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And we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! After 3 1/2 months, we now return to regularly scheduled programming. Although some of the emails I’ve received in the off season seemed to insinuate I was never going to write another column again, that’s just not the case. Go back over the last 2 or 3 years, and I just don’t do much writing in the offseason other than to spoil in real time. Nothing’s changed on this site. You’ll have your recaps every Tuesday, “Reader Emails” every Wednesday, and podcast every Thursday along with the occasional “Dr. Reality Steve” column, so get those emails in. The one thing I have done though is take what’s in my columns and started to put it on Instagram. I would suggest following me there to view my feed and IG stories because I will be doing a lot more stuff on IG from now on. It’s 20/20. I’m getting with the times now. Not saying if you don’t follow on IG you’ll miss stuff, but there’s plenty of content, and basically cliff notes versions of the spoilers that will be there. This past Saturday I did an IG live for 45 minutes where I ran down everything you’ll see on tonight’s episode. For whatever reason (it’s fixed now), that episode didn’t save so it was only up for 24 hours. Today’s column is basically the written version of what I did on Saturday for those that missed it or didn’t watch. Below is everything you will see on tonight’s episode.

I know I had told you that your rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers would be up today, but I procrastinated and put it off. Gimmie until tomorrow and I will post those, even though 1) you already know every elimination this season if you’ve followed anything during the off season and 2) there are still a couple overseas dates I don’t have. But honestly, I don’t think those are a major deal when after tonight, everyone will be freaking out over the final rose ceremony footage they show right off the top, AND, all the talk about how this ending won’t get spoiled this season as told to us by Peter and the show numerous times over the last week. So in the grand scheme of things, if you’re really bothered by not knowing who got a 1-on-1 date in Peru, I’d say drink some decaf. Things will be ok.

Now, because after my IG live I ended up tweeting everything up to Peter’s toast when he came in the mansion after the limo entrances, I really didn’t feel like re-writing everything that was in the tweets, so, you’ll see the tweets below cover everything from the time the episode starts until Peter gives the toast, then I pick up from there. Enjoy…

Rose Ceremony #1: Los Angeles, CA (30 to 22)

-So we pick up from there and the cocktail party begins. First woman we see Peter with is Alayah. She’d given him a letter written from her grandma rose on her limo entrance that she told him to read when she found him inside later. Well guess what? He found her. And now he’s reading the letter with her. I honestly don’t remember what the letter said, but I’m pretty sure there were no aviation puns, no references to windmills, or talk about fornication with her granddaughter. So I guess that’s good. Probably the only couple minutes out of 3 hrs last night where there wasn’t.

-We see Peter out in front of the mansion with Madison and they both are wearing her large paper airplane that she came in on. She asks him to tell her something interesting about himself and he says that he’s shy. Of course he is. Shy people always talk about their sex life on national television for millions to see. Makes perfect sense.

-In his time with Hannah Ann she tells him her parents have been married over 26 years, and that she and her dad painted a picture for him of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. They make out and that’s the first consensual make out of the night. Savannah blindfolded him out of the limo and kiss him, but c’mon, you can’t really pull away if you’re him at that point. So Hannah Ann is definitely the first one he kisses during the cocktail party.

-I think I said on my IG live that Tammy does a miniature golf windmill game with him and ends up kissing him. I got my contestants mixed up. Sydney did the windmill miniature golf with him but didn’t kiss him. Tammy out of the limo had a TSA wand and did a security check on him saying she heard there was a “large package in front of the mansion.” Get it? Anyway, she continued the security check on Peter and handcuffed him. She ended up making out with him as well.

-Natasha and Mykenna then had a little back and forth. When Natasha was with him, Mykenna was off the side throwing paper airplanes at them and asked if she could steal him. Natasha said no, so Mykenna waited. Then came in again a short time later, Mykenna got to kiss him, and we see an ITM of Natasha saying “There are some cats and there some rats.” And if you’re following along on social media this season, the cats are clearly Natasha, Lexi, Victoria F., Victoria P., and Sydney. They aren’t hiding it at all constantly commenting on each other’s pages and currently all in NY watching the premiere together tonight. The rats? Well, I guess that’s everyone that’s not in their little cat clique I assume.

-It’s at this point that Hannah Ann The Interruptor starts working her magic. She interrupts Deandra’s time with Peter, then Shiann’s and Peter lets her both times. When she interrupts Shiann it’s because she tells Peter, “I felt like we needed to end the night with a kiss.” So they make out again.

-Shiann pulls Hannah Ann aside after her third interruption and basically tells her she didn’t like it. This conversation is all kinds of awkward because Hannah Ann tells her “I’m just not trying to get caught up in the drama” when, well, by doing that, that pretty much becomes first night drama. So Shiann doesn’t know what to say, there’s awkward silences, and Hannah Ann makes it known to the camera when she’s got her eye on something, she goes for it.

-Victoria F.’s time with Peter is interesting because he doesn’t remember her “I have a dry sense of humor but that’s the only thing about me that’s dry.” Once she starts repeating it he does, but this completely throws Victoria off. After her time with him we see multiple ITM’s of her crying that he didn’t remember her, saying all the women there are beautiful, she doesn’t know if he’ll give her a rose, and that she feels stupid. And to boot, Victoria P. interrupted her time with him, so that upset her even more that she only had a couple minutes. She was convinced she wasn’t getting a rose the first night.

-When he talks to Kelley outside, he tells her that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since they met and he’s glad she decided to come on the show. She says that meeting him randomly when she was at a friends wedding in LA and he was at his 10 yr HS reunion was the sign she needed to decide to do it because she had pretty much decided against it up til that point.

-Hannah Ann Sluss gets the first impression and they make out again. Third time. As far back as I can remember, I don’t remember anyone getting three different makeouts on the first night. I mean, it wasn’t even until the last few seasons where the only person who ever got a kiss the first night was the first impression rose recipient. Times are a changin’.

-Cocktail party time. Hannah Ann safe with a rose. We know on the first night the rose ceremonies always end in the morning and the sun is up. This rose ceremony started after the sun came up and made sure to show the audience that. Peter: “Thank you for taking the chance…each ceremony get closer to forever love…think my wife is here…and Reality Steve will never find out this ending.” Ok Petey. Game on.

Victoria P., Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mykenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Payton, Kiarra, Courtney, and Shiann get roses. Then Victoria F. gets the last rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Maurissa Gunn, Avonlea Elkins, Jade Gilliland, Kylie Ramos, Eunice Cho, Megan Hops, Katrina Badowski, and Jenna Serrano.

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