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    “Dr. Reality Steve,” Tabloid Reports, Lacy Kissing Frogs, and Luke & James’ Meet-And-Greet

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    The tabloid coverage this week on the “Bachelorette” has Life & Style magazine dishing their secrets about the proposal. Again, very flimsy reporting here. The whole thing about JoJo ended up with a guy but not necessarily the guy she wanted is complete garbage. Please. She wanted him from day one. That’s them just being dramatic and trying to get people to think something is there that isn’t. I gave you the spoilers on May 23rd of who JoJo chose in the end. Nothing has changed. Do I think they’ll last? Not a chance in hell, but hey, gotta write something in the meantime, right? I think JoJo is a smart girl and realizes that this show was an opportunity to build her brand. Whether or not she gets married in the whole grand scheme of things isn’t really all that important. She will be fine after this show and move on from this drama. The tabloids are gonna hype up some crazy, bat sh** crazy … Continue reading

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    “Dr. Reality Steve,” Episode Schedule for Rest of Season, & A Former Contestant Speaks Out On Producer Treatment

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    I’m telling you, the most interesting thing about this season of the “Bachelorette” is everything that’s happening post show. And it continued yesterday. But before I get to that, just want to mention that the 22nd Annual Jim Rome Smackoff is tomorrow, and I will be participating for, I believe, the 20th time. I think there were 2 years where I didn’t call in. It’s certainly way different than it was when I won it back in 1998 as an employee of the show, but still fun nonetheless. Most of these guys take themselves way too seriously, so it’s easy to poke fun at them, which I plan on doing. I think I have as good of a shot as anyone of winning the thing, although it won’t be easy. My biggest thing on Smackoff day, since I only call once a year, is to basically just spew out all my current thoughts on sports/media/other callers. I try to eviscerate as many people as I can. If that … Continue reading

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    “Dr. Reality Steve,” & Jordan the Raya King & a Profile on Me And the Site

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    We’re at a point right now in the “Bachelorette” season where things are gonna start to get ramped up. Crazy things happening, tabloids going nuts, and every story imaginable will start hitting the newsstands every Wednesday most gossip rags are released. This happens every season. This is nothing new. And every one of these magazines are going to have salacious headlines that are attention grabbers to make people buy their magazine. It’s a given. That’s what they do, it’s how they stay in business. You don’t see headlines on tabloids of how great things are going in relationships. That doesn’t sell. It’s always about cheating, or pregnancy rumors, or who’s the new person who’s dating who, or some past drug scandal, or celebrity feuds. Wash, rinse, repeat to all of these every season. And yes, sometimes tabloids are accurate with what they report. But more often that not, and it’s basically impossible to know the exact percentage, most of the stories are exaggerated versions of the truth, or … Continue reading

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