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Bachelor in Paradise 4

“Reader Emails,” “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 4 Recap & An Update on Some BIP Couples

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Man, last night was kinda all over the map, no? For those that are curious, that studio show we saw in the second hour last night with some of the BIP cast, Carly & Evan, and then the DeMario sit down, was taped back on August 5th. So is the Corinne sit down we’ll see next week. All taped on the same day even though Chris says, “and next week we’ll hear from Corinne.” No, it was all done on the same day back two Saturdays ago. Hence the reason they couldn’t mention at the time that Tanner and Jade had a baby girl because they just delivered this past weekend. And DeMario I think has done about 417 interviews saying the same exact thing as he’s said all along, so his sit down didn’t really shed any new light on anything. But yeah, that whole second hour was two weeks old, so just keep that in mind as to why some of the things happened the way they did. They really got burned by two things; 1) Tanner and Jade having their baby this past weekend and 2) Evan and Carly announcing the sex of their baby a few days ago. Pretty much made that part of the show irrelevant. But Corinne’s should be interesting considering she’s the one person we haven’t heard directly from in all of this. Lets hope she gets more time than they gave DeMario.

Ok, before we get to the recap of last night and then “Reader Emails,” wanted to point out that probably 10 of the “Reader Emails” you see today at some point in the email included the question, “Hey, so what’s going on with Danielle and Wells now? Are they dating?” I removed those from all those emails because I don’t think you wanted to hear me give the same answer 10 times in the same column. I’m going to answer it for you right now: Nothing. They are not dating. They are just friends. Even appeared at an event together last night. But they are not dating. I’m sure your next question is, “Why not? They seem like such a great couple yada yada yada.” What I can tell you is that whole kiss goodbye thing was pretty much done for television. They are friends, have been for a while, they are close, but that was more done to get people talking than it was about them actually starting a relationship. I’m sure that will disappoint some of you, but I’m just giving you the reality behind it. So there. Now you know.

As for others, here’s what I know:

Adam & Raven – still together. Were in San Francisco together this past weekend.
Derek & Taylor – attached at the hip.
Daniel & Lacey – bhahahahahahahahahahhaha. Please. Daniel is looking out for Daniel. Zero interest in a relationship with Lacey.
Amanda & Robby – still see each other as evidenced by their social media. No idea what that means in this world, she claims he’s never met the kids, but Amanda saw the evidence from what happened at the Zac Brown Band concert in CO a couple weeks ago and still continues to hang out with the guy. Make of that what you will.
Other couples – none that I know of.

Since we only got an hour of the actual show last night before we went to the pre-taped studio segment, not a whole hell of a lot happened. Here are my thoughts:

-Sarah arrived and went straight for Adam because during the shutdown, Raven told us that when she hung out with Adam in Dallas, so did Sarah…and Raven woke up one morning to see Adam and Sarah snuggling. Ummmm, does this make them Eskimo sisters now? Raven says she’s completely fine with whatever Sarah does as I’m sure she figured Sarah would go after Adam. I mean, they usually only bring people in who they know will get in the middle of two people already “dating” to cause tension. Hence the reason Sarah came on the show.

-I think the funniest part of Adam and Sarah’s date is Adam having to reshoot the part of the ITM where he called Sarah “Rachel.” So for those that think this show is organic and they just hit record and whatever happens happens? Ummmm, not quite. Obviously they wouldn’t leave a clip in there of him saying Rachel when it’s not Rachel’s season, but you get my point.

-The Adam/Sarah talk and subsequent make out had to make Raven a little squirmy, no? Even though we know where everything stands right now, certainly looked like Adam was enjoying his cake and eating it too last night probably knowing full well he’d stick with Raven. Sarah was about as blunt as she could be over dinner with Adam…and he still ended up going with Raven. So there you go.

-Lacey sure had herself a night. We get numerous scenes of her pouting, wanting to leave, not thinking she’d get a rose blah blah blah to “Oh, here’s a date card for Lacey!” She takes Diggy horseback riding on the beach, then to a romantic picnic on the sand where Jorge’s parents made him. How lovely. Thank you Jorge for that bit of knowledge. You certainly know how to kill Diggy’s boner. Now scram so these two can heavy pet each other.

