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Geez, almost been a week since the last post. But then again, when there wasn’t a show on Monday, no need for a recap on Tuesday. That’s now twice this season that they didn’t have a show on Monday due to scheduling. Makes this season feel a tad disjointed, no? The ratings don’t suggest otherwise since it’s doing it’s normally solid summer numbers. Compared to previous seasons, it hasn’t been any better or worse. Been pretty steady compared to other seasons, which just goes to show that their fan base is about as loyal as you can get. When you’re this far into your franchise of 15 years and 34 seasons and still pulling the numbers that they are, it’s a pretty incredible feat. There just aren’t shows that last this long on television, scripted or otherwise. So it’s a testament to the franchise that regardless of if you’re really just watching the same thing every season with different people, people are still tuning in. With that said, it’ll be interesting to see what numbers “Bachelor in Paradise” draws this summer. I actually think the first episode will get an uptick from past seasons just for the sole purpose of people want to see exactly how they handle the DeMario and Corinne situation. At this point, we just don’t know how they’re gonna do it, but I suspect we’ll know shortly.

As for BIP, filming either ended yesterday or today after resuming filming on the 24th. If you follow at all on social media, tons of them are already posting they’re home, so not much secrecy going on there. If you add everything up, assuming they end today, that’s 11 days of filming after production shut down PLUS the three days of filming they already had in the can. So a total of 14 days of filming, which doesn’t seem like a lot. But remember, the previous 3 BIP seasons were only 18 days of filming. So is there really THAT much of a difference to get an engagement in 18 days as opposed to 14? I don’t think so. I fully expect we’ll get at least one engagement this season. People already seem to think it won’t happen because production is shorter. Please. This is much more about people looking for an opportunity to extend their 15 minutes than it is about thinking they’re going to spend the rest of their life with someone. So that’s why an engagement after 14 days isn’t that big of deal. Because the engagement isn’t really the story. It’s two people capitalizing on whatever they can for as long as they can. I’m already hearing rumblings that there were people who interested in getting engaged at the end just for that very reason. Lets see if it plays out.

Tomorrow’s podcast guest is former “Bachelor” contestant Lauren Himle, one of the four Lauren’s that was on Ben Higgins season. I had a little fun at Lauren’s expense while she was on Ben’s season constantly talking about her midwestern accent and, well, bland sex life. Oh trust me, we address both of those tomorrow. Not to mention that little radio interview she did after Nick was named the “Bachelor” where she threw him under the bus for dumping her best friend Jen Saviano. All of that is discussed and more tomorrow. I think you’ll like this one as well.

Since there was no new episode this week and yesterday was a holiday, not as many “Reader Emails” to get to today. If you have any “Dr. Reality Steve” emails for tomorrow, if you get them in today I can guarantee they’ll be in tomorrow’s since right now I only have one. Enjoy…

Reader Emails

So I listened to the Brain Candy pod you were on (I’m glad it was just Suzie interviewing you btw) and I’ve always sided with you not writing a book and outing your sources… but what if you did it Blind Item style? Just share some of the interesting stories that you have without giving up what season it took place. Just short stories that are fun or crazy. I think your fans would enjoy it & it might not take up a ton of time during off seasons. Or you could do a blind item feature on days that your blog gets less traffic? I’ve thought about it, but if I’m never going to give the reveals, do you realize how many people would be infuriated by that? I’d need to give it more thought, but that’s the first thought I had.

Also after listening to Joe Bailey’s interview I could see how he’s not as bad as he was made out to be and it was nice of him to apologize about what happened with Juelia. BUT one thing that stood out as super odd that I wanted to get your thoughts on was what he said about Jared. He claimed that Jared cried because he told a lie about Joe then apologized to him. A girl in my sorority did something similar and completely made up a story saying my good friend was upset & cried about someone’s behavior not representing Dee Gee’s reputation (Sorority drama is so legit lol) 100% a lie. But it seems like a classic line to get people to change their view on something. So that’s why it stuck out to me and also Jared doesn’t seem like that kind of guy, if you have him on I’d like his take on that.

Comment: I’m already forgetting that part of what Joe said. Mainly because I I didn’t remember that part of the episode 2 years ago. But if I ever get Jared on I’ll ask him.

