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Chris Soules Arrested, Hometown Dates, & “Bachelor in Paradise” News

Word broke early this morning from news outlets in Iowa that Chris Soules was arrested last night in Buchanan County for fleeing the scene of a deadly crash where one person was killed. According to the story, a pickup truck rear ended a tractor, sending both cars into a ditch, where the person who was on the tractor died. I understand it is very easy to jump to conclusions immediately on this story. And on the surface, this does not look good for Chris at all. I mean, IF he was the only one in the pickup truck, and IF his pickup truck was the one who hit the tractor causing someone to fall into a ditch and die, and IF he then fled that scene (especially if alcohol was involved), then it doesn’t look good at all. I think we can all see that. But I’m not about to pile on. The state needs to prove that. We don’t know anything more than what the stories are reporting so far. I’m not going to convict the guy in the court of public opinion just yet. But I’m also not stupid to realize he’s in some big trouble if all of this points to him. You don’t want to see anything like this happen to anyone, especially when someone’s life was lost. Lets let the story play out before we all immediately convict the guy. I hope for his sake there’s more to what’s being reported right now, because if it’s not, I gotta believe there might be some serious jail time involved here. Just a sad story all around. UPDATE: Police have obtained documents that he was in possession of alcoholic beverage containers at the time of the crash. Again, not good at all.

A lot been happening the last few days on Rachel’s season as she’s started hometown dates which (if you were following on Twitter since Thursday), we can now confirm seem to be going off per usual as Rachel has been visiting the guys’ hometowns. Last Thursday, Rachel was in Miami, FL with Dr. Bryan Abasolo for her hometown date. They did some dancing (and making out) at the Ball and Chain restaurant where some professional salsa dancers were performing. Here were two videos that were posted to YouTube that day:

In addition, I was able to get video of them at the Little Havana Domino Park talking and watching the older guys play dominoes

Then on Saturday, Rachel was in Madison, WI for her second hometown date with Peter Kraus. Pictures and videos of those two were all over social media since they basically walked through town together, visited the Capitol Building, and went to the Farmers Market. Here’s some that were sent to me along with a few from social media:


After walking through town, they went in to Cask & Ale on State Street and Rachel met up with some of his friends:

Later that night, the dinner portion was at his parents house in Cottage Grove, WI. I debated on whether or not to tweet these out, but since there is no address anywhere on the home or street names anywhere, and I scratched out Peter’s license plate on his truck, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with showing these pictures. We all know from the day I posted pictures of Peter confirming him as a contestant over a month ago, he has his personal training website info on his truck. This was nothing new.

So after the first two hometown dates got out publicly, you never know what you’re gonna get. Last season, 3 of the 4 hometowns for Nick’s season never got out publicly (Corinne, Rachel, and Vanessa). Even Raven’s barely got out. I think I saw one picture. Back on Andi’s season, all 4 got out. So you really don’t know and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Yesterday’s hometown date was private and not out in the middle of the city for everyone to see (at least not that tons of pictures made it out on social media), but I can confirm it was with Dean Unglert, the guy she had the first 1-on-1 with in South Carolina. This guy in case you forgot:

As for the rest of this week, what I do know is that Rachel will be in Dallas at some point. My guess is it’s for the rose ceremony. However, knowing that her family is NOT flying to the final rose ceremony location because her sister is pregnant (as told to us by Robert Mills in his weekly radio show), one of two things can happen now. Either:

1) Rachel’s family meets the final 4 guys before the rose ceremony on Thursday, Rachel makes her decision, and they head out to overnight and final rose ceremony per usual (just without the family meeting the final two wherever they go)


2) Rachel makes her final three decision on Thursday at the rose ceremony, and THEN the family meets the final 3 guys before they fly out to overnights and final rose ceremony.

I’m sure more information will come in at some point, but all I know now is that the final four rose ceremony is supposed to take place here in Dallas somewhere on Thursday.

And finally, I tweeted out yesterday about some crazy stuff happening in regards to “Bachelor in Paradise” hopefuls. There’s so many moving parts to this, and it’s still constantly moving and changing every day, that it’s impossible to report all the details right now. We’re still about 6 weeks away from BIP filming, so a lot can happen in that time. Plus, we have to see exactly how the show is going to approach this knowing that so many of the people they’re looking at casting are already having sex with each other/in relationships/breaking up so they can go on the show – it’s a mess. If the show doesn’t address it while IN Paradise, then I certainly will. I mean, we know how they like to kinda hide certain storylines about people meeting before the show (like last season), but with this season, considering so many of them are involved/dating/sleeping with others who want on, it’s a giant clusterf**k. Even I’m starting to lose track of who’s sleeping with who. But without knowing who the final cast will be, and who eventually ends up dating who, it’s impossible to tell the stories at this point because they might be irrelevant come the season filming. Just know that Rachel’s rejectee’s are already hitting up girls from the show, other guys from previous seasons are hitting up girls as well – even ones that were just hooking up with someone else in previous weekends. And I’m not just putting this all on the guys either. There are women who are absolutely playing the field as well. We all know these people hang out in between seasons, but this season is completely different. It’s way more than any of the previous three BIP seasons combined. Should be one giant sh** show down in Mexico this summer.

