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“Reader Emails,” Trivia Contest Questions and Answers, & Another “Bachelor in Paradise” Update

Hi Steve,

Long time fan of your blog (Jason’s season) + the series in general (Aaron Buerge, I know, I’ve aged myself). I don’t always keep up with your reader emails posts though, so feel free to skip over this question if you’ve gotten it recently or it’s not the type of thing you want to answer. But since you alluded to Russia hacking in your last post, I thought I’d ask you about why the majority of Bachelor world is basically silent on politics. Now with the first Black lead, who in my humble opinion is already one of if not the best in the entire franchise, and a lot going on in Washington, I figure it’s a good time to bring it up.

I was really frustrated by the fact that barely any former participant promoted voting last November 8th, though props to Elan & Cassie for being pretty open and vocal. And I remember Lesley Murphy did a heartfelt post, she’s a gem. I know I’m probably missing a few others but the overall silence… these people use their platform to sell fake sugar candy to grow hair but can’t encourage their 1 million followers to exercise their civic duty?

I paid specific attention in January to Nick’s girls since I assumed it would have been something they all heavily discussed during filming, but only Kristina — bless her — made mention of the Women’s March on Jan 21st. And I couldn’t have been the only one that noticed the Ivanka like editing of Corinne or the “Trump country” depiction of Raven’s hometown.

I guess I’m just interested to see if this is something that you notice too, and if so, what your take on it is. It’s sometimes hard not to assume these people are too concerned about their follower counts to promote democracy, or worse, completely uninformed.

Comment: Unfortunately they are concerned about follower counts. Although honestly, I don’t necessarily blame them for not posting about politics. Politics is so divisive, unless you’re willing to basically get sh** thrown your way from half your audience and deal with that headache, might as well just put it to rest and not openly talk about it. Occasionally here and there? Sure. But if it’s daily, or every major news story, it’s not worth your time. No one has ever won a political argument on social media ever in the history of the world. And no one ever will. So it’s pointless to engage in one. If someone wants to post something political, just be ready for the response.

Hey Steve! Love reading your site, thanks for all your hard work! I have 2 questions that i am sure you get all the time.

1. Which lady has been your favorite bachelorette if you had to pick one?
2. Which bachelorette would you say is the most your type? (these might be the same answer but you never know haha)

Comment: I’d say Ashley to both. With JoJo a close second.

Hey, Steve!

Love your spoilers! Like a lot of people, I don’t think Rachel will end up marrying Bryan. When I was picking my final two for my Bachelorette Fantasy League (before I read your spoilers, of course!) I was thinking “sexy and physical chemistry (Bryan) vs “cute and husband material” (Peter). That led me to pick Peter. Bummer. Just thought she’d make a smarter long-term pick. I guess we’ll see if he has more to him than what appeared to be pretty epic make out skills and a nice smile.

Wondering if you noticed this: when the guys were on the Ellen show and they were lined up and Ellen said something about who had kissed her, Bryan said he had. Then another guy, I don’t remember who, said “I kissed her too.” And Bryan leaned back over to the mic and said “sloppy seconds.” Did I hear/interpret that right?! Did he call Rachel SLOPPY SECONDS??!! Rachel must not have heard that–I’d have been like WTF.

Keep up the good work!

Comment: Nope. You heard right. He said it. Rachel didn’t seem to mind ultimately.

Hi Steve,

I’m a little late watching the third episode and i was thinking, do you think producers alrerady knew about Blake and whaboom’s history, to the extent that Blake was living with Lucas’ girlfriend or maybe they just knew they had been on the same show together and that was it? They probably knew something and were expecting there would be drama right? They absolutely knew.

Also, I think Peter looks like Sebastian Stan (winter soldier on the Captain America movies). What do you think? I miss your look-a-like posts!! I’m ok with the fact Rachel doesn’t pick him because i think that, out of the final 4, he would be the best bachelor.

Thanks Steve,

Your fan from Brazil

Comment: Is it bad I haven’t seen any of the Captain America movies? I’ve never been huge on the super hero ones, outside of Spiderman and Superman.

Dear Steve,

Firstly, I want to tell you that I do not blame you for the wrong spoiler, while I am a fan of Peter for Rachel, I am now rooting for him to be the next bachelor.
I have a few questions.

1. Is there anything else that you have heard about Bryan besides him dating Jubilee that would suggest that he may not have the sincerest intentions? No. Haven’t heard anything either way.

