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Podcast #135 – Interview with Christen Whitney

A fun podcast for you this week as Christen Whitney joins us. We run down her reality TV resume as she’s been on 4 shows in the last 3 years. We cover all of them but, of course, definitely spend some time on “Scallops,” how it came to be, how she had no idea what was being done behind her back, and if the name bothers her. I had never had any contact with Christen until this past weekend, which is a story in and of itself and we talk about that as well. Before the interview begins, I do talk the spoilers that were released this week, and at the end of the podcast with her, we talk spoilers as well. So you’ve been warned there are a lot of spoilers talked about this episode. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Maybe in a future podcast I’ll go more in depth into my thoughts on everything that’s going on, for today, it’s just me addressing some things I’ve been hearing since my reveal on Tuesday. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Christen’s Twitter handle (@Christen_mae_) in your replies. A lot of fun talking to Christen as she’s definitely been through some sh** in this franchise, that’s for sure. Hope you enjoy the chat today with her.

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(SPOILERS) Before Christen joins me, I talk about the crazy week in Bachelor Nation including spoilers. Then Christen talks about her “Bachelor” experience on Nick’s season (5:41), her time on “Bachelor in Paradise” season 4 (20:52), how the “Scallops” nickname came to be (27:18), going on “The Proposal” last summer (33:09), “Bachelor in Paradise” season 5 (41:03), how this interview came to be (43:46), what she’s been up to post-show and her current dating life (50:35), talking this week’s spoilers released on the site (51:55), and we end with the Final 10 (1:00:23).

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