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Podcast #115 – Interview with Craig Robinson

Podcast guest #115 today is Craig Robinson from Ali Fedotowsky’s season. He was on the podcast in August of 2017, but needless to say a lot has happened with him since then. Craig is a drug addict. He was living a life of drinking, partying, and doing drugs that eventually consumed his life. In today’s podcast, he walks you through all the downs over the past couple years, how heavily the drinking was, which in turn turned into abusing cocaine on a daily basis. All that came to a head in June of last year when Craig attempted suicide. He tells us what happened that day, how he got through it, how he ultimately decided to get help, how rehab helped him learn why he was an addict, and where he’s at today. Never had a podcast like this before of someone recalling their history of drug abuse, and being a drug novice myself, was pretty eye opening to hear the depths that he sank to. A really powerful story and I can’t help but thank Craig for sharing it today. I know it wasn’t easy because this is something that he hasn’t talked about publicly yet. As always, and probably more so today than ever before, if you want to respond to Craig’s interview, please use his Twitter handle (@CRAIGR1) in your replies. A guy like this needs to hear he has support from people, even if you don’t know him. If Craig’s story today reaches at least one person who’s either been in this situation in the past, is currently dealing with this, or knows someone who is, then I feel we did our job. Please take the time to listen today and maybe it can help you or someone you know. Also, Kaci Campbell joins at the end to recap episode 3 of “Temptation Island.”

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(NO SPOILERS) Craig joins me to talk about why he decided to come on the podcast today, how old was he when first started using cocaine (14:12), how he got through the “Bachelorette” being an addict (18:02), when cocaine became a daily addiction (30:02), how the death of Gia affected him (35:23), his suicide attempt last year (38:12), when he finally told family (42:46), checking in to rehab (48:43), his daily routine in rehab and did he ever get the urge to use again (57:34), does he fear relapsing (1:13:46), reaching out to Elan Gale for help (1:15:26), the biggest message he wants people to take from his story (1:29:24). And then Kaci Campbell joins me to talk about episode 3 of “Temptation Island” (1:39:30).

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