2. Have you seen the interview that Rachel did with Big boy on Youtube? I think that she validates your new spoiler because when she was asked if she kissed your fiancé on night one, she almost gave it away. Haven’t seen it. Regardless of what she did or didn’t say in that interview, like every interview that she does can be dissected to fit a certain narrative, it doesn’t matter. She’s engaged to Bryan.

3. Are there any hook ups in paradise so far that you have heard about that have shocked you? Well, now that it’s out there. The Derek/Taylor hook up was, you know, since the guy doesn’t want to be involved with anyone from the franchise but then readily tested for “Bachelor in Paradise,” readily agreed to do the show, readily flew out to Mexico and under his own power, decided to sign an contract to appear on the show. Clown.

4. Since Jade is far along in her pregnancy, have you heard if she will be flying to Mexico for Carly and Evan’s wedding next weekend? Yes, she will be there.

5. I know that it is probably too soon to tell, but do you think that they would ever offer Rachel a spot on dwts since they seem to be bending a lot of the rules with her by allowing her to admit that she’s engaged before the season began and they pretty much paint her as the best bachelorette ever? I can see her doing it, sure. But we’re a ways away from that.

6. I actually agree with the picture that ABC is painting of Rachel. She truly is a no-nonsense and intelligent women who is there for the right reasons. I think that she is one of the best bachelorettes next to Ashley. Would you agree? Yes.

7. I wanted to go to the Las Vegas Fan appreciation party this year but unfortunately, my 21st birthday is one month after the party. i would go if you have one next year. Do you always do your parties at the same hotels or different every year?

Thank you

Comment: Barring anything crazy happening, there will be a Fan Appreciation Party every year in Las Vegas. The first three years it’s been at Mandalay Bay. I’d like to have it at another hotel at some point, but it all comes down to what deals I can get. Hey, if anyone has access to higher level rooms at other hotels, I’m all ears. I pretty much only stay at Mandalay and Venetian, so I have account managers there and they treat me well. But I’m open to other places if the room is the right size and affordable.

Hi Steve,

I’m always appreciative of your detailed writing style, and interesting podcasts. Congratulations on your well deserved success and recognition and I hope you have a fantastic birthday trip to Vegas!

My concern is the message Amanda’s daughters are receiving by their mom returning to BIP, chasing relationships on reality TV shows, bringing Josh into their home after only knowing him for short time, and posting photos on social media with constant focus on outward appearance.

Amanda’s choices seem like an unhealthy role model and I worry about the long term impact her lifestyle will have on her girls.

I’m guessing it’s to continue to build her following for her blog and website, and to gather information for the book she is writing which ultimately will bring in more money. Otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense and I agree with you, is a bad idea!

Comment: Well, good thing for her is she was only out there a few days and it’s never going to air. I would hope from this point forward she’s done.

Hi Steve!

My first time writing in. I gotta say I love your commentary and spoilers, but I’ll try to keep this to the point because I haaaate digging through writer emails to find out what the question is.

1. You’ve said recently that the contestants undergo medical, psychological etc exams before being cast. My question is, what happened with Ashley S???

They tried to spin it as a “kooky girl,” but she genuinely seems to have had some mental breakdown while there (plus at BiP). I say this as someone with experience BTW, not trying to demean her in anyway. I was more disturbed by how the show dealt with it. It could have been just like UnReal Season 1! I’ve heard the opposite about her. Basically that she just kinda played things up a bit.

2. Do you have any info on how much the topic of race will come up this season? From previews, it looks like Lee will show his true colors soon, and that should be all kinds of messy. The 2-on-1 with Kenny gets pretty heated and there’s an epic fight.

3. Just a comment. I can see the connection between Bryan and Josh, because they both have that tall, dark, and super handsome swag. Plus, they both are quick to initiate a hardcore make-out session. Not a bad MO for this show, but it must be incredibly hard for the bachelorette to separate love from lust in the short amount of time, and I just hope Rachel didn’t settle for only the latter! It’s funny though, when I first read it was Peter I had already saw the first episode and was thinking “damn, how’d she let sexy ass Bryan go?!?” And now I think Peter would have been the better pick. Lol!

Comment: I guess time will tell on that one.

Dear reality Steve,

I’m curious what you think of a theory I have. After the Demario stuff, Rachel was obviously pissed. And I’m thinking she was more upset that the producers lied to her. So when she was saying she’s not here to be played, she was speaking to the producers and Chris Harrison.