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  1. crushonspivey

    April 25, 2017 at 8:49 AM

    This franchise has spawned this really weird phenomenon of Lost Boys and Lost Girls who really seem to never want to grow up. They just want to swipe right on Bachelor Tinder and live in the hook up culture. Looks like Chris Soules is now a victim of it–of his own making.

    Not gonna lie–BIP really holds zero interest for me now. I find most of the contestants to be rather pathetic, because they are. Bachelor franchise fame has jumped the shark, and it is a joke now. These people suck.

    Hoping Rachel’s season is good. The Bachelorette is usually a better and more down to earth show than the Bachelor ever is, so hoping she keeps that going. Or else this franchise is gonna lose its appeal altogether. If it hasn’t already. Reality TV is growing super stale.

  2. rob22

    April 25, 2017 at 8:56 AM

    The other thing everyone knew about Chris Soules is that he REALLY liked to drink. If I recall, he was rarely seen on the show without a drink and a stupid grin. I also imagine there’s not a whole lot else to do in Arlington. I once looked at Google maps, and there is literally nothing going on there unless you drive at least an hour+. Bottom line: It should hardly be a surprise that Chris Soules got involved in an alcohol related mess. It’s happened before to him. Unfortunately this time somebody died because of it. The idea that we should withhold judgement until after the trial is silly. He’s already been arrested for leaving the scene. At the very least, he did that. It’s not hard to infer why he left the scene and what had been going on with the evidence already known. OK, yeah, let it play out. I’m always open to new information. But I don’t see how this goes down in some unexpected way. You don’t need to be a genius to write the next article. His blood alcohol level will probably be at least 2.0, he’ll be charged with vehicular homicide & the story will be about him drinking at some bar for hours and/or chugging a few while driving home. Ultimately, he’s going to do some time over this.

  3. kimmyfromdablock

    April 25, 2017 at 10:49 AM

    @rob22…you meant .20. Regardless, what a sad story for everyone involved. I have to agree with you @rob22, you leave the scene of an accident and you’ve already broken the law and proved you’re an idiot regardless of your BAC.

    My heart goes out to the family who lost someone and my heart goes out to Chris Soules’ family. What an awful story and maybe a bit of a wake up call to those in this franchise who get so bitten by their 15 minutes that they become immune to their own stupidity.

  4. upmyalley

    April 25, 2017 at 11:26 AM

    For me, any signs of heavy drinking as a habit is a dealbreaker. No exceptions! Don’t want on that crazy train.

  5. rob22

    April 25, 2017 at 1:21 PM

    @upmyalley: You’re right on with that. Unfortunately too many think drinkers are fun people. Unfortunately, relationships are more than a few yucks at the bar. People with any substance abuse problems cease to be a barrel of laughs pretty quickly. Yeah, we all want to help these people, but that doesn’t mean we should date or marry them. Let them be someone else’s albatross. I can’t help but think Chris’ drinking was a primary cause of his ultra short post Bachelor relationship. Whitney was pretty into him. But besides being a stuttering dolt who giggles like an old woman, there’s the drinking. That’s like the holy trinity of hell on earth for a woman. I guess Whitney had a very quick “oh no, what have I done? moment”.

  6. valadega

    April 25, 2017 at 6:07 PM

    I can’t help but to agree with Rob22 assessment. Plus, did ABC properly even vet this guy? I bet someone is going to get called onto the carpet for this misfire! No wonder Whitney (hopefully) dumped him. This man is a giant RED FLAG! My condolences to the bereaved family members.

  7. crushonspivey

    April 26, 2017 at 2:01 PM

    So do ya’ll think Soules will be giving out or receiving the “roses” in the pokey?

  8. rob22

    April 26, 2017 at 7:24 PM

    He’s got a purdy mouth.

  9. dogmomma

    April 27, 2017 at 9:32 AM

    All joking aside, sounds like it’s time for Chris to get some help with his alcohol issue. It sure seems like he’s avoided any big consequences so far from his past history of getting arrested, but this time is different because of the circumstances. Hopefully the courts will require him to enter rehab. My son went through rehab twice for alcohol abuse, and the second time he “got it” and has now completely turned his life around. Hopefully this is Chris’s wake up call.

  10. supersparklyday

    April 27, 2017 at 12:10 PM

    What a tragedy, for all concerned ! And before everybody dog piles on Chris, he was heard on the 911 call if “anyone here know CPR?!”, so he wasn’t alone. There is more to come out just yet. I hope for Chris’s sake that it wasn’t what people think so far. Either way, lives have changed forever. It’s all so sad and unnecessary.

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