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Bachelor in Paradise 4 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Rachel Epsiode 7 Mini-Recap & Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

“Bachelor in Paradise 4” Spoilers

-The show started filming June 3rd before stopping filming on June 5th for the DeMario/Corinne incident. Filming resumed on June 24 and completed on July 4th. I’m assuming we will get the first three days of filming as part of this season (because it had three 1-on-1 dates in it), but nothing’s confirmed as of yet. I just can’t imagine they just completely disregard those first three days. So in total, the show had 14 days of filming, which is only 4 days less than it normally films for. It was filmed at the same location as the last two seasons, Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico.

-Not counting DeMario and Corinne, there are 30 different former contestants who appear at some point this season. Last season had 30, the season before had 29. Season 1 had 25.

-To break it down even further, 21 of the 30 were from the two most recent seasons that aired, Nick and Rachel’s. 12 of Nick’s girls and 9 of Rachel’s guys.

-As reported here first, Wells was the bartender for the duration of the show. He didn’t go on any dates.

-Carly and Evan’s wedding was filmed June 17th. It will air at some point during this BIP season. I’m sure ABC will make an announcement in the future as to when it’ll be.

-When they returned to film after the break for the investigation, the show started with 8 girls and 11 guys. They were:

Danielle Maltby (Nick’s season)
Raven Gates (Nick)
Alexis Waters (Nick)
Lacey Mark (Nick)
Kristina Schulman (Nick)
Taylor Nolan (Nick)
Jasmine Goode (Nick)
Amanda Stanton (Ben’s season & BIP 3)

Original Cast Guys:

Vinny Ventiera (JoJo’s season & BIP 3)
Alex Woytkiw (JoJo)
Robby Hayes (JoJo)
Nick “St. Nick” Benvenutti (JoJo)
Derek Peth (JoJo)
Iggy Rodriguez (Rachel’s season)
Jack Stone (Rachel)
Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland (Rachel)
Matt Munson (Rachel)
Dean Unglert (Rachel)
Ben Zorn (Kaitlyn’s season)

So everybody that was there when filming was halted came back, sans DeMario and Corinne.

Before filming was stopped, I had already told you of 3 dates that took place:

-Kristina with Dean
-Robby with Raven
-Matt and Jasmine

The DeMario/Corinne incident took place on day 1, but filming was halted and everyone was sent home right before the first rose ceremony took place. When everyone returned to Mexico, they all had a sit down and talk with Chris Harrison about the incident, the new “rules” were explained (only 2 drinks an hour, both parties have to inform producers if they are going to spend the night together in the same room), and this talk went on for hours. It’s possible the talk with Chris will be it’s own episode. Not much is known how the format of the show will work or what will air, but I’m guessing we’ll see all their arrivals and those three dates that took place before filming got shut down, we’ll see everyone arrive back in Mexico, then the group sit down with Chris Harrison. Consensus seemed to be that the cast felt bad for both parties involved, but definitely more on DeMario’s side in that they didn’t feel he did anything wrong.

It’s tough to say how many episodes are going to air and if it’s still going to air over 6 weeks, so all I’m doing is labeling each “episode” by it’s rose ceremony since they love doing “To Be Continued’s…” and stuff like that. So I’ll just break everything down by rose ceremonies.

The next day, Adam Gottschalk (Rachel’s season) arrived, and went on a date with Raven. This one:

Also, Derek went on a date with Taylor

Rose Ceremony #1: (Women giving out roses)

Jasmine gave her rose to Matt
Raven to Adam
Alexis to Jack
Lacey to Diggy
Kristina to Dean
Danielle to Ben Z.
Amanda to Robby
Taylor to Derek

Eliminated this episode: Vinny Venteria, Alex Woytkiw, Iggy Rodriguez, and Nick Benvenutti.

Rose Ceremony #2: (Women asking dates, Men giving out roses)

Women (12): Jasmine, Raven, Alexis, Lacey, Kristina, Danielle, Amanda, and Taylor. The four women entering are: Danielle Lombard (Nick’s season), Sarah Vendal (Nick), Christen Whitney (Nick), Dominique Alexis (Nick).
Men (8): Matt, Adam, Jack, Diggy, Dean, Ben Z., Robby, and Derek.


DLo with Dean
Sarah with Adam
Christen with Matt
Dominique with Diggy

This is the episode where the Dean/Kristina/DLo love triangle essentially begins. Dean basically likes both of them. Was with Kristina from the word go, they spent time together after filming was stopped, they go back to film, DLo arrives, they go on a date and, well, all hell breaks loose. This will be the biggest drama of the season.

Danielle Maltby left during this episode because she had an opportunity to go to Africa for some charity work. She’s been posting about this on her social media ever since she left.

Rose Ceremony: Daniel Maguire (JoJo’s season, BIP 3) arrived at the rose ceremony. Talked to people at the cocktail party, then gave out his rose.

Jack gave his rose to Christen
Robby to Amanda
Diggy to Dominique
Dean to Kristina
Ben Z. to DLo
Adam to Raven
Derek to Taylor
Daniel to Lacey
Matt left at the cocktail party, then came back to the rose ceremony and gave his rose to Jasmine, then left the show for good. Not sure of the reason why.

Eliminated this episode: Danielle Maltby left during the episode for a charity trip in Africa. Alexis Waters and Sarah Vendal don’t get roses at the rose ceremony.



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