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Hi Steve!

Do you know why Annie snapchatted that she dumped the bachelor when on the show it looked like Colton is the one who let her go? Also do you have any insight on why he let her go? It seemed like they had a nice connection on the Ellen show. I was surprised she got let go so early.

Sorry if this is old news but I am behind by one week!

Comment: Probably to save face. I’m sure she probably asked to leave behind the scenes, or was telling others she didn’t want to be there. But lets face it, there’s a level of embarrassment when you get sent home early. And Annie had “won” the Ellen challenge, so people automatically assumed she was a front-runner based on pretty much nothing. So yeah, I’m sure she was a little embarrassed so she told people on Snap a little fib about it.

I’m a day late on emailing this in for the column – ugh – maybe it can still make next week’s.

A couple things:

1. Who had a more “successful” (I laughed typing that) pro football career? Jordan Rodgers or Colton? Also, I’m curious. I swear I’ve read on your site that Colton was cut before ever playing a snap of football in the NFL, but in the first episode, they showed a picture of him in game action. Or at least, someone with the name Underwood on the back of the jersey. Any idea where that came from? That clip wasn’t from an NFL regular season game because he never got in one. Maybe it was from a pre-season game, but I don’t think he ever played in one of those either. Maybe he did. But it’s well known he’s never even suited up for a regular season NFL game.
As for who had the more successful career between him and Jordan, I don’t think it really matters since none of them had a career in the NFL.

2. Do you watch Vanderpump Rules/ did you see that Robby was on last week’s episode? Basically had a very produced “one on one” date with Scheana where he asked “do you wonder why I won’t sleep with you?” or something like, trying to sound super gentleman like. Mmkay. Ironic since the shows go up against each other in the same time slot. I listened to the Bachelor Party podcast from the Ringer and a producer from Vanderpump Rules was on it last week discussing that date, which he said was all Scheana’s idea. Yeah I’m SURE Robby didn’t suggest wanting to be on TV. The producer also said Chase tried to get cast on the show but they turned him down because the only people they cast on the show are true employees at SUR. Not people Vanderpump casts to then get hired at SUR. Nice to see a reality show with a LITTLE bit of authenticity.

Anyway, keep up the great work on spoiling! I’m the only one at my friends’ weekly viewing parties who is spoiled so it is hilarious to hear their comments and guesses on the season.

Comment: I don’t watch the show but I heard Robby was on it. I’m guessing other people will have reasons why Robby would’ve said that to her.

Hi Steve,

This may be a random question but I’ve noticed that this show doesn’t really cast heavily tattooed people. Kevin Wendt comes to mind but he was on the Canadian version of the show.

Do you know if the show prefers a clean cut look over someone with a lot of tattoos? There have been tattooed contestants before. Plenty. I don’t think it matters to them.

Do you ever get intel on who the lead sleeps with in the fantasy suite or is it just your guess? Do you know if Becca slept with Blake? Sometimes I have gotten specific information and sometimes I haven’t. I didn’t hear either way with Blake and Becca.

Do you know when the finale is for Colton’s season since they’re lacking footage of one episode? What’s your guess on how they air this? Pretty much the fantasy suite episode is the finale. It’ll be hard for the producers to hide the ending since they’ll have to hype the ending and explain why filming was cut short. ABC hasn’t released anything, but it’s looking like March 11th. And if it does air March 11th, and there are no double up episodes this season AND Women Tell All gets it’s own week, then this season is only 10 episodes long and that would make sense given the spoilers. But nothing has been announced yet.

I also wish Tia or Kaitlyn was single so they could be the Bachelorette. Or even Elyse but we know that won’t happen. Having a pageant girl and “content creator” who’s 23/24 as the lead is an absolute joke. They’ll end up with a guy that’s 26 and super young. If they want an actual successful couple out of this show they’ll have to cast older people who know what they want like Becca Kufrin who was serious about her journey.

Comment: You’re watching the show for the wrong reasons then. This show isn’t about finding a couple who will get married. Would’ve been cancelled a long time ago if their success hinged on that. Age doesn’t matter either. You really think if Hannah G. gets the gig people will stop watching? Please. People aren’t gonna care about her age. It’s a matter of whether they like her or not, and right now, she’s about the most well liked woman on this cast.

For your reader emails Incase they’re low,

Recently, Shawn Booth did a podcast with Ben Higgins & Ashley and talked about Jason & Kaitlyn. He said something along the lines of how hurt he is that she moved on so quick. And that she’s flaunting it everywhere. It makes him question that what they had was even real. He also said he had learned of their romance back in November which is around the same time they announced on off the vine the breakup was official. Which makes me think that they had really been over for a while. I think he’s kind of a hypocrite though because he’s been dating some WWE chick though, right? And you were right, they’ve been seeing eachother a lot longer than they’re letting on

Comment: I have no idea if he was dating Charly from WWE. Has that been confirmed? All it was was a story that a tabloid ran that saw them together. That’s quite different than Kaitlyn and Jason right now. So in that aspect, I don’t think that makes them a hypocrite.

