they fully aware of what I’m saying? I’d say 98% of them are.

I hope you get some more bachelor nation podcast guest soon. I always enjoy your podcasts. I would love to hear from Ashley or JP.


Comment: Maybe you will some day. Or maybe you won’t.

Hey steve,

I know your a big sports guy and I was wondering if you listen to a podcast from barstool sports named Pardon My Take. Anyway the main host PFT says he has seen cooperating evidence of a snapchat sent in 2014 of Colton claiming he had sex with someone and it was a screenshot of her camera roll in 2014 so she has had it since then. It was at the end of the latest episode. That picture was sent to me about 5 different times. It’s impossible to verify its authenticity, so to me, it’s not a story. Hence the reason I haven’t posted it.

Can you tell us any future predictions with girls from Colton season relationships with any other guy in bachelor nation? Since we don’t know most of the male BIP cast yet (because it’ll mostly be guys from upcoming Bachelorette season), it’s almost impossible to predict. But Blake will almost surely be in Paradise, and I’m guessing he’ll be interested in Hannah G. But so will almost all the guys there, so who knows who will end up with her?

WHOS UR GUEST ON THURSDAY? A person from Bachelor Nation.

Do you think adam and rachel will get married?

Comment: Man if they did, that’d sure piss off Raven and Bryan.

This one is actually about Temptation Island. I’m a little annoyed at myself that I’m even watching it, as the Bachelor shows are my only reality tv guilty pleasures and I keep meaning to stop watching even those (much less regularly reading your columns as well as Sharleen’s). But you did a good job of piquing my interest (USA was wise to partner with you apparently).

One thing I really like about this show so far is the friendships between the four coupled people on each side. While the whole point of the show is the trashy question of who cheats on who, etc., I really relate to watching these people deal with the bizarre situation with their built-in friends. This also happens on the bachelor shows but production has the incentive to play it down because they want the audience to view the girls/guys as in competition with one another for the lead. That’s not the dynamic here so the show inadvertently gives us a glimpse of how men and women actually interact with and support each other through dramatic relationship crap.

I also really like Kaci, both on the show and in your podcasts so far. She is so deeply self-aware and intelligent about all of this nonsense that I actually feel I’m learning a little bit with her in ways that are helpful in my own life/ relationships. So my question I guess (knowing you’re partnered with USA so I’m assuming you can’t be fully honest about any of this) is: do you find in talking to her and generally comparing this show to the Bachelor that TI is in any way more organic or “real”? For example, it’s almost painful watching Javen and Shari, who probably have the most damaged relationship of any of the four couples, but who at the same time are by far the least interested in flirting/hooking up etc. For sure it’s more “real” than the “Bachelor.” Yes, it’s still a TV show, but these women and men in the couples are spending WAY more time with the tempters/temptresses than the Bachelor/ette ever spend with their contestants. And what you’ll see coming up is definitely real which then triggers real emotions out of people.

Something about that feels very relatable to me; almost like they’re resisting what I’m sure are the attempts of production to get them to mix it up with the singles because they’re both too heartbroken about one another to do so. (I thought it was VERY cruel that they showed Shari Javen’s confessional where he was expressing guilt about literally nothing and they edited it to make it look like he had transgressed in some way–but her interpretation of that moment seemed to reveal deep issues in their relationship). I’d also agree with you that Mark at least appears to care more about these people’s actual lives than Chris does. I was particularly struck by the fact that, rather than stirring the pot, he even pointed out to Shari that nothing in Javen’s video suggested he had actually done anything. Yeah, Mark is a really good host. He does an excellent job. Again, just wait to see what’s coming up. I think he handles another situation particularly well and probably says what a lot of us are thinking. It’s just such a more interesting show than the “Bachelor” in every way. I feel myself rooting and caring about these couples way more than anything on the Bachelor. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the outcome. I don’t know. I’m fully aware these people know what they signed up for. And they do too. But I think we learn way more about these people as a couple, and as individuals, and I think the show does a much better job developing their “character” over the course of the season, whereas the “Bachelor” has a bunch of contestants, and by the end of the season, you maybe know a good 5-7 of them.

On a final note: the only person I truly dislike on this show so far is Kady. And that’s not editing. The lengthy, cruel things she says about John are clearly unedited. All of the other relationships feel like tangled, messy, human affairs where you can see the perspectives of both sides. But that’s the one relationship I’m actually hoping ends. They are clearly ill-suited for one another and her contempt for someone for simply just being not her type is really hard to watch. I know you can’t be as open about this show as the bachelor but I would be interested in your thoughts on whether this model is creating a somewhat less fake situation than we see on the bachelor shows.

