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Podcast #25 – Interview with Chris Lambton, & Some “Survivor” Links

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If the schedule holds, today should be the Rachel’s final rose ceremony in Spain. And considering they’re 7 hours ahead of where I am right now, Rachel could very well be engaged at this moment or getting close. Sorry, I don’t know 2 minutes after it happens who she picked. Give me some time. It’s varied from season to season. Sometimes I’ve found out the same day, sometimes I find out the next day, sometimes I find out over the weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ll find out in the next 24-48 hours based on my info this season. I’ll let you know. Another great guest on the podcast this week as Chris Lambton, runner up on Ali’s “Bachelorette” season and host of numerous HGTV and DIY Network shows. The best part about Chris’ interview is when going back to prep for it, realizing some of the great characters that season had, not to mention that season having, in my opinion, one of the top 5 moments in show history (I’ve included the videos below). We definitely talk about that. Also, you get to hear my complete lack of knowledge regarding anything landscaping, gardening, or anything that Chris does for his work. Props to him for being so good at something I’m absolutely clueless about. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please reply using Chris’ twitter handle (@ChrisLambton13), so he can see your responses as well. Hope you like it.

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(SPOILERS) Chris joins me to talk about his career before Ali’s season, the unusual way he got cast on Ali’s season of the “Bachelorette” (3:55), the first night of filming and how he’s kept in touch with a lot of the guys (7:27), his first 1-on-1 with Ali in New York where she was sick (14:32), Kasey getting a tattoo (16:48), the infamous Rated R Rego/Kasey 2-on-1 & then Rego’s girlfriend drama (20:19), knowing he wasn’t getting the final rose & his relationship with Ali (25:39), becoming America’s sweetheart & in talks to be the “Bachelor” (28:42), his support for CCALS as a result of his mother’s fight with ALS (33:40), how his post show TV life came to be (35:33), explaining how his TV show’s filming schedule works (40:53), being a new dad to daughter Lyla (48:16), his plans moving forward (55:25), and we finally end with Rapid 10 (58:46).

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