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Podcast #136 – Interview with Haley Stevens, the Ex-Girlfriend of Jed Wyatt

A lot to cover in today’s podcast as we speak to the woman Jed was dating before he appeared on the “Bachelorette,” Haley Stevens. I know a lot of you have questions, I know a lot of you are sick of her, and I know a lot of you are calling her an opportunist. Just listen to the podcast. That’s all I ask. Haley has been a musician for 10 years, long before she met Jed. Yes, when she speaks out, coverage of her being musician is going to be known, but it’s not like she’s headlining at the Grand Ole Opry next week either. We cover everything from their relationship pre-show, how she handled things during filming, the interviews, she’s done, and post-show what’s been happening. There are spoilers in this so you’ve been warned. Also, there is a part around the 1 hour 14 min mark where Haley and I get our wires crossed and I reveal to her something about someone from Jed’s past who came to me after Haley’s story last week, which was a pretty detailed description of their time together. Haley didn’t know about this til I told her. This is the “Wanna makeout y/n” I mentioned last week. Their relationship was more than that, lets just say. However, after I accidentally revealed it to Haley, I wanted to make sure it was ok to run so I contacted the woman myself to make sure it was ok I made more known about her relationship with Jed and if she wanted it removed, and she said it was fine. Her name is never mentioned, she doesn’t want to talk about it publicly, but really only 4 people will even know who we’re talking about – me, Haley, Jed, and this woman. Jed knows what he did. Just another red flag against him. Lets just say Haley is none too thrilled to hear about this. If you’d like to respond to the interview (or not if you’re just gonna troll her), her Twitter account isn’t used very much, but she’s (lyricsandlipstick) on IG. I again thank Haley for telling her story and covering as many details as possible in this interview. Hope you all enjoy it and give it a chance before calling her out.

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(SPOILERS) This podcast will have spoilers in it from the very beginning as Haley joins me to discuss the show’s ending & how I first heard about her (5:53), everything about her relationship pre-show with Jed (14:28), how their relationship was defined (30:26), why did she come forward with her story (43:35), how was it while he was off filming (49:03), the details in the interviews that she’s done (58:31), and we talk about everything that’s happened post-show since Jed returned home from filming (1:08:30).

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Here was the interview she did yesterday morning with Bobby Bones for those who are complaining she changes her story. What she told him and what she told me were the same. We were just able to dive in deeper to subjects on mine because of no time constraints…

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