Comment: I don’t dislike Kady. Have I agreed with some of the things she’s said? No, I haven’t. But this is one of these things where I’m gonna give a lot of them the benefit of the doubt until the whole season plays out and we see what happens at the end. I know that will be hard for some of you, TRUST me it’s going to be in the next few episodes in particular, but until I know the end result, then I can begin to ask a ton of questions. Because I have a ton of questions. Like we know Kaci will be on the podcast every week, but once this is over, I want all of them on at some point. And Mark Walberg too. So this show might give me podcast interviews all summer long with these people.

Hey Steve,

Couple of questions for you this week.

I wondered if Harrison’s name mishap was perhaps intentional? I mean, it’s happened before even with the lead right, and I believe I’ve seen it in bloopers but for it to be this specific case just wondered if it could be manufactured. Or is he just beyond caring given he’s pretty much impossible for them to fire unless he does something really crazy. My guess is he slipped and made a mistake, but what a brutal mistake it was.

Also, there’s no 2 on 1 as you have told us. Just wondering why given the obvious opportunities. Any theories? Not sure. Even texted that to a friend 2 weeks ago about there were at least three built-in 2-on-1’s they easily could’ve done, and they did none of them (I also in that same text on Jan. 14th said I thought something might be going on between Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima, for the record). Maybe I’ll show that sometime. I have no reason to lie about that. There were signals enough two weeks ago that I saw which ended up being right, so it’s not all that crazy now that we know it’s legit.

And agree with your recap and thoughts. I was like wtf are Hannah G and Colton doing, seriously? Did wonder if that too was manufactured, making the bed and all afterwards. I did find it hilarious that Hannah thought Colton had made his bed like that while in a hotel room (I guess anything is possible).

Comment: It could’ve been one of those instances where producers told Hannah G. she might wanna step up her physical game. Not that Hannah G. thought she was in jeopardy of being sent home or anything, but just that steamy make out roll around in the bed make out session seemed to come out of left field.

Hi Steve,

The girls always seem to bring SO MUCH stuff (clothes, hair products, makeup, etc.) when they come on the show. Many of your female podcast contestants/guests have confirmed this. So, when Chris strolls in and tells the girls, “You’re leaving the mansion and traveling to _____. You have one hour to pack your bags,” HOW is that possible? Did you see that bunk room? I mean, total chaos! Is the travel schedule that strict, or is that BS and they actually have a couple of hours to gather their things? I think it’s a figure of speech. They’re not gonna leave someone behind because they’re not ready. I’m sure it’s just a way to tell them to hurry up.

Demi looks and acts like she’s in middle school, and without her makeup, she looks even younger! Call me crazy, but it doesn’t seem like the other girls are particularly threatened by her … it’s almost like they’re thinking, Awww, look at our little sister with our boyfriend! And they’re all gushing over her on IG post-show, while Courtney gets called names by trolls on her IG and no one says a thing. It’s sad. But it happens every season, so what can you do?

Who are your Top 5 picks for Paradise (including past seasons)? Per usual, 80% of the female cast on Paradise this season will be Colton’s women. Expect 13-15 of them to appear at some point. That seems to be the average every season that we get. So ranking the top 5 when half of these women are gonna end up there seems pointless.

What are your feelings on Danielle doing “the Matchelor” on the Jimmy Kimmel show?

Comment: I haven’t seen it. No idea what it is.

Hi! Really enjoy your blog and podcast. This question doesn’t have anything to do with the show but I was wondering if you’re bothered by some of the negative comments and feedback that you receive on Twitter? The internet can be so mean and you seem like you’re pretty good at letting that kind of stuff roll of your shoulder but wondering if it ever gets to you. Anyway, thanks for continuing to entertain us!

Comment: Well, first off, I don’t see all of it because I don’t read all my mentions. But yeah, it is what it is. It’s why you’ll never see me engage with trolls. It’s exactly what they want. They don’t bother me. I just let them be. And I mute ones I do see that I think are ridiculous, so they can send stuff all day every day until the end of time and I’ll never see it anyway.

Hi Steve, I agree with you that the Bachelortte gig is Caelyn’s at this point. My only thought is that given her history it seems like dating 20 guys all aggressively trying to be all over you and make out with you would seem to trigger some feelings. I feel like that would be a lot to handle given her past……I guess we will see what happens.

Comment: The mental picture I got of your email was 20 guys all trying to grab her at one time. That doesn’t happen. Yeah, she’ll be in a room with a bunch of guys a lot of the time, but I’d say that’s light years different than what she went through in the past. She has production around her at all times, not to mention everything’s being filmed, so she’s in about as safe of an environment as can be.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.



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