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    “Dr. Reality Steve” & My “Deal or No Deal” Legend Continues to Grow

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    I don’t want to say I’m a good luck charm or something, or maybe that I’m like a walking four leaf clover, but I gotta say, if anyone wants to rent me out for a day at Dave & Busters to win their kids a ton of tickets at the games, I’m down. I won’t even charge you anything since I could spend a whole day in that arcade and never get bored. Wednesday’s are half off the games at D & B’s and since it was the last free Wednesday before schools starts for my niece and nephew, well, figured we should go there again so I could start racking up tickets. Quick story from this past weekend: We attended a 5 year olds birthday party at a bowling alley that also had a similar arcade to it where you win tickets for playing the games. I played “Deal or No Deal” one time and the case I ended up choosing was the one with the most … Continue reading

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    “Dr. Reality Steve” & Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

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    Anyone that was following along on Twitter yesterday knows now that, yes, I am the champion of all the world in “Quik Drop” at Dave & Buster’s. Been a while since I’d been there. But my niece and nephew somehow had never been. So I took them and was immediately drawn to this game of dropping 50 balls in about a 25 minute span into 5 rotating buckets. Seems easy. It isn’t. After I got the hang of it, I was consistently getting 48 or 49, but could never hit all 50. I’d either run out of time, or I’d have one bounce out. Until I didn’t and I became the greatest player ever – in my own mind. I ended up getting the 50 for 50 five times. So yeah, I’ve now mastered the game and now it’s on to the next one. I’m not sure what game I will dedicate a whole afternoon to now, but I’m sure I’ll find one. And oh yeah, Wednesday’s all … Continue reading

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    “Dr. Reality Steve,” JoJo & Jordan’s House, & BIP Couples Spoiling Their Own Season

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    Lets talk about the day’s obvious most pressing matter at hand: Johnny Bananas deciding to keep the $275,000 first place prize on the “Challenge” and not splitting with his partner Sarah. Savage move. But I understand it. If you’ve watched any “Challenge” over the years, you know Bananas. This is who he is. Absolutely zero of us should be surprised he did this. The answer to this scenario isn’t black or white. There’s no right or wrong. That’s all a matter of personal preference. The question is rather “SHOULD he have done it?” Again, it’s up to the person you’re asking. In a vacuum, my answer to that would be no if you asked me if I would’ve. But I get why he did. He knows he’s not well liked, he knows he’d get sh** for the decision, and he doesn’t care. Never has. That’s why no one should be surprised at it. Just remember, Nick Peterson essentially did the same thing on “Bachelor Pad 3.” Different show, … Continue reading

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