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“Reader Emails” & “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 2 Recap

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Good job this season!!

Do you think couples coming off the bachelorette tend to stay together longer because it’s such a quick turnaround from when they get engaged to when it’s premiered? Whereas bachelor couples have to wait like five months to be publicly with their pick? If you’re breaking down the “waiting” game: the “Bachelor ends filming mid November. Finale airs second week of March. So the “Bachelor” couple has to wait essentially 4 months. “Bachelorette” ends filming roughly first week of May. Finale airs first weekend in August, so that couple has to wait 3 months. Not a giant difference if you ask me.

Would you ever want Kailtyn B on your podcast? I get the impression she’s one of those few that “don’t care” for you but you know better obviously. I want a lot of people on the podcast.

Do you honestly think they’d consider Ben H to be the bachelor again like they did with Brad? For this next season? No. Too soon. I know Lauren moved on already, but it’d seem forced. Future season? It’s possible I guess.

Who would you say is your favorite bachelor nation couple if you had to pick one? Not necessarily from bachelor or bachelorette, could be formed in BIP or just two former contestants getting together. Ashley and JP.

I totally agree with you on season 3 of 24. I just started binge watching the series with my boyfriend and the beginning was slow and dragged on in Mexico but the second half was great.

Chloe annoys me so much – my favorite quote of the season is when she is nagging Tony about something or overall being socially awkward and he goes “Chloe, I’m getting real tired of your personality.” Just wait. Well…I’m not gonna say anything cuz technically that could be a spoiler.

I don’t know why but that comeback is so funny to me. It took me a while to stop laughing!

I’m looking forward to watching more seasons – I haven’t watched any of them when they were on TV so it’s been fun watching on amazon prime.

Anyways, thought I’d respond to your readers email about 24.

Comment: “24” will always be my all-time favorite show. Just is. I have a lot of stories that surround it, the time in my life when I was watching it, the amount of times I’ve seen it, the research I’ve done on it, etc. Just a lot of reasons why. I highly doubt any show will pass it in my eyes.

Hi Steve,

I know you’re a big fan of my personal favorite reality show (besides live sports, if those count?) and wow last night was a great episode! I’m also pumped for next week. I really hope Darrell gets back on the show. Also wouldn’t be mad about Jenna coming back because I actually really like her and Kailah, plus she’s pure comedy. The other people in redemption are so irrelevant to me that I can’t even remember who they are outside of Amanda, who I am not a fan of at all.

My question for you is whether you’ve ever considered to start a recap of sorts on your website for the Challenge – have you? Not sure if it’s something where you don’t want to mix work and play, or if you think your audience just isn’t into the Challenge or what, but I would personally love it. We used to have a guy years ago who recapped it but stopped after a few seasons. The demand just wasn’t there for it.

I’ve already sent you an email with podcast requests but man, I would LOVE to listen to a podcast between you, Bananas, Kenny and Evan. Or just Bananas. Or Bananas and Leroy. Can you sense a theme? Also a big fan of Derrick K and CT (obviously). I would listen to a podcast with any person from the franchise, though.

Congrats on another successful season of spoiling The Bachelor/ette!

Comment: You never know.

Hi Steve,

First of all I want to say that I am still really enjoying your podcasts. You do such a great job. I really enjoyed Jenny McCarthy and Ben F. in recent weeks, so sad that it was so short. For some reason I couldn’t get through Heather McDonalds. What inspired me to write in today was two things from your reader emails this week.

I noticed you put in a plug for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s TedEx talk, which I really enjoyed. I thought she was so candid and honest about the process.

Also, I don’t know if anybody has ever asked you this but if a newcomer bachelor nation was to go back and watch one old season, which one would you recommend? I liked how Jenny McCarthy was able to give you a recommendation on Real Housewives, thought I would ask a similar thing for Bachelor/Bachelorette. Brad 1.0 was good. Ashley’s was good as well I thought.

Also, I’m REALLY glad you clarified about Psychic Source. But at the same time, I feel like people are holding you to a way higher standard than other venues. Like if radio DJ was shilling psychic source or a $4000 mattress saying how much they loved it or how you should buy it, no one gives them flack if they don’t actually use the product.