Next episode both Blake and Lukas go home. Do you think she was so pissed she refused to keep them around?

Comment: Not sure.

Hey Steve

Do you think there is still hope for ben and lauren? And do you know if she returned the ring.

Comment: Sure doesn’t seem like it. I believe the ring has been returned. And if not, very shortly.

Hi Steve,

Are you really surprised that Jordan had allegedly cheated on JoJo? If you didn’t hear (which I doubt happened), he went out of town with his family and was talking and caressing another girl, which led to them unfollowing each other. What is your take?

Comment: I only know what fans sent to me based on following them. Haven’t heard anything else. Am I surprised if that is in fact what did happen? Ummmmm, no.

I’m so infuriated right now. Based on what’s being reported it’s just an all around disgusting story and sounds like all parties involved are to blame. And one storyline has shut down the entire show.

I’m not going to point the finger at any one individual, it’s he said-she said-they said at this point. But I was raised to not put myself in compromising positions to begin with. Ashley I actually said on her and Ben’s podcast the other day that she would never be in a position to have to stop someone in the heat of the moment because she valued herself and wouldn’t put herself in a compromising position unless she was ready to be there. Probably the most intellectual thing that’s come out of her mouth publicly, but I really respected that. If you’ve got a boyfriend back home then why are you coming on a show that you know good and well puts you in tempting and alcohol induced sexual situations?! And the soulless producers don’t care if you’re wasted. They sold their soul to the devil with a smile on their face for good ratings.

I’m sad for Bachelor Nation today. I’m sad that some people didn’t get the opportunity to do the show, I’m sad that the viewers won’t have the show to watch, and I’m sad that Evan and Carly’s big day has been tainted by this garbage.

Thanks for letting me rant (this could be a Dr. RS therapy session) and thanks for all you do. I’d never listened to a podcast in my life until yours (now I’m a podaholic). Keep up the good work.

Comment: Thanks for your rant.

Podcasts are great. I listen to at least 5-6 a week. All TV or sports related. And then any that I appear on ha ha.

Reality Steve,

I feel like the reason we all watch the Bachelorette is for the adrenaline rushes, particularly at the Final Rose; there certainly is a sense of catharsis when the “winner” is announced. As an avid reader of your column, I never mind if you are giving the incorrect information because I feel like I get that adrenaline rush if you are right or if you end up being wrong. So…I can forgive you!

Comment: That’s what I’m here for – the adrenaline rush.


I love your blog and podcast. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure. Last season, I started watching Married At First Sight (used to be on A&E I think now on Lifetime). They just came out with a spinoff called Married at First Sight: Second Chances. Have you seen this? It’s literally the exact same format/ show as the Bachelor (minus a few details). Do you think ABC can sue them for essentially ripping off the show or is that allowed?

Comment: No, they won’t get sued. Every dating show is essentially a copy cat of the “Bachelor” franchise though, and that’s why they never last.

Hi Steve,

I have a few questions.

1) Leah Block has been very vocal against the franchise with regards to all this BIP stuff. Do you think this is bitterness because she was manipulated/given a poor edit, or actually realizes this franchise is trouble, or both? Do you know much about her? She was someone I didn’t like much while watching the show, but seems to have learned her lesson? Bitter Betty.

2) Your interview with Olivia was great. I never minded her too much on the show and am glad to see she has made a success of herself without needing to go back to the show. With that said, you seem to have taken her account of Derek as 100% accurate with the tweet you posted about him today. Have you heard other things about him, or were you referencing the fact that he also hooked up with Corinne (and Taylor) in paradise? Ohhhhh Derek, Derek, Derek. What a pud.

3) Have you heard more positive or negative things about Bryan Abasalo? How about Peter? They both seem like actually nice guys (I don’t get the whole Josh Murray vibe people are getting from Bryan.) I don’t see the Josh thing with Bryan either, but I haven’t heard anything either way. As for Peter, ummmm, errrrr, uhhhhhh…yeah. You could say I have heard a few things.

4) In an interview, DeMario stated that the producers told him it would be a storyline that he and Corinne would hook up. Do you think their hookup was driven by producers?


Comment: I don’t know what to believe.

Hi Steve,

Any idea why Amanda came back before the rest of the cast? Did she not hit it off with anyone?

Comment: She did? My guess would be to be with her kids. But I don’t know for sure.



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