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Bachelor in Paradise 4 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Rachel Epsiode 7 Mini-Recap & Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

A little bit lighter again on the recap this week for two reasons: 1) Your “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers are finally here! And 2) The episode was boring a f**k. Sorry. It just was. There was no drama, no suspense, we all knew what was coming, and at this point, I think even every unspoiled person out there knows this is a two man race to see who wins between Peter and Bryan. The haters are still praying that I was played and that Peter is actually the winner. And people with half a brain realize that they should probably listen to the updated spoiler from over a month ago and realize that Rachel is engaged to Bryan. Again, not much else I can tell ya’ in regards to why the spoiler was wrong for 3 weeks, but just know it was, it was corrected, I’m thankful it was corrected, and her with Bryan makes a TON of more sense. But hey, they’ll try and sell you a bill of goods as much as they can up until that final day making you think it’ll be Peter in the end, but you saw the cracks forming last night. He’s not the one unfortunately Peter fans. You’re gonna have to pin your hopes that he’ll take the “Bachelor” gig at this point. He checks off every box for them. I know they want him, and I’m assume he wants it too. We’re still over a month away from the official announcement but I’d be pretty shocked if he doesn’t take the gig.

So I’ve changed it up this week on the podcast. I told you it was coming at some point, but for the first time since I started the podcast 7 months ago, we don’t have a “Bachelor” franchise contestant as the guest. My guest this week is comedian Heather McDonald. You know her from being a writer and a panelist on “Chelsea Lately” along with her Netflix/Showtime stand up special “Heather McDonald: I’m Not Here To Brag.” I actually am on Heather’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast today that you can listen to here:

So I figured if Heather had me on, I’d have her on. Two completely different interviews. Loved talking to Heather about her career. We get into the Chelsea Handler controversy, we talk about her upbringing, and I even get her to do a few of her famous impressions. I loved doing this interview and I hope you like it so look for it on Thursday. Next week, back to the “Bachelor” franchise as a somewhat polarizing figure from the past will be my guest. This will be interesting for sure.

Speaking of podcasts, those that missed it on my Twitter feed Friday, I gave my thoughts in regards to Nick appearing on Juliet Litman’s podcast last week. Here’s the interview link:

Look, I honestly don’t have much of a problem with what Nick said overall. I didn’t think he was that harsh on me. However, he’s 100% wrong saying I harassed his dad. I definitely take issue with that. Since he’s airing out, let me tell you what actually happened. While Andi’s season was filming, Nick’s dad contacted ME first. Basically their family was very naïve to the process and didn’t know what to expect. All I did was fill his dad in on things, which is ironic, because one of the things I told him was about producer manipulation and just be prepared for how they can make anyone look on this show, including his son. Think Nick got the greatest edit on Andi’s season? No. So what I told him ended up being true. But I absolutely never harassed that guy about anything. I even went back and looked over all the emails me and Chris Viall had in 2014. It was about as tame and innocent as you can get. So I don’t know what Chris told Nick, or if Nick misinterpreted things, but I have all the emails. There was no harassment whatsoever, so just wanted to make that clear.

Nick and I have differing opinions on this show. I agree with a lot of what he says. There’s some stuff I disagree with too. And that’s fine. My biggest regret in anything I’ve ever reported about Nick was having that Abby girl on my podcast back in December. At the time, I believed it to be legit, but when three people came to me afterwards explaining what a nut job she was (Nick covered this in his podcast with Juliet), then I knew she was cray cray. At the time, all I did was ignore it. I never brought her up again or gave any credence to what she said. So if makes him or anyone happy, I actually deleted that podcast over the weekend. There’s no point to leave it up. So my apologies to Nick on that one. Everything else I’ve ever reported about the guy, I stand by 100%. My job is to cover the “Bachelor” franchise. I’m going to have opinions about everyone on this show. That’s what I do. I’m allowed to have opinions on people I haven’t met. His stance that basically people shouldn’t have opinions on people they haven’t met is kinda ridiculous. That’s basically what all of the internet is. If you don’t like it, don’t put yourself out there. Not to mention, I know things about people that help me form those opinions. I’m not just spouting off based on what I see on TV. I’d say my opinions are based in a little more truth, no? Nick is a lightning rod in this franchise. So of course I’m gonna have more opinions and things about him than say, oh I don’t know, someone who was eliminated episode 2. He’s got to develop a thicker skin is basically what it comes down to.

You see that Rachel was part of the MLB Celebrity Softball Game at All-Star weekend in Miami? You know, Bryan lives in Miami don’t you? Just sayin’. I have no idea if they secretly met up or not, but I wouldn’t put it past them if I did. I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have at some point.

For today’s poll question, what do you think of Rachel and Peter’s connection now?

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