Comment: I understand people are always gonna find something to complain about. Nothing I can do about it. If an advertiser is gonna pay me to advertise their product on my podcast because they know what my traffic is and it can help their product, and I myself think it’d be something listeners would be interested in, I’d be the biggest moron on the planet to turn it down. I’m telling you, advertisers are starting to come around on podcasts and sending money that way. They realize how big they’re becoming.

Hi Steve,

Big fan! Thank you for your intel on all things Bach Nation. I, for one, really appreciate all the information you share in your columns, week after week.

So Ashley I. does media for Clevver News on Youtube and lately she’s had a lot of previous Bachelor contestants on like Olivia, DLo, and Chase. Last week she had Sarah Vendal on and Ashley mentioned that she heard that her and Robby had a fling. Sarah denied it, said that they never dated, and that she only used to have a crush on him. However, she did say that they’ve made out before. Do you actually believe this, because I remember you saying that Sarah and Robby were “dating” (whatever that means anymore) before Bachelor in Paradise?

Comment: Just a crush? And just a make out? I think it was a little more than that.

Hi Steve, How stupid does ABC think we all are with their edits this season. The poor Peter attitude they are pushing is a runaway train in the after show interviews. Feels too obvious to have him as the next Batchelor. Im so over him and would like to see someone genuine get the role. It feels to me that he played Rachel just to get to the end and be the next lead for the franchise. Do you think we can start a campaign for a better lead? Who do you like for the next Lead, besides Peter. I heard in an interview Rachel said Alex. I also think Eric would be fun to watch, but doubt they would do two black people back to back in the show.. heck, I’d even take Luke. I sure hope something happens to sway America away from us having to watch Peter manipulate 25 women hearts… fame whore, NO Peter.

Comment: I just don’t see anyone with the appeal, the storyline, and the fan base that Peter has which would justify them giving it to someone else.

Hi Steve!

I’m sure you have been inundated with enough emails to last a lifetime about the Bachelor finale, so I wanted to talk about something different.

I have been a long time fan of the franchise, and I will admit, not a particular fan of yours until your podcast aired. I thought spoilers ruined the luster of the show, and for some reason I thought you were only out to try and sabotage the whole franchise (hang in there, I promise this ends well). When I came across your podcast while searching for other Bachelor related podcasts, I thought to myself- “oh THIS guy” insert eye roll. Of course, having never visited your site, I knew nothing about you! I was making a very unfair judgement, and I couldn’t have been more wrong about who you are, and what you do.

I decided to give your podcast a shot, and I absolutely fell in love with it. When Michelle Money interviewed you and we got to see the real you, I knew that I had been wrong the whole time. You’re not just some ruthless guy who sits on the couch eating hot Cheetos, licking the cheese off his fingers after every bite, while trying to ruin things for us or sabotage the franchise we all love. You are just giving us supplemental information, and calling things out for what they are! Quite frankly, I think you’re a god d@mn genius. You saw this opportunity years ago and jumped on it, and now you are infamous (the franchise’s “villain” we all love to love!!).

I tune into your podcasts religiously each week. I hang on your every word. I love hearing past contestants and you chat and just be normal. You are a strategical genius and I seriously commend you. The only request I have, since I don’t read your online spoilers until after the show airs (sorry, some things don’t change haha), is will you please continue to keep your podcast free of spoilers? You have done a phenomenal job of this and I can only hope it continues in this fashion for other listeners like me who absolutely love you but don’t love spoilers.

So basically, I just wanted to let you know that I’m so appreciative of the hard work you do to keep all of this going. Your laid back conversational attitude, honesty, and just authenticity is so appealing as a listener. Not that you really care, but I’m so sorry I ever judged you before I got to see the kind of respectable work you do. I know this email is long as hell and I honestly don’t care if it’s posted on your site. I just wanted to email you to let you know that I am so grateful for your presence in this crazy bachelor world, and that I think you’re amazing!!

Comment: Well thanks. I appreciate that. Hey, don’t judge a book by it’s cover I guess. I’m guilty of it myself sometimes. I think we all are. But I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcasts. That’s great to hear.

Now there are people saying they want Peter to be bachelor just so that Rachel would be upset. Mind boggling how they are so spiteful towards someone they don’t even know.

Comment: I blame their parents.

