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Podcast #36 – Interview with Jenny McCarthy & “Dr. Reality Steve”

One thing that the podcasts have done has spoiled me. And I’ll explain what I mean by that. You go back and listen to all these podcasts, you’ll see that most are over an hour, some 90 minutes, and some are longer than 2 hours. Being so used to going on for however long I want, I usually get almost everything in that I want to ask. This week’s podcast guest, Jenny McCarthy, presented a little more of a challenge. I know it happens all the time on radio, but like, how does someone do a 10-15 minute interview anymore? Gotta be hard. The fact she even agreed to come on I was so appreciative of, but when I knew I only had about a half hour (and I even pushed past that), well, it’s tough. I could’ve talked to Jenny for 2 hours the way things were going since there were a lot of follow ups I wanted to ask based on her answers, but then basically we would’ve been on one topic the whole time. She was great in the time I had with her though and I hope you enjoy the interview. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Jenny’s Twitter handle (@JennyMcCarthy) in your reply so she can see it as well. Kinda nerve racking at first talking to a woman that was pinned up on your wall during most of your college years. Thanks again to Jenny for coming on. Hopefully we can do it again later on down the line.

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(SPOILERS) Jenny joins me to talk about what she sees herself as in today’s industry, her upbringing and how Playboy came about (2:54), her big break in TV & what happened afterwards (9:54), the one show she wished would’ve lasted longer (13:57), was she a New Kids on the Block fan (19:40), her “Donnie Loves Jenny” show and how it hasn’t ruined their relationship (21:19), her indirect link to the “Bachelor” franchise & what advice she gave to that girl (24:49), what her unspoiled opinion is of Rachel’s final 3 guys (26:56), and finally Rapid 10 (32:57).

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Dr. Reality Steve

Hello Steve!

I enjoy reading your blog and you also give some good advise to people on their private life, so I decided to finally write you too.

So long story short, I had a friend (just a friend), a really good one. We met 6 years ago and became best friends on the planet. He had a girlfriend at that time, she was very jealous and bassicly hated me because of our friendship. But we did not care really at that time and kept chatting a lot and going out on rare occasions. They broke up after a year (or two) but we still were friends. After some time, some I had feelings for him, and I also told him that I am afraid that I like him more than as just a friend. This statement was bassicly ignored and we kept being a very close and good friends. Then, two years ago he found a new girlfriend and stopped communicating with me. It was heartbreaking because we have been good friends for such a long time and he was the only person who was supporting me trough hard times and I did the same to him. Now we haven’t met or spoken for more than two years. I write him sometimes (once every 5 or 6 months) but he always answers unwillingly and never writes me. I am very sad out friendship broke apart, and right now I am feeling very nostalgic and sentimental. Do you think I should write him? Maybe I could ask if he wants to meet up and talk about life? Or should I try to forget him and leave him alone (that is not easy, I have tried).

And now the shorter part of my question/story of my life. I am 22 and single pringle. I had only one boyfriend when I was 15 but it was a long time ago. I find it incredibly hard to find someone because it seems that everyone is already taken. Also all of my friends have their second half already. I was so devastated that I will be forever alone that I even tried Tinder, but it seems that it will not work for me.. Will I be forever alone? Why no one likes me? I am slightly overweight (I am size 10), maybe that’s why no one likes me? I am also quite shy and I don’t really like drinking, but I am not against others who do that, maybe that is also a problem? I really am afraid that I will end up alone and living with 10 cats in a few years.

Best wishes and greetings from Europe,

P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, I am not a native English speaker but still enjoy you Bachelor recaps and spoilers.

Comment: Lets address your first issue. It sucks that it happened, but the guy isn’t worth your time. It happens quite often where someone gets a new significant other and you don’t hear from them anymore. There could be a number of reasons, but that’s not unnatural. His girlfriend could be controlling, he’d think it’s awkward, etc. I wouldn’t put too much more thought into him. If it’s been two years and he hasn’t spoken a word to you, unfortunately, that ship has sailed. I wouldn’t worry about him anymore.

As for your second paragraph, the best advice I can give you is you’re 22. You have so much more of your life ahead of you. Don’t worry about not having a boyfriend right now. It’ll come. I know it’s probably hard to see the forest through the trees, but trust me, it’ll happen at some point. When that’ll be is anyone’s guess. You could meet someone tomorrow. Or it could be in a few months. You just never know. But you’re 22. Don’t immediately pin that on your weight either. You’re still very young and that can easily be changed. Simple things like exercising, eating right, etc can change that. But even if you like your size, don’t think because you’re a 10 that’s why you’re single. You’ll never be happy thinking that way. Just give it time, put yourself out there (I don’t know how often you date), and something will happen for you eventually.

