Daily Links – 10/12 Incl a “Bachelor” Update & Becca News

Before I get started with your “Bachelor” stuff, just wanted to mention playoff baseball for a minute. It’s great. I’m sure most of you think baseball is boring on TV, and for the most part, you’re right. Season is too long with so many long, drawn out games that it begins to wear on you after a while. But not playoff baseball. It’s a completely different animal. Nothing, and I mean nothing that happened during the regular season matters when it comes playoff time. The Blue Jays outscore their opponents by 221 runs during the regular season – then drop the first 2 games at home to the Rangers #TaylorSwiftCurse. Clayton Kershaw is doing things no pitcher has ever done over the last 4 regular seasons – in the playoffs he becomes human. Time and time again we see things happen in the playoffs that no one suspects. Last year the Royals were 6 outs away from being eliminated in the Wild Card game, to then winning 8 in a row before losing in Game … Continue reading

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Daily Links – 10/9

We have now completed four episodes of filming for the “Bachelor.” They are leaving Las Vegas today and heading, well, I don’t know where they’re headed for sure. Yesterday I told you I’d heard they were going to Denver this season, which sounds logical. Last two “Bachelors” filmed an episode in their hometown, and since Nevada and Colorado are close, it would make sense if they went there next. Not sure though. It’s much easier for them not to be seen on dates in LA (since basically none got out on social media), because there’s filming all the time going on in LA, so nothing would ever seem out of the ordinary. But if they do go to Denver, I’m sure dates will get spoiled. If I get it confirmed, or see on social media they are there, I will tweet it out over the weekend. But still, this is the fun time for me. I enjoy piecing together everything I can based on the little info that’s been spoiled on social media. I’ve still … Continue reading

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