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Bachelor Peter Spoilers

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 1 Recap, Theories About the Ending, Vegas Fan Appreciation Party Info & More

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    The “Bachelor” is back and we are in unchartered territories people. We are in a place now where the lead of the show, Peter Weber, is openly addressing me in interviews. In case you missed it, last week Peter spoke with the Hollywood Reporter and mentioned me by name. This is unprecedented. I challenge anyone to google anything from this show where they specifically address me by name. Don’t bother. It hasn’t happened. But this season it has and it’s because Peter is clinging to the fact that his season will be spoiler free. Well Peter, one correction. Your ENDING might be spoiler free, but not your season. Everything about your season was spoiled … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    What You Will See Tonight on Episode #1

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    And we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! After 3 1/2 months, we now return to regularly scheduled programming. Although some of the emails I’ve received in the off season seemed to insinuate I was never going to write another column again, that’s just not the case. Go back over the last 2 or 3 years, and I just don’t do much writing in the offseason other than to spoil in real time. Nothing’s changed on this site. You’ll have your recaps every Tuesday, “Reader Emails” every Wednesday, and podcast every Thursday along with the occasional “Dr. Reality Steve” column, so get those emails in. The one thing I have done though is take what’s in my columns and started to put it on Instagram. I would suggest following me … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    Podcast #163 & Column – What I Know (And Don’t Know) About Peter’s Ending


    So a lot of stuff to get to today, but right off the bat, I’m going to tell you immediately that what I know you want the answer to, I will help with it, but I have nothing definitive. I’ll go over all of that later, but I know many of you were expecting all your answers to everything about the ending this season today, and I don’t have them. But I will fill in some blanks that hopefully will clear up a couple things. I know we’re 4 days away from the premiere and you don’t know the ending yet and it’s really never happened before since I started spoiling the “Bachelor.” Even if my initial spoiler was wrong, I had always released a … Continue reading

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