Yo RS…your level-headed thoughts on the Bachelorette outcome are appreciated. Your last couple of posts were like a “safe space” for sanity on the issue. Do you ever feel disturbed observing rabid social media attacks on people, or are you unaffected? Do you ever, as I do now, avoid the comment section? I’m affected to the point where I realize how many people who watch reality TV don’t live in reality and are clueless. So it’s disturbing to a certain extent. I can see that just on Twitter. I don’t read comment sections, message boards, etc. Waste of time.

I too suspect that Mr. Kraus used this season to get his own. Sure, I now don’t find him quite as likeable. But I guess it’s not an official offense to wanna be the bachelor. It might be a corny goal, but to each his own desires. How else was he supposed to achieve this other than get far on the bachelorette? Right? I guess he did shadily string Ms. Lindsay along, but that is the agenda-riddled show she knowingly signed up for, having already been in the arena on Mr. Viall’s season. Plus, she’s winning in other ways and she got the “glory” of being the lead, so that’s some cushioning for her. So, do you think it would be a ratings mistake for them to one day open the lead position up to newbies, so that there’s another way for someone to land it? It’s been 20 consecutive seasons without a newbie and it’s worked just fine. I don’t see any point in changing it up. These people aren’t dumb.

I agree he would make a good lead though, esp. if he could loosen up just a tad.

I get that people recoil from Mr. Abasolo because he constantly says that everything is going great and perfect – that makes someone look suspicious, or like he has no depth. But he sure was focused. He got it done honey. No one can accuse him of wanting to be the bachelor, at least not for the coming season. And he didn’t have drama or talk ish about anyone. Funny how many overlook that. Do you think his extreme affection woulda gotten more forgives if he (or editors?) had shown his complexities and insecurities? It’s possible.

Hope you indeed get Mr. Bigger on one day. What I find appealing about him are his observations and his natural commentary once he’s able to get comfortable. E.g. Dallas hotel: “If she hadn’t worn the watch…but she wore the watch, youseewhatImsayin?” You got any appreciated Bigger moments? I would love to have him on some day.

If you were unrecognizable and forced to go on The Bachelorette, would you bet that you could strategize a win, considering how well you know the workings?

Comment: It’s such an impossible hypothetical to answer because there’s too much history there to where it’s so unrealistic for it to ever be a thought in their head. Or mine.

Hi Steve! Just responding to this message in your viewer emails:

“Thanks, Steve, for another great spoiler season! You are absolutely the only reason I watch the show. You know how boring I find the actual show when I read the credits at the end. I noticed there are a ton of “executive producers”. Why is that? Is the executive producer who’s by himself on the screen more important than the others? And what’s with “co-executive producers”?

I work at a news station and we have several levels of producers: associate producers, producers, senior producers and executive producers. Associate producers are more entry level, producers and senior producers are more experienced and EPs are considered management.

I’m sure it works similarly on a filmed/edited reality show as it does in a news organization but we have several executive producers work each day with varying shifts. One will “lead” each half hour of a newscast and be the main point person for show producers for any questions/concerns/issues. Basically, it’s like a hierarchy to help the show run smooth.

For The Bachelor/ette, I’d assume similar to our newscast half hours, there’s probably an executive producer for each of the segments you see on TV during the show – maybe an EP at the mansion, one on one dates, group dates, etc. One could be EP in charge of of scouting locations or assuring all travel arrangements are properly done. One could be in charge of casting, another in charge of videographers/photographers. You get the idea. There’s many possibilities. Consider it like the manager of each department in a department store who the workers report to. That’s why there’s so many “co-executive producers” listed. Many could also be ABC executives or executives at the production company as well. And then to top it off, there’s a main Executive Producer (in news terms, it’s a News Director) who the department EPs report to and oversees the production as a whole over the entire crew to keep everything running smoothly. Hope that helps!

Comment: What they said. Sounds good I guess.

Hey Steve!

Thank you for another great season- I have a few things I have been wondering about, mainly regarding your podcasts.

You’ve mentioned that you’d like to have a few of Rachel’s guys on your podcast, but can’t at this time since they are under contract with the network, or what have you. Why are they able to go on other podcasts and discuss things from the season? If that were the case, many contestants would have already breached their contracts. Eric and Dean have both been on Ben and Ashley’s podcasts, and have been quite forthcoming with information from the season. Are there stipulations as to who they can and can’t talk to? My guess is because they’re doing podcasts of other former contestants. You know, keeping it in the family. But hey, maaaaaybe you’ll hear one sooner rather than later.