-For those unaware, Lacey strictly went on the show for Daniel. They had hooked up before the show and she was after him and no one else. And just like many previous BIP relationships before her and certainly more after her, Lacey was much more interested in dating Daniel than he was into dating her. We’ve seen Daniel’s act. He’s on the show for comedic relief and to build his brand. His “Millionaire Matchmaker” episode with Vinny was filmed before he left for Paradise, but in the end, all Daniel wants to do is be on TV. That’s it. So whatever he told Lacey pre-show was to sucker her in. Because I know for a fact Daniel was asking other people before Paradise if they wanted to couple up. So unfortunately Lacey picked the wrong dude. Womp Woooooooomp.

-Ladies and gentleman, last night believe or not, it became the Diggy Moreland show! He got more airtime last night than he had in 3 episodes of Rachel’s season. He was everywhere. Horseback riding with Lacey, making out in Jorge’s parents love making spot, and then Dominique comes in and asks him on a date. Immediately Diggy felt like he was saved telling Dominique about his relationship with Lacey: “We’re on two different wavelengths.” I’m sure that made Lacey feel all tingly inside.

-As for the in studio show that took up the last hour, if that wasn’t further proof that there isn’t a single individual production is in love with from this franchise right now than Raven, I don’t know what is. And it’s not even close. She’s their golden girl right now, that’s for sure. She’s everywhere front and center in regards to any talk regarding this season. She was in attendance at Rachel’s ATFR, she was the first person to arrive in Paradise, they gave her the most airtime during the fireside chat last week when cast returned, etc. It’s quite obvious she can do no wrong in their eyes, and as I said yesterday, if for whatever reason there’s no good candidates to come out of the next “Bachelor” season, she is absolutely a consideration for them.

-I mean, is there really much more to say. First starting off with Evan and Carly, man, taping that in advance sure didn’t do them any favors. We knew they were pregnant, and then to run a fake ultrasound (Ashley & JP’s was fake, so I’m assuming theirs was too) and not be able to detect the sex of the baby even though they announced they were having a girl just a few days ago, fell pretty flat. The only thing was a waste of time.

-If DeMario hadn’t already done numerous, and longer, interviews with many other outlets before last night, I would’ve said that was appointment viewing. But he had already. Did he say one thing different last night than we hadn’t heard him say in any of his numerous interviews? No would be the correct answer. And he got (minus commercials), 10 minutes of airtime. So again, more time to kill with stuff we already knew.

-Not DeMario’s fault, but ABC playing up that interview like it was groundbreaking or shocking was the hype machine at its best. I mean, it got so bad, Chris Harrison sat on that couch last night and even said “speaking for the first time on this…” then they ran a clips and even showed part of his E! sit down interview. That’s how delusional they’ve become. Totally ridiculous.

-In regards to what DeMario has been saying, it’s been pretty straight forward. No one deserves the hatred he’s gotten. The death threats, the name calling, the constant bashing. It’s sickening. From Day 1 I’ve been saying that this issue was a lot to do about nothing. I was the first to report who was involved, the only one to report the producers names, and through it all, I’ve said that no sexual assault took place. And considering where DeMario has stood on his feelings towards Corinne, and Corinne not going after DeMario publicly on social media or even legally, obviously she feels nothing inappropriate happened. Even in the little preview we saw for next week she defends DeMario. So yeah, plenty jumped to conclusions immediately and a lot of horrible reporting was done for the last month on this.

-I can’t imagine what it’s like to be accused of sexual assault when it allegedly never happened. As I said, I feel for the guy there. And he’s taken every opportunity to scream from the mountaintops he didn’t do it. I never thought he did, and I never thought anything major would come out of it legally between the two of them. But after Corinne speaks next week, I just hope it can be put to bed. Clearly looking like a case of something getting blown way out of proportion. DeMario has every right to be pissed. And Corinne does too. But I’m interested to hear exactly what she has to say next week. We have not heard anything come directly from her mouth since this broke over two months ago. We knew what DeMario’s thoughts were on everything. We don’t know Corinne’s.



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