But Kaitlyn said in her podcast when she first talked about the breakup that they basically were broken up in August and then made the announcement in November.

Hi Steve, A different perspective here:

I always check the astrology charts of the bachelor and bachelorettes.

Cassie and Colton actually have a very strong and positive astrological compatibility (as do Becca and Garrett … and Lauren and Arie)….

Also, Colton has at least 6 planets in Capricorn, so when you describe him as selling his soul, its more that he is extremely pragmatic, practical and confident.

Colton is January 26, 1992 for those who maybe interested and Cassie is (likely) 23 April 1995, according to my Instagram and internet sleuthing.

Also, I loved Cassie’s Biola University documentary-style Young Once. It’s really well produced. She’s smart, edgy, lovely, wholesome and kind. Can’t wait to see how the season and post-season unfolds with her.

Thanks for your site and research. It makes the show so much more interesting for me.

Comment: Unfortunately, the second you mentioned astrology charts, I checked out. I don’t buy any of that stuff. Whether Colton and Cassie make it or they don’t I don’t think for a second has anything to do with their signs. Sorry.

Hey Steve,

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your content. Well done! So I have a couple of questions for you today:

1.) You seem to give the leads some sh*t about them doing it for the fame which tbh I agree. But which bachelor and bachelorette do you actually like/ find tolerable/ find their reasons for being the lead to be less self absorbed? Tough to pinpoint anyone in particular. But I’ll say what I always say: I think the “Bachelorettes” take the role more seriously than the “Bachelor” does. And their track record of success speaks to that.

2.) Do you think abc will cast a black bachelor/ bachelorette after Rachel Lindsay’s season drew low ratings? I’m sure at some point we’ll see it again. I just have no idea when.

3.) Unfortunately, I get the feeling Caelynn will be the next bachelorette. Do you believe abc will use her story the way they use Colton’s virginity cause that will be pretty f***ed yo for them to use it for ratings? She certainly has a better backstory than Hannah G. Will it be enough for her to get the role over her? I don’t know.

4.) Will Caelynn be at the women tell all? I don’t see why she wouldn’t be. She finished 4th. Everyone who’s ever finished 4th has been at the WTA.

5.) Out of curiosity, who is your favorite contestant of the franchise ?
Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Comment: Oh geez, that’s too tough to pinpoint one person. But readers who have been around a while know who my favorites are.

Hi Steve,

Is it just me or Kaitlyn & Jason relationship is more interesting than Colton’s season ?

Anyway I’ve just listened to Shawn’s respond to the whole breakup and Jason/Kaitlyn situation. I have a few questions regarding what he said. First he denied about the woman he was spotted together. Is that true she wasn’t his “date” or he just downplay it and act like he’s innocent here?

Then he also mentioned that the reason behind the breakup wasn’t about marriage and kids thing, he just said something about the inability to give each other what they need without further explaination but according to Kaitlyn it was because she wants marriage and kids (understandable after 3years together and considering how old they are) but Shawn wants to focus more on his new gym. Did he try to cover the real reason so people won’t blame him?

It seems like he was trying to play victim here without acknowledging his own role. Sure Kaitlyn may move on a little quick (or not, I don’t know because I read people are saying it was over long ago) and that hurts but I don’t think she even said even one bad word about him when the news that he was spotted with another girl came up (well maybe because she already has Jason at that time).

Also can you clarify the timeline here? So, Kaitlyn & Shawn officially broke up on September, Jason & Kaitlyn met on October for the podcast and they started talking/seeing each other right after that even the broke up news hasn’t been released? I also saw someone said they were spending Christmas together and she already met his family.

People are saying their relationship is just a publicity stunt which I understand where that’s coming from but I have to disagree considering the effort she was making here were way too much for that however I’m going to agree that how they decided to came out about their relationship was a little bit staged. I mean who decided to be in a relationship after one date sure they’re cute and seems more compatible but after one date it’s just too soon.

Comment: Honestly, I can’t add anything to this. I did not listen to Shawn on their podcast, nor do I plan to. Judging from Kaitlyn’s response that people have informed me of, sounds like she doesn’t buy it. But I honestly don’t know much about their relationship. Sorry.

Hi Steve,

I’m not sure if you’ve covered this, but certain 90 day fiancé fans are CONVINCED that Jonathan Rivera (a season 6 cast member who’s currently separated from his 20 year old wife Fernanda), actually has a chance of being the bachelor next season. The rumours started after Jonathan said on an IG live that he would be the next bachelor if they asked him and suddenly 90 day IGs started speculating that this was a possibility and then someone from Jonathan’s family went to a gossip magazine with “inside knowledge” that they were considering him. I believe that ABC wouldn’t even want him on the bachelorette, but what do you think?

