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Bachelor in Paradise 4

“Bachelor in Paradise 4” Episode 1 Recap, “Baby Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 2, & Executives Speak on the Franchise

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Another season of “Bachelor in Paradise” is among us. With that brings us fun, excitement, drama, a lot of tears and…oh yeah, the inevitable “Hey, do you have any spoilers for BIP this year” emails and tweets that I got last night. So even though they’ve been up a month and I’ve linked to them numerous times since then, hey, here you go. Your episode-by-episode spoilers for this season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which you can also find by going to the navigation bar up top, going to “TV Shows,” then “Bachelor in Paradise 4”, etc. In the beginning of doing BIP spoilers, I used to get info on what they actually did on the date, but since the show doesn’t care to ever show us more than 5 minutes, I figured why bother? Just the basics of who went out with who should be good enough now. And with filming this season being shorter than previous ones, I expected even less interesting and creative dates and, well, yep. That’s exactly what we got last night. Hooray production! Mailing it in on vacation!

Recording Episode #3 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast this week with Sharleen Joynt. So if you still have a relationship/marriage/sex/dating question and you want on the show, it’s not too late. Contact me or Sharleen, and as long as you have Skype and availability at night this week, we can get it done. Episode #3 will post next Thursday. The podcast guest this week is none other than Lace Morris. She certainly knows what it’s like to go through the “Bachelor in Paradise” bubble as she was engaged for a hot minute from it. Ok, 5 months, but who’s counting? Look for that on Thursday. I’m pretty excited about next week’s guest as well but I don’t want to jinx anything.

Really no easy transition into this story. I’m sure a lot of you have heard by now what happened to Vienna. If you haven’t, she announced on Sunday in a Facebook post that she had miscarried her twins. Horrible tragedy and there’s really nothing else you can say to something like that other than thoughts and prayers are with her as she goes through this difficult time. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now.

Episode #2 of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Baby Bachelor in Paradise” ran last night during his show. Here it is in case you missed it:

We got a little bit of clarity of how the rest of “Bachelor in Paradise” will play out as two executives from the show spoke out to give interviews. So it does look like it will air every Monday and Tuesday from now until Sept. 12th. There will be no “After Paradise,” and they fully expect to come back next season. Two good interviews posted yesterday. First was with Executive Producer Martin Hilton, who seemed to clarify they never thought there was any wrongdoing in the DeMario/Corinne situation. They still needed to take the correct measures to be safe. But you read that and you realize, this ended up being a much bigger deal than they ever thought it was.

Also Robert Mills, a guy you’ve heard me talk a lot about in this column, who is the head of all Alternative Programming for ABC, did a pretty in depth interviewing on all things “Bachelor/ette/Paradise” related that you should read . Very transparent about certain things regarding the franchise, where it’s headed, and a little glimpse into what they’re thinking for “Winter Games” (Other “Bachelor” countries contestants? Great).

And finally the poll question for today surrounds the DeMario/Corinne footage, or lack thereof, from last night:



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