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    Podcast #4 – Listener Calls


    If you’ve listened to my first podcast, many of you would know my background in sports talk radio. Always wanted to be a radio host. That career path changed after about 2002, but podcasting is a way for me to bring it back at least on a somewhat smaller scale. Last week on Twitter I mentioned that for this next podcast, I wanted it to just be calls from the listeners. I figured 3 podcasts of hearing just me for around 40 minutes could be getting old. So having a guest/caller on is something I plan on incorporating into most podcasts going forward. Got it started this week with three calls from listeners that I think you’ll enjoy. I didn’t want people to just call up, ask a question, and then I answer it for 5 minutes. I wanted it to be more of a back and forth conversation where you share your opinions on things and I react, and that’s exactly what we got. Once next week … Continue reading

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    Podcast #3 – Amanda & Josh Breakup, Some Nick Spoilers, & TV Talk


    Two weeks from today is Nick’s premiere episode on Season 21 of the “Bachelor,” so decided to fill you in on a few spoilers that I’ve hinted at so far in today’s podcast. But first, I’m talking about the news over the weekend of Amanda & Josh’s break up. Well, they actually broke up 2 weeks ago as I reported (hence the reason you haven’t seen one IG picture, story, tweet, or anything on Amanda’s social media activity since then acknowledging Josh), but Josh “officially” moved back to Atlanta yesterday, as I reported he would on Twitter Saturday night. I will give my final thoughts on the situation in today’s podcast. We can be expecting an “official” statement from them sometime in the near future, but as was the case during the Andi break up, I also fully expect some mud slinging to happen between both camps after the statement comes out. Neither side is going to have glowing reviews of the other person, I can pretty much … Continue reading

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    Podcast #2 – “Bachelor” Bio Breakdown


    When it’s a slow news day and the “Bachelor” bios have so much more you can say about them, what do you do? Well another podcast of course. Thanks to all those who tuned in to the first podcast. Hopefully you’ve already listened to that one and now you can turn your attention to today’s, which has just posted on iTunes and numerous other places. I took a deeper dive into all 30 of Nick’s women’s profiles and hit on a few things that maybe I didn’t touch on in yesterday’s column. Because lets face it, some of these answers in their questionnaires are just too funny not to. Some are too practical, some are just silly, and some frankly didn’t make the least bit of sense. But that’s what I’m here for – to try and make sense out of the impossible. I do my best. Take a listen. Probably will have 2 or 3 more podcasts before the end of the calendar year, but then when … Continue reading

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