Comment: All I can say is that 90 Day Fiance fans then don’t have a clue how the “Bachelor” works. I’ve never seen the show, but I can guarantee you Jonathan is not going to be the next “Bachelor” nor will he be on the “Bachelorette.”

Hi Steve!

I am a long time fan and a first time writer. Thanks for all that you do!

I have a quick question and I apologize in advance if you have already answered this in a previous post. We all know that Caelynn and Hannah B know each other, but did Hannah G also know them before the show? On social media, it looks like Hannah G may have been in the pageant world at some point. Also, a few mutual friends tagged them all 3 in Instagram pictures together after the season premiere, so I am curious of the connection there.

Thanks again for everything! You rock, Steve!!

Comment: Yes. Well, she definitely knew Hannah B. because they competed in Miss Alabama USA against each other in 2017. And I believe at the time I found out about all three, I sent out a tweet that Hannah G. at least knew of Caelynn because she went to the Miss USA pageant with the company she was working for, which repped Caelynn, and they were in a picture together.

How do all these young girls (except Hannah G.) afford a full set of upper fake teeth? Also, why do the teeth have to be so big?

Comment: Great questions. I think you’d have to ask Caelynn about her fake teeth. Then again, I just assume most women who compete in the pageant world have fake teeth, so it’s not like she’s a stand out. And for more on Caelynn’s veneers, read her story here:`1

Hey RS,

Just wanted to let you know that the Bachelor message board forums this year are totally dead. I’ve always been one to read them and see what people are saying, and in the past when an episode airs, they have discussions and usually the threads got to be 40-50 pages long! This season through the first four episodes they barely even have 10 pages of people commenting. Not sure if it’s because of Colton or what and I know you’re not a fan so I thought you’d get a kick out of it. Keep up the great work! Love the site!

Comment: If one person commented or 5000 people commented, I honestly do not care. Makes no difference. Message boards and comment sections are irrelevant to me.

Hi Steve!

I’ll just go right to it:

1. On the international flights, does the lead go on a separate plane? A flight from LA to Singapore is like 18 hours long and I’m wondering if everyone is on the same flight and are they allowed to chit chat with the lead and fight for attention mid flight? No, the lead flies separate most of the time. There have been instances here and there where they fly as a group. I believe Ben H. flew from Mexico to Bahamas with the women. And maybe a few other instances here and there, but 95% of the time, the lead flies separately.

2. Do the contestants really have 1 hour to pack up and go to the airport like they said in this episode? Because the plane would leave without me if I had just 1 hour to pack everything and get ready. I’m sure that’s more a figure of speech since, well, they’re not just gonna leave someone behind.

3. Do the contestants have a day off once they arrive to deal with the jet lag or do they go straight to the dating? For travel there’s a day off. Sometimes two depending on where they go. When filming at the mansion, after move in day, there are no days off. Filming is every day. Group date, 1-on-1, group date, rose ceremony, then repeat.

4. I know the contestants are not allowed to leave the hotel. What about if they need a razor or tampons or something like that? A handler goes and gets all that stuff. Or a microwave for bikini wax that Nikki sent out for in Vietnam. That was a fun story to hear.

5. How long is the gap between the morning and night time portion of the dates? How much time do the contestant have to get ready and do they get in trouble if they don’t show up on time?

Thanks in advance! Your spoilers have made this show so much more interesting to me!!

Comment: It varies, but I’ve never heard a story of someone not being ready for a date.

Why isn’t there uproar that Demi’s treatment of Courtney was racist?

Granted, I haven’t watched the 1st hour yet, just the 2nd hour. I have already watched Demi target an older girl because of her age. Why am I not to think Demi did the same again to Courtney because of her race? I was very uncomfortable during the 2nd hour and was waiting for Demi to break out her MAGA hat at the rose ceremony as she was holding her rose by her mouth

Overall, how does Demi compare to you as a villain? On a scale from Corinne to Tierra, I rate her near Tierra as a villain I don’t find funny or appreciate.

Comment: I’m on your side on this. Nothing Demi has done all season is the least bit original. Women like her we see every season on this show. Thirsty for attention, completely lacking self-awareness, and frankly just annoying. But because she’s 23, she’s also clearly showing her age.

Another question for your reader emails,

What happened to Caelynn is awful. Gut wrenching. I hate it for her. But do you think it’s at all possible that the reason she pulled Hannah B. aside is because she didn’t want their feud overshadowing her story? Because her story could potentially set her to be the next bachelorette (with what you said in the spoilers about her even discussing it with Cassie). And I keep thinking about what Hannah B. said, “she can be whoever she wants to be with whatever goal she has in mind”

Comment: It’s very possible.



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