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Update on Filming, a Few “Bachelor/ette” Notes, and “Daily Links”

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It’s been a few days, huh? Sorry about that. Was all set to post yesterday then got tied up and figured I could push it back a day. Not a whole hell of a lot of new stuff to report, but I can update you on a couple things. After having to push it back a couple weeks, I can now say officially AshLee Frazier will be Podcast #22’s guest coming tomorrow. Spoke to her yesterday for 90 minutes, and it was a really engaging conversation. She definitely told some stories I’d never heard before, we talked a lot about Sean’s season, briefly touched on BIP, addressed the Chris Harrison dating rumors from back in the day, and also dove into her childhood of being adopted. A really great conversation I can’t wait for you all to hear coming tomorrow. Rapid 10 also gets interesting as I find out (and remember) more about “Dirty Dancing” than I probably should admit to. I mean, I knew there was a reboot coming soon on ABC, but holy crap, I had no idea who was in it until I had to look it up on my phone while we were doing the interview. I might actually have to watch this thing now. But shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Robert Mills’ weekly live radio show for Entertainment Weekly was yesterday, and along with co-host Julia Cunningham, they spoke a little bit about Rachel’s filming. You can listen to it here (they begin talking about Rachel around the 18:00 mark):

One thing that Mills’ confirmed was that they were in Switzerland, which I tweeted out moments after posting last Friday’s column. Last night was the rose ceremony and they are headed back to the states today to begin hometowns. We’re still not sure exactly how hometowns are working this year based on Mills’ comments in last week’s podcast, but I’m sure we’ll know soon enough. With the rose ceremony in Switzerland happening just hours ago, I’m sorry I don’t have your final 4 for you. However, I do know who 3 of them are. Just haven’t gotten 100% confirmation on who the 4th guy is. It’s between a certain two, but I’m not about to just guess. I could find this out in an hour, later tonight, tomorrow, whenever. I never really know. But once I get a clearer picture of what’s happening for hometowns I’ll fill people in. Put it this way, if all these guys are coming to Dallas (like Mills’ suggested), good chance I’m gonna hear about it. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s actually been fun that in their last three locations (Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland), only one public picture got out, and that was Rachel’s first 1-on-1 in Norway with Dr. Bryan. Which means that once the episode-by-episode spoilers are released, you’ll be hearing for the first time who went on what date and who the eliminations were. The less that gets out on social media, the more you’re surprised when I post the spoilers. You basically know every date up through South Carolina, then essentially nothing after that for the last 3 episodes. I will fill you in on it all. As I said last week, there are quite a few things I’ve not shared yet this season that you will be getting in the episode-by-episode spoilers. Every season is covered differently now with social media. But it always has the same end result in that you will have every detailed spoiler for you of what happens in every episode before the first episode airs. That will be no different this season.

“Bachelor in Paradise” has set their premiere date for Tuesday, Aug. 8th, the day after Rachel’s “Bachelorette” finale airs, so they’re keeping the same schedule as last season. It’ll premiere on Tuesday, then the following week begin it’s normal airing of two nights a week, Monday and Tuesday. No word yet on if “After Paradise” will air after Tuesday’s one hour episode, but I expect it will. Who will host? No idea. Remember Chris Harrison was a little butt hurt last year when Michelle Collins and Sean Lowe were made co-hosts of the show. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

One interesting note about Rachel’s finale being Aug. 7th is knowing that her premiere is on May 22nd, that 12 Monday’s to be accounted for between May 22nd and Aug. 7th. For as long as I can remember (since the show has gone to its current length. Early years it was like 6 episodes long), the show is only 11 episodes. There’s 10 episodes and a “Tell All” show. So unless they take a week off, I’m not sure why there’s 12 weeks. It’s possible they’re accounting for an NBA finals game that could fall on a Monday, which I believe happened last season and the “Bachelorette” didn’t air. But it’s something to keep in mind moving forward.

One final “Bachelor/ette” related note. Not sure if you’ve been following the story of former “Bachelor” contestant Lesley Murphy (Sean Lowe’s season), but she recently underwent surgery for double mastectomy. Lesley has been keeping her fans updated through IG and Facebook posts and will continue to do so throughout her recovery process. I can tell you that I’ve been in contact with Lesley, she seems to be in great spirits, and she will be a guest on an upcoming podcast to share her story. Can’t wait to talk to her.

