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Update on Filming & Daily Links 5/9

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We’re 13 days away from Rachel’s season premiering, so the coverage will start ramping up here on the site. This week is the final rose ceremony. If you weren’t following on Twitter, I was able to confirm that they are in Spain. Robert Mills hinted at it on his radio show a couple weeks ago, I was given a tip about it over the weekend which I then tweeted out. Not to mention, Chris Harrison posting an IG story from the Madrid airport certainly was another confirmation if anyone needed it. We all know the final 3 were Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus. Filming should end tomorrow or Thursday, all depending on days off, etc. Hopefully by next week, I will have your ending for you and who Rachel got engaged to, because lets face it, she’s definitely getting engaged this season. I will let you know when I find out. Shortly thereafter, the episode-by-episode spoilers will follow. You know a lot up through South Carolina, then basically nothing from Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland, then back to knowing who the final 4 and final 3 were. So it’s a mixed bag this season. But you’ll have as much as I get once I get everything sorted out. Missing pieces here and there like most seasons that I will get filled in during the next couple weeks.

Also, the first episode released to the media should be coming out either this week or next, so once I watch that, I will report all the spoilers from episode 1 per usual. You already know Bryan got the first impression rose, and not a whole hell of a lot happens on the first episode in general, but I’ll break it down for you once the episode is posted on ABC’s media site. It’s username and password protected, so no, it’s not available to the public. I just have a sneaky way in. The press release about Rachel’s first night was released last week that kinda breaks down some of the antics guys pull on the first night. I’ll have all your answers for you either A) after I watch the first episode or B) find out more info. Some of those limo entrances I already know, some I don’t. But now less than 2 weeks away until we’re back to a regular schedule here on Exciting things ahead that hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about in the coming days.

Daily Links

Glamour magazine’s Jessica Radloff has your behind-the-scenes from last night night’s DWTS elimination. We all kinda knew Bonner’s days were numbered, but, Len basically kicking him while he was down, and Simone’s shade she threw at the judges seemed to be the story of the night. Other dancers reactions to those subjects are covered in the column. Interesting to see where people come out on this. Len was wrong for what he said, but Bonner didn’t seem to take too kindly to the judges all season – and his quotes back that up. As for Simone, I guess it’s all how you interpret how/what she said.

-In news we all saw coming even after they signed off in 2015, “American Idol” is returning to TV, but it will be on ABC as they made the announcement this morning. No news yet on who the host or judges will be, but you can bet your ass Ryan Seacrest will be hosting. Say what you will about him, but Idol isn’t Idol without Seacrest. He can miss a few “Live with Kelly and Ryan” shows to do something more taxing and important that having morning coffee and reading newspaper headlines for an hour a day. She’s used to having co-hosts, so when Idol starts up, have randos fill in for Seacrest again like they did for the last year.

-Demi Lovato has gone through another guy as it’s been reported she has broken up with her MMA boyfriend. After things ended with Wilmer, she started going after these MMA beefcakes and hasn’t made it very long with two of them. Lets see what pool she dives into next. Golfers? Boxers? NBA players? Look at Demi, always keeping us on our toes. Although, we can pretty much guarantee at some point she’ll go running back to Wilmer, only to watch it flame out again. Ahhhh, young love.

-Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband, Justin Hodak, was sentenced to six years in prison for, well, a numerous amount of things. I’m not too caught up in legal jargon and can’t say I know the law all that well. But there’s one thing I do know: if you get arrested 3 times in a span of 9 days, including one where you have a weapon on you, there’s a good chance you’re going to the pokey. Smart move, Justin. When someone files a restraining order against you, that means you have to stay away from them, not approach them whenever you feel like it with a gun. Morons like this deserve what they get.

-Here’s some real fascinating news: Crayola has a new shade of blue that will replace their dandelion color in the box of 24. Who has this much time on their hands? Seriously. Was this a pressing issue in the coloring world? Were two year olds across America protesting the blue color in their box? Who thinks to do something like this? And even if it doesn’t happen, does it really need to be a story on the front page of US Weekly yesterday? Don’t they have some embellished celebrity scandal to promote?

-Country music star Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Kerr are expecting their first child together. Awwww how cute. Aldean has two daughters from a previous marriage. You know, the one where he cheated on her with Brittany and tabloids had pictures of it. I remember that being a huge story when it happened as he was hammered out at some bar and these two were all over each other like white on rice. Wait, so you’re telling me a popular touring musician was running around on his wife at home? No way!

-Ladies, you might wanna brace yourselves for this one. Harry Styles is reportedly off the market. The good news? He’s dating a food blogger from the UK named Tess Ward. I’d never heard of Tess Ward until yesterday, like I’m guessing a lot of you hadn’t, but that’s the route Harry has decided to go for the next few months until they break up. Here’s 5 Things To Know about her, and wow, maybe I’m mistaken, she sure looks inter….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Good luck, Harry.

-Now this is a story I can dig my teeth into. Katy Perry’s new album is coming out soon and of course she was asked if there’s any revenge song on there in response to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” which is rumored to be about her. Of course Katy deflected the question and took the high road, which is boring. Were these two really fighting over which backup dancers danced on which person’s tour? Ugh. Can’t we all just get along?

-LeAnn Rimes gave us an update on what it’s like to be a stepmom and she says it’s “pushed her buttons at times.” Hey, our second story of the day where the person in question cheated on their spouse to move on to new family. It’s Homewrecker Tuesday everyone! Speaking of that, how come we haven’t had a good Brandi Glanville/LeAnn Rimes feud recently? When did these two grow up to be adults and stop talking sh** about each other? C’mon ladies. Can’t at least one of you get a dig on the other one in the next week or so? That’d be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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