Hi Steve

Can you answer if the Bachelorette actually get paid ? I had read they do but have several that argue they don’t. Please help solve this

Comment: The lead? Yes. DeAnna got paid a whopping $10k to be the “Bachelorette” as she admitted on last week’s podcast. She probably should’ve negotiated harder and got more since everyone since her has.

Do you think bachelorette couples have a better chance?

Comment: Going by the track record, yes. Of all the Bachelor Nation couples that are married, only one is from the “Bachelor,” – Sean and Catherine. And before everyone chimes in with Jason and Molly, please, we’ve been over this 1,000 times. Jason isn’t married to the final girl he chose. Only Sean is in 21 seasons of the show.

The “Bachelorettes” have been much more successful in terms of marriage and, if you even look at the ones that broke up, they even usually last longer. You’ve got two current ones that have each been together over a year – Kaitlyn and JoJo. So even if they don’t end up getting married, you don’t usually see “Bachelor” couples stay together that long.

My first time asking a question! Woooo

Usually I just read, but it’s so random that I’m not sure it will be asked.

After Kenny left Rachel he walked down the hall and all the doors had a bag on them. Any idea what that’s about?

I wish I had a meatier question for my first time, but I just saw and wanted to know!

You are awesome!

Comment: Geez, I didn’t even notice that, so I have no clue.

Hi Steve!

I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog ever since Ben Flajnik’s season. Thank you for all you do for the Bachelor fandom! Your spoilers and inside scoop on the contestants breathe a new life into this franchise.

I’ve never emailed you before so bear with me; I have many questions for you.

1. You mentioned in a previous post that Dean is Jef’s neighbor. Did Jef introduce Dean to Bachelor producers for him to be recruited? Also, did Dean and Kristina know each other before he was on Rachel’s season, given that he was Jef’s neighbor and Kristina dated Jef? I don’t know.

2. I’m curious as to why Sarah Vendal posted on Instagram that she was off of Paradise. Wouldn’t it be a breach of her contract to knowingly spoil that she was eliminated? Pretty much everyone that’s been eliminated has been posting on social media, so obviously the producers are much more lenient when it comes to this show.

3. When will Jared Haibon be on your podcast? I thought that you had mentioned him as an upcoming guest.

Comment: I never mentioned him as an upcoming guest. He may be at some point. Or not.

I hope this makes it in to reader emails, but do you know why the producers changed up the editing since last season? Why are Rose ceremonies in the middle of the episode? And do you like this switch up? They’ve been doing this for 3 or 4 years now. This is nothing new.

Do you think the Corrine/Demario thing will play out when the season airs? Seems like it would be weirder to pretend it didn’t happen, and the show wouldn’t give up an opportunity for ratings. I mean the filmed and aired the reaction to a former contestants death on Andi’s season, doesn’t seem like anything is off limits. Not show footage, but just a solo of Chris Harrison discussing what happened. It will definitely be talked about. In what form, I have no idea yet.

Do you think race played a role in why the 2 female producers thought the sexual encounter was inappropriate. I haven’t seen the footage but it just seems weird a producer would complain, when just last season Chad and Lace were clearly intoxicated in a hot tub hooking up. I’d imagine this encounter was similar. Only difference is there is a deep rooted history of black men being viewed as predatory towards white women. Impossible for me to say.

Do you think Corinne will be black listed by the franchise now?

Thanks for answering!

Comment: Blacklisted? I don’t think so. And I would say I’d be shocked if they associate themselves with her anymore, but at this point, you can’t rule anything out.

Hey Steve,

I don’t consistently follow each year’s blogs from the bachelor/bachelorette leads and Chris Harrison but I have not seen any blogs for this series from either Rachel nor Chris. Am I missing them? Is this the 1st time they have omitted writing their thoughts on episodes? I’d really love to hear Rachel’s perspective now that she’s seeing the tapes of Lee and Kenny.

Comment: No, I just haven’t been good at including them in columns like in past seasons. I’ll try to do a better job going forward.