It seems like as soon as you became successful with interviewing contestants on podcasts, other contestants are now trying their hands at making money by podcasting (and many of them are NOT meant for radio interviews- some are painful to listen through!). Does that bother you? It seems like a battle as to who can get the most recent or best interviews. They also all have mostly the same sponsors, and seem to have to do sponsor commercials every few minutes. One thing I learned when I first started in radio: worry about yourself. I don’t care how many people from this franchise start a podcast. Good for them. I probably won’t listen, but it doesn’t mean I think they suck or something. I’m only concerned with my own podcast, and doing the best interview I can every week so that the audience gets things answered that I think they want to hear. That’s it. I don’t worry about what others say and do. Let them. I know what makes my podcast successful, and I’m going to keep doing it.

If I were Rachel, I’d be pissed at the format of the finale. No one was excited for her proposal AT ALL. I don’t think think they clapped or cheered for Bryan when he came out and asked for a re-marriage (?), not proposing again. How long do you give them on the lasting scale of 1-10? It’s tough. I think they’ll get 9-12 months, then get back to me.

Rachel also doesn’t want anyone in her top 4 to become the next bachelor. She mentioned that Alex would make a great bachelor. To see someone as clingy and selfish over the top 4 guys and not wanting happy endings for them on the show, I would think that would make Bryan mad. At this point, she should have wished them all well and said that all of them deserve their happy endings, however that comes about. It just looks bad on her to throw so much shade especially over Peter and Dean.

Thanks for all your hard work this season and every season, it’s my favorite way to decide whether or not to become invested in the season! =)

Comment: I don’t know why Rachel said Alex for next “Bachelor” in interviews when she knows full well there’s zero chance of that. Some will consider it shade. Maybe she was just doing something different since she knew Peter and Dean are who everyone was saying.

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  1. dixiedeltadeb

    August 16, 2017 at 4:48 PM

    I totally disagree with your view on Carly and Evans wedding. Neither one of them would have wanted the huge splashy wedding. They got what they wanted.

  2. pwaagg

    August 16, 2017 at 10:02 PM

    Re: your comment about producers being friends with contestants. This was actually on my mind a lot after seeing how many people from Bachelor nation were at Natalie Shabtai’s wedding. It really amazes me (especially after watching UnREAL) that any of these guys/gals could be friends with producers after their season is over. I’m sure it’s partially because they get sucked in and want to keep being chosen for these parts, but part of me wonders how legitimate these friendships are. And also how much of it is real/how much of it is manipulation. Just really seems kind of crazy to me and so disfunctional. I mean, I know uNREAL is “fiction”, but I think a lot of it is based on how things are really run in that world, and these people must know they’re being manipulated, right?!

  3. dogmomma

    August 17, 2017 at 6:58 AM

    I agree about Carly and Evan getting the wedding they wanted. I definitely can’t see them having an “over the top” wedding like Trista or Catherine. The wedding was refreshingly unique to them.

  4. RaRa

    August 17, 2017 at 11:45 AM

    If they do include cast members from Bachelor franchises around the world in the Bachelor Winter Games, then there better be money (like in Bachelor Pad) at the end of it, and not just the “there for another chance to find love” as in BIP; long-distance relationships are tough enough without expecting people to carry on romantic relationships after the show with people who live on the other side of the globe. The best anyone could hope for would be some showmance hook-ups.

  5. RaRa

    August 17, 2017 at 11:51 AM

    As for Peter’s “I’m just not ready to make a decision” stance which he had on Rachel’s season, I always got the feeling that it was his way of saying “I believe the system can work, but I’m just not sure YOU are the one for me.” Whether he was being kind or whether he was too wishy-washy to admit he just wasn’t into Rachel enough by the end of filming to say for sure that he could see a lifelong commitment with her.

  6. missmanners

    August 17, 2017 at 3:39 PM

    That sit down was a joke and I don’t mean funny ha ha. The minute they said the producers don’t manipulate them and called them their friends…I went, yeah okay. Waste of airtime. BIP has run its course. Bring on Winter Games.

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