Bachelorette Michelle Spoilers

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Thoughts, Bachelor Nation Contestants Seen Together (PICS), & Michelle’s Final Two Confirmed

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A lot of Bachelor Nation notes to get to today before giving my thoughts on the BIP finale that was about as long and drawn out as you can get. Holy Jesus that was long. As I tweeted, when a friend informed me that “Dumb and Dumber” was on at the same time on Channel 241 on DirecTV, I gotta admit, I was flipping back and forth once we were down to the final 3 couples and there were still 90 minutes left on the show. Yeah, Harry and Lloyd’s antics kept me entertained while, I’m sorry, Riley/Maurissa, Joe/Serena, & Kenny/Mari pretty much went through the motions for the remainder of the show. How can you not be entertained by two nitwits navigating their way from Providence to Aspin (yes, that’s how Lloyd spells it)? I could watch that movie 500 times and it will never not be funny. Too many classic lines. Crazy thing is it still holds up today for a movie that came out in … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Michelle Spoilers

    “Reader Emails,” Clare & Dale Saga, Luka Meets Her Son, & (EXCLUSIVE SPOILER) Who Does Michelle Pick?

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    So did you make it? Did you all survive the apocalypse yesterday? I hope you did. Hope you’re still around and available to integrate yourself with the rest of society. I think yesterday showed how much of a role social media plays in our lives. Well, for most people. I’m not a huge IG guy as you know. I don’t use it for personal anymore, just all for when I post columns and podcasts, and use my feed to post spoilers. Like today. More on that in a little bit. But to have it down for a good 6 hours yesterday, yeah, I found myself constantly checking it to see if it was up yet. So while I don’t use it to post too much myself, I’m certainly on it looking peoples stories, IG, reels, etc. To have it down during the majority of the day yesterday when I usually look, yeah, it felt like the Twilight Zone. Basically I realized when I’m bored, I scroll it. And … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Michelle Spoilers

    The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 8 Recap, Michelle’s Cast Released, How You Can Be a Part of This Week’s Podcast, & “FBoy Island” Drops This Week

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    Is there something that the show can do to the Tell All shows? I think one good thing they’ve done a few times recently is actually cut it down from 2 hours and mix in part of the episode to start, then make the transformation into the Tell All. Because lets face it, these episodes are painful to watch. Imagine if last night’s was 2 hours? I think the issue is, especially during “Bachelorette” season, is that the guys are 3 months removed from filming, and in this case, a lot of those guys on stage have already filmed another show in between (“BIP”), so it’s really hard to believe that they were really still that bothered by what Karl or Thomas did. We don’t hear peep from Brendan all season, then last night the guy dominated the first two segments of the show being all upset at Karl. It’s just not believable. Now, Brendan didn’t go to BIP (I heard he actually was on BIP Canada), but … Continue reading

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