Was it just me, or did the blood on Kenny’s face look fake? He’s a professional wrestler, so presumably smearing fake blood on himself is nothing new, but I really thought in this case it looked noticeably fake. When I first saw in the previews during episode 1 I thought it was fake. But since both ended up bleeding and wearing bandages, I guess it was real. The point of the whole thing was as much as they teased it, the pay off wasn’t nearly what they were hoping. They wanted everyone to think it was from a punch when clearly that wasn’t it.

Ali Fedotowsky once wrote on her blog that the producers will set up a two-on-one date when the lead is ambivalent about two contestants and doesn’t care if either one of them goes home. So essentially getting assigned to a two-on-one is a death sentence to your long-term prospects on the show, because at that moment it should be clear that you’ll never have a shot at the final rose. And yet Bachelorette contestants seem to treat it like a steel-cage match; the winner gets to thump his chest and boast about how he got rid of the other guy. (Maybe he’ll go back to the hotel and collect high-fives if he took down a villain, like Alex W. did after Chad got dumped last year.) But the “winner” is not really a winner at all; he gets tossed soon afterward. It usually makes the winner seem clueless; Kenny is the latest example of this.

Comment: Pretty much. But then again, it’s a TV show. No guy or girl going on a 2-on-1 as long as this show is on the air is ever gonna say in an ITM, “Well, I heard anyone who goes on a 2-on-1 is obviously someone the lead isn’t all that into, so I’m screwed.” People just go along with it for TV purposes.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write again anytime soon, and I know this won’t make it until next week’s batch, but I’ve seen so many comments about that radio interview with Shawn and Kaitlyn and I wanted to give some insight.

It wasn’t AS dramatic as the people are telling you, in my opinion, but it was pretty awkward. You can just tell they are over talking about Nick and the way the guy brought it up was actually in a way that insulted Kaitlyn, and was kinda a low blow to be honest.

I’m wondering why you haven’t mentioned this, being that your background is in radio… but it’s probably because you didn’t watch it. Most celebrities/interviewees have contracts, or “riders,” which state stipulations about their interviews/appearances. My first thought is, they said they did not want to answer any questions about Nick, and then it was brought up anyway. They were obviously there to talk about CityStrong and how they were giving proceeds to charity. Not to be called out on her sleeping with Nick…again. I’ve seen many interviews where the interviewer blatantly goes against an off-air agreement on a live show and the celebrity is caught off guard… and then kinda forced to come across as rude/the bad guy. I think it’s shitty journalism and unfortunately very common. I’d hate for Kaitlyn and Shawn to be portrayed as the bad guys because of it if that is the case…

My question to you is, have you ever witnessed that happening when you worked in radio? Whats your opinion on off-air agreements regarding interview topics?

Also, do you ever have agreements about off-limits topics with your podcast guests? Would you ever go rogue to get their response anyway?

Thanks in advance for answering!!

Comment: Good stuff. Lets clarify a few things though. Yes, there are celebrities that have “riders,” and there are celebrities that won’t agree to do interviews unless they see the list of questions first. BUT, we’re talking A-list celebrities. Reality “stars” have zero pull when it comes to doing interviews about what they can and can’t talk about, because for the most part, they WANT to be on air to promote themselves. So they’ll never made demands on questions, and if they do, they’re idiots.

As for me, none of my guests have ever asked beforehand what I’m going to be asking them, or said they wouldn’t answer certain things. And if they did and said, “I’m not doing the podcast if you ask this,” then I just wouldn’t have them on. C’mon. You’re a reality TV contestant. Please. No question is too big for you to answer. No topic is off limits with me. If they happen to not like the question, or don’t want to answer it, they can skirt around it. But I’m going to ask it.

Saw this blind…

“What if you threw a reality show… and the contestants didn’t show up?

That’s the position this controversial reality show is in. Much of the original cast has abandoned ship, and the producers are now offering “bonuses” of up to $10K in cash in order to get returning or new contestants just to show up.

Furthermore, that dollar amount may double if they can’t fully cast the show in the next week!”

Comment: Well obviously all that is a load of crap considering almost every contestant who was out there at the beginning of filming went back. And no, they weren’t offering bonuses either. Nice of that site to basically post whatever they want with no repercussions. Well, other than the fact your credibility gets shot when you post uninformed mess like that.



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