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Podcast #13 with Special Guest Clare Crawley Along with “Dr. Reality Steve” Emails

When I first decided I wanted to do the podcasts, my goal was to get as many former contestants as I could and get them to open up about their season. Maybe give a little insight to things you didn’t see, weren’t shown, and each person’s individual thoughts on what they were going through. I’ve realized by doing these first few (with Clare only being the 4th former contestant I’ve interviewed), there is so much more every podcast we can dive into. Like, I have a rough outline of what I want to talk about, but then after I start listening to these people, they take me in directions I didn’t think it was going. And I thank all of them for that. Today’s podcast with Clare is no exception. You are going to get a VERY candid look at her time on Juan Pablo’s season. Yes, I knew we’d start off talking about it, but it ended up being basically half of the 80 minute podcast. She was very forthcoming about everything she felt about him, the process, and what went on that maybe a lot of us didn’t realize or didn’t see. If you liked how open and honest Courtney was last week, I think you’re really going to appreciate Clare’s candidness about her season. A lot of you sent tweets and emails about how much your like for last week’s podcast and your opinion changed of Courtney after hearing the interview. While I appreciate the praises, I like that a lot of you also included her in the tweets sent to me so she could see them as well. Courtney contacted me after the podcast to say she was overwhelmed with all the love she was getting from you guys. So if you feel the same way about any podcast, and want to tweet at me about it, definitely include the interview subject in your tweet as well so they see it too. Clare’s Twitter and Instagram information is below, as have all of the guests. Hope you enjoy today’s podcast and thanks again to Clare for being so forthcoming about her time on the show.

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(SPOILERS) We begin by talking about her naivete heading in to Juan Pablo’s season, deciding to go with a fake baby bump for her limo entrance (3:17), her getting the first date of the season (5:20), her “feud” with Nikki (7:50), initial feelings on Juan Pablo (14:15), she addresses the rumors of having sex in the ocean with him (18:05), her candid details of wanting to leave in St. Lucia and what he said to her in the helicopter (26:09), all her thoughts on the final rose ceremony (33:22), her BIP 1 experience (42:58), talking to raccoons (46:27), going on BIP – again (51:15), post-show life (58:37), brief talk about Nick’s season and Rachel as the “Bachelorette” (1:00:28), and finally a very fun Rapid 10 (1:04:13).

Twitter: @Clare_Crawley
Instagram: clarecrawley

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