Dear RS,

Hi! So, I wrote a few years ago about help with my potential in-laws. I wrote asking advice about marrying a guy whose family doesn’t like me. You warned me against it because of situations you’ve seen with your friends. Well, a few years later and here I am planning a wedding with the same guy.

We have since worked on creating boundaries with his family and discussed this at length before we got engaged. However, watching the hometown dates on the Bachelorette made me want to write into you. My future mother in law is like Olga. JUST like Olga. The comment about her son being the “love of her life”? Check. Looking at the significant other like a threat who will take away the son from the family? Check!! Except on my end, my finance’s family is very small and VERY high maintenance and I have a big, loving, and easy to deal with family so my future mother in law 100% believes she has proof that me and my family will indeed take him away.

Do you have any advice for this situation? For me, I really think that the only way to have a good marriage is for both of us to keep my future mother in law at arms length. What are you thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

Comment: If she’s that bad, then yeah, you will have to keep her at arm’s length. But you said you spoke with him before getting engaged on creating boundaries, so what else was discussed? How close is she to you guys in terms of proximity? Driving distance or a plane ride? If it’s a plane ride, you’ll probably be fairly safe in that it’s gonna be easier to avoid her. But if we’re talking car ride, then yeah, I can still see this being an issue. If that’s the way she is now, I don’t see that changing once the wedding happens.

I guess a lot depends on that honestly because if she’s not close, it’s easy to avoid. I can’t imagine she’s gonna expect you guys to fly to see them all that often. Especially if kids are brought into the picture. Or maybe she’ll be flying to see you monthly ha ha. Anyway, it’s hard to answer not knowing the answer this question. But you definitely still have a slight problem describing her the way she is now because that’s not changing. I’m just curious as to what boundaries you already talked about with your fiancé and what his response was to it. Does he agree his mother is overbearing or doesn’t see your side at all?

Hi Dr Reality Steve,

I came across a problem with my boyfriend recently and would love your opinion. I have been dating my boyfriend Chad* for three years now, we meet our junior year of college and have recently made it through one year of long distance as we work in separate cities. We have been doing better than expected for long distance, visiting almost monthly and with plans to move to one another at the end of next summer.

Recently (the past month) he has been acting more distant, less texts and Facetime sessions during the week. I have confronted him asking if there is anything we should talk about or work on and he denies any problems. This past week while he has been away for work training he has barely talked to me and I have called him out about needing to be a priority even when he is busy. I could tell he was annoyed but I did not think he would jump to any rash conclusions… but he did last night.

He texted me that he was unhappy and needed space to figure things out, that lately he has felt like he “has to text me instead of wanting to text me”. Hearing someone needs space is never fun, but I am confused as to why 3 “off” weeks would discount our entire 3 year relationship that has been pretty perfect. I am nervous that he has already made up his mind to break up, and I do not know how to handle not being with someone that I have shared everyday with for the past few years. I just want some advice on how much space to give him and how to fight for our relationship without burdening him anymore?

Thanks for your help,

Dazed in Dallas

Comment: First off, long distance is never fun. And it’s a lot of work. So congrats on at least making it through one year of it. But secondly, he’s laying the groundwork to break up with you. If he thinks texting you is a burden, then yeah, he’s not happy for whatever reason. There still a lot of things I don’t know from this email, but when it’s long distance, the toughest part is at any moment, either side can easily tell the other side that the distance is too hard and they should end things – and the one being told that to doesn’t know if that’s the real reason. My guess is it isn’t. You need to ask him to be more specific. The “I need to figure things out” is never a good line, and to me, seems like he’s already got someone lined up after you and wants to either be on a break when he hooks up with her so he technically can’t consider that cheating, or, he’ll just end it soon. I think your gut is right on this one and he’s made up his mind to break up but doesn’t know how to do it yet because 3 years is a long time. Break ups suck. They’re never fun and the party being broken up with usually wants answers. Especially after 3 years. Some people get them, but most people don’t. And even if they do, they usually don’t think that’s the real reason. So you can beat yourself up over why he’s doing this, but only time will tell if it’s actually for the reason he’s giving you. There’s nothing fun about being broken up with, or having that feeling that the relationship is going south and there’s nothing you can do since you want to keep it going. Sorry you’re having to deal with this. The only thing you can do is try to find out why, and then assess the situation from there if it’s even worth salvaging. Good luck.

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