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Yes, you know you are a true fantasy football geek when for the third year in a row, you fly in for your league’s annual draft. As I write this, I’m currently en route to California for the Couch Commando draft taking place this Sunday. Don’t get me started on why I’m not the defending champion. Then again, I’m not even sure why I study and research for this sh** considering most of fantasy football is pure luck. So many things out of your control in fantasy football, that it’s amazing how to get so wrapped up in it. That’s why you’ll never see me tweet about who I drafted, or doing running commentary on Sunday on how my players are doing. Why? Because you don’t care. So yes, this is a message to anyone who feels the need to tell us about their team in tweets or FB posts: I guarantee none of your friends actually care what’s happening in your fantasy league. Stop it.

Busy couple weeks ahead of me as I’m … Continue reading

August 23rd, 2013 | 25 Comments | Posted in Daily Links, Dr. Reality Steve, Reader Emails

The Passing of Gia Allemand, “Reader Emails,” & “Dr. Reality Steve”

A very sad week in Bachelor Nation with the passing of 29 year old Gia Allemand. I’m sure all of you have heard by now what’s been reported for the last two days and a lot of you have questions. We all do. However, we might just have to accept the fact that although we may want answers to how something this awful could happen to such a great girl, we are not entitled to them. The butcher job that the media is doing on this story is beyond repulsive and sickens me. For people to even speculate why they think she attempted suicide is uncalled for, lacks class, and is completely unprofessional. Leave it alone.

I was privileged to hang out with Gia on a couple of occasions back in the day, and she was as sweet in person as she appeared on TV. I remember the first time I ever talked to her on the phone was back when her and Wes were an item, he was talking to her, and he surprised … Continue reading