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Bachelor in Paradise 4

“Bachelor in Paradise 4” Episode 3 Recap Incl “Bachelor” and “Winter Games” News

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Adam & Raven

Adam (and Adam Jr) joined the show and immediately Adam had a choice between two girls, Kristina and Raven. He admitted he’d spent time with Raven in Dallas while filming was shut down, sooooooo, there was really no suspense on who he’d ask out on the date. The weird thing about this date is they never actually showed what they did, did they? All we saw was them ordering margaritas and talking. Did they ever show them dancing that was caught on social media that day?

If they showed that part, my apologies. I could’ve zoned out. I could’ve fast forwarded. Or I could’ve possibly not given two sh**s. We all know where this is headed with these two, so what they actually did on the date is somewhat in consequential.

Not to be outdone in all this, is Ben Z. still back at the beach telling us how much he wants Raven…and more about his dog. Sorry bud. You got thrown under the proverbial editing bus this season as they continually either show you talking about your dog, or repeating a voiceover where you talked about him. I mean, I guess he did get a make out with her early on and was set to get her rose before the shutdown happened. So he did have some hope given to him early on, but once Adam and Raven hung out in Dallas over the shutdown, Ben Z. was Done Z. He had no chance at that point.

Dean, Kristina, and DLo

Oh this is gonna be a fun love triangle for the remainder of the season now, isn’t it. The morning after the rose ceremony, DLo arrived to a bunch of horny guys’ mouths dropping. Make no mistake, she is gorgeous, but they sure acted like they’d never seen an attractive girl before. Adam had just had a hot date with Raven and he’s slobbering all over himself seeing DLo arrive. One thing working against DLo, at least on that first day – the humidity. I always love to see how people cool themselves in sweltering heat. DLo couldn’t stop fanning herself with the date card, which was rather humorous since, well, it was a date card. It was probably over 100 degrees with that humidity and here she is trying to cool herself off with a 5 x 7 index card. My guess is that didn’t work whatsoever. Good effort though.

When DLo came in, it was between two guys – at least what we were shown. She pulled Ben and Dean aside. Take a wild guess at who she chose. Dean! And they got to go ATV riding. If only DLo knew then what she knows now, she probably could’ve used that ATV to send him flying over the handrails then ran him over once or ten times. But alas, that did not happen, they had a fun day on the ATV’s, then enjoyed some nice private time while she fanned herself continuously and he played with his hair the whole conversation. It was riveting stuff I tell ya’. Then they made out. Well, at least from what we saw they made out. Apparently Dean’s interpretation is completely different when later on that night, he returned to talk to Kristina and proceeded to tell her two lies about that date:

1) There was no romance involved
2) They only had a “little peck.”
He also mentioned to DLo on the date that he and Kristina were pumping the brakes and dating other people, which is essentially the complete opposite of what he told Kristina. Yeah, you see where this is going.

There’s that saying of “having your cake and eating it too,” and Dean is taking that literally. Like, there’s a part of me that knows the producers were fully aware Dean was playing both of these women and that’s the EXACT reason why they had him bring out a cake for DLo’s half birthday. The irony isn’t lost upon me I tell ya’. This will continue for a bit longer and then the sh** will hit the fan. I’m more excited for the live reunion show at the end of this thing to see what he has to say for himself, and if Kristina and DLo absolutely tear into him. All I know right now is Dean is playing the field and isn’t serious with either one of them. And that’s his prerogative to do whatever the hell he wants. It also is probably gonna come with some consequences. Something I’m sure he doesn’t either quite grasp, or, doesn’t care about. Which shows you his level of immaturity when it comes to what’s happening.

These were literally the only 6 people that were focused on last night. Raven/Adam/Ben & Dean/DLo/Kristina. No other relationship was even mentioned outside of roses being given at the rose ceremony. At least tonight we’ll get a couple more dates to see and it’ll start causing some tension when Sarah goes out with Adam (a guy she’d hooked up with in Dallas before the show), Dominique with Diggy, and Christen takes out Jack. However, I don’t know if all three of those make tonight’s episode since they’re running DeMario’s sit down with Chris Harrison.

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