Daily Links

-The “24” finale came and went this past Monday, and I can honestly say I enjoyed this season more than I thought I would. Will it ever be the original? No. But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t damn entertaining. Here’s an interview about the finale and if there will be a “second” season. I sure hope so. Now that they’re not doing a full day anymore and just 13 hours, it’s easily doable. But I understand this all comes down to finances and a return on their investment. This is an expensive show to make, and the ratings were great this season. Weren’t terrible, but certainly the show is not the attraction it once was. The creators and producers obviously want another season, but it’s not their call. It’s up to Fox.

And I know this is a couple weeks old, but one thing I completely forgot to mention was our winner of the first annual Reality Steve Bracket Challenge. Our winner was Shay Draper of North Carolina, and whaddya’ know, she’s a North Carolina fan and ended up winning by one point by virtue of the Tar Heels win over Gonzaga in the title game. Shay received her monetary prize and I hope she spends it wisely. Thanks to all those who played, as we had over 1,600 entries in the pool. Maybe next year I’ll charge a fee so we can have a nice little pot for winning this thing.

-I’m going to be honest, I didn’t read one word in this story. All I saw in the title were the words “Elizabeth Hurley” and “bikini” and I was pretty much sold. Doesn’t take much to sucker me in, does it? And I mean, why wouldn’t I be? When she was in that Austin Powers movie, that was the tip of the iceberg. Here we are years later, and she almost looks just as good. When you got it, you got it. Good on you, Elizabeth. And once again, to think Hugh Grant needed a $40 beej on Sunset Boulevard from some strange while he was with Elizabeth is easily Top 5 stupidest things ever done. Moron.

-In case you’re still a person who watches daytime soaps, you’ll be happy to know that Alison Sweeney is returning to “Days of Our Lives.” Really? Like, that show is still on? People actually watch daytime soap operas? That’s still a thing? I can’t explain it that’s for sure, but holy crap those are outdated. Then again, you’re appealing to one demographic with those shows and one only. How many soaps are still on the air? Like is “General Hospital” still on? I’m clueless on this stuff.

-JLoRod (that would be Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez) are still a thing after like a month. Amazing. And they even spent Easter together. I can’t imagine this is ever gonna get serious to the point of marriage because, well, JLO likes younger dudes and Alex likes, ummmmm, more than one woman at a time. But I guess they’re the new “it” couple, so for the time being, the tabloids will cover every living breathing second these two are out in public. Lovely. Just get back to me in a few months when “their schedules just didn’t work,” because we know it’s coming.

-Carmelo Anthony and La La are separating after 7 years of marriage. When it first came out a couple days ago, it seemed rather sudden. They haven’t really been in the news much, so maybe she just figured he ain’t playing in New York next season because the Knicks hate him, and she didn’t want to relocate. Certainly a possibility. Ooooorrrrr maybe, just maybe, it’s because Carmelo went out and impregnated a stripper. Yeah, that could no doubt throw a monkey wrench into the whole sanctity of marriage thing. Might wanna not do that, Melo.

-MTV is rebooting the TRL franchise but will call it “MTV Live.” We last saw TRL in 2008. “Total Request Live” was hugely popular in the early 2000’s because that’s when MTV actually still showed music videos. Considering they don’t anymore, MTV Live will be no different than any other talking head show you see out there. There’ll be hosts, a live audience, and they’ll interview pop stars and talk about the hot topics in pop culture. Yawn. Man, they really think this is gonna work? I guess maybe they need a break in the middle of the day from showing 8 consecutive episodes of “Ridiculousness.”

-And finally, our little Hobie from “Baywatch” is all grown up now and safe to say, things aren’t going well for him. He’s in jail for stabbing someone back in 2015. This comes on the heels of drug and alcohol abuse for years. You know things have gotten bad for you when your TV dad, David Hasselhoff, is coming off better than you now. And that guy was once eating cheeseburgers drunk off the floor.

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