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Bachelor in Paradise 4

“Reader Emails,” “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 4 Recap & An Update on Some BIP Couples

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Hey Steve!

You mentioned there is a pecking order when it comes to couples in the Bachelor Franchise. Why would Jade and Tanner be higher than a bachelorette and the guy she picked and married: Desiree and Chris? I’m just confused? It doesn’t seem like Desiree and Chris dislike the franchise or there’s any animosity. Yet the franchise continues to ignore them. It’s not like she was a bad lead or something. It just seems odd since they have so few success stories. I feel kinda bad for them, they seem nice. Do you think it has anything to do with people being disappointed with her finale? I know you spoiled it was the other guy (I forgot his name) so maybe people didn’t really notice Chris, but still. I mean to let Carly and freaking Evan get more recognition than them is so weird. Yeah, that’s the million dollar question. I don’t know why they don’t give Des & Chris much love.

Isn’t it kinda awkward when the girls from Nick’s season go on trips together and Kristina and Danielle L are together? I mean it’s just awkward and weird they’re dating the same guy. Kristina still posts photos of them together hanging out. It’s just bizarre unless it’s all for show.

Comment: I’m sure it is. I doubt they are actually close.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your entertaining columns about the bachelorette and bachelor in paradise. I have enjoyed reading them this summer. I have a few questions about recent bachelor nation news and the newest couple in bachelor nation, Rachel and Bryan.

1. Do you have any idea why Peter turned down the bachelor gig? Were you shocked that he turned it down, considering what you know about him and his intentions going into the bachelorette? Nothing shocks me with this franchise anymore. Am I little surprised? Yes. But I know they’re gonna keep trying, so it’s not dead yet.

2. I must say that I am starting like Bryan more and more since the bachelorette has ended because the instagram stories and social media posts have showed a different and more fun side of him than we saw on the show. Have you heard anything about him and Rachel’s relationship out in the public that makes you think that the tabloid reports from life and style about them being in the relationship just for promotional opportunities? No.

3. I noticed at the engagement party for Rachel and Bryan this past weekend, Jubilee was hanging out with Josiah at the day portion of the party, do you know if Josiah knew her before going on the bachelorette? Not sure if he did or not. But they’re both in Florida and were both on the two most recent seasons. Can’t say I’d be surprised if they did. Or one reached out to the other recently.

4. Are all of the bachelor in paradise couples that ended up together this season still together?

Comment: Derek and Taylor & Adam and Raven are definitely still together. Daniel is doing whatever he can to extend his 15 minutes, and that doesn’t include being in a relationship with Lacey.

Hi there,

Thanks for all you do….you certainly keep me entertained at work. My boyfriend got me watching this silly franchise. Having your behind the scenes intel is the only way I can. LOL

Question about the scandal…… I truly believe they brought this on themselves and have been crossing their own lines over the last few years. Come on, they put Lee on Rachel’s season knowing full well what they were getting. Of course they knew about his tweets. He pretty much has said they found him. And let’s not even talk about Chad and the many lines crossed there for dramatic TV. They knew what they were getting with Corinne too but I want to know if you have heard if there was a payout? Did they settle with Corinne, Demario or both? I sure hope not but if anyone deserved it it would be Demario. And what about the producer(s)? Can’t imagine they will work in this industry again…..well at least reality tv. Knowing that the one was supposedly Corinne’s friend I’d be interested in anything that you have heard. That all seems to have been swept under the rug.

Keep doing what you do…..I don’t know how you handle the endless emails from people asking you what you think people from this franchise are thinking. Ha, I doubt half of them even know what they, themselves, are thinking. And they must not really understands how all this works if they get mad at you when they change things up when picking the lead. Until they announce it they can and will do whatever they want…..

Thanks Steve!

Comment: In terms of a settlement, we’ll never know. At least publicly. I’m sure any settlement says they can’t talk about it publicly. I know that the contestants who were all sent home for those 10 days were still paid during that time. So maybe they were too.

Considering Corinne isn’t mad at DeMario, isn’t filing any charges against him, nor does there seem to be any bad blood from him towards her, it certainly looks like it was something that completely got blown out of proportion. But it had to be investigated because a complaint was filed.

Hi Steve! Here are my (many) questions for the week.

1) I think Raven seems really sweet, do you know if she’s not? Do I know if Raven’s not sweet? Ummmm well she once attacked at ex-boyfriend with a stiletto. Kind of a general question, no?

2) Let’s say everyone who has ever been on a Bachelor show offers to be on your podcast. Who is the first person who do a podcast with and who do you reject first? I don’t talk about stuff like that.

3) At this very moment, do you think that Peter will still be The Bachelor? And if for some reason Peter won’t be the bachelor, who would they want for it? Maybe Wells? Yes. And I don’t know. Certainly didn’t seem by the link I posted yesterday Wells is too jazzed about it.

4) This question is pretty old, it’s relating to BIP 3. Do you think that by the end of filming BIP 3, (not before it aired), ABC thought Nick might be Bachelor? And has a Nick situation happened on any other season of BIP? I.e Jared for Bachelor? I think he became a thought in their head, but unfortunately, I don’t read people’s minds. I have no idea at what point they thought of him seriously.

5) If I were to recommend one season of Bachelor and Bachelorette for a friend to watch, which ones should I recommend? And which ones should they most definitely not watch? (of the most recent 5 seasons of both shows) Ashley’s, Brad 1.0.

6) Do you have any information on if Rachel and Bryan are doing well? I know that a lot of people don’t like them, but I actually do. I think that they had more in common than Rachel and Peter, and that even if they don’t last long, they would last longer than Rachel and Peter would. Lol sorry Peter crazies. No info either way.

7) Finally, I love your podcast. Which episode so far has been your most favorite to film? And if you don’t have a favorite, which one did you have the most fun filming?

Thank you!

Comment: I don’t like answering that because then it all the sudden becomes “Oh he liked this person better than that person.” Not the case. I’ve enjoyed all the podcast guests. Not my room to share which ones I liked better than others. I can tell you that tomorrow’s guest is excellent. And not from anything I did. They just have an unbelievable story that truly was one of my favorites. It’s up there.

It seems you and plenty others label any person critical of Rachel as a “Peter crazy.” I personally do not give two squirts of piss about Peter. Rachel turned out to be an a**hole post-show. She is gorgeous and articulate, yet behaves like a greedy 5 year old who doesn’t want anyone to play with her old toys she doesn’t use any more. She’s publicly shaded several of the guys from her season, and was extremely icy and aloof at the MTA taping. I genuinely feel bad for Bryan, not because the whole country thinks he’s her #2, but because he’s engaged to a Regina George.

Comment: Ok.


This question is not BIP or Bachelor-related, so I understand if you choose to skip it! I was just curious — do you or your niece have any thoughts on TSwift’s video clips this week?! Is it a snake or dragon? (If this is posted after 11 am Wednesday, we may already know . . . it seems like it’s a three part thing and that’s when we may see the “head” (or heads?) of this creature). Personally I’m just ready for her to reveal the single or explain the clips already! Ha.

Comment: Don’t even get me started. I’m giddy that we’re getting a new single this Friday according to all reports. And maybe even a video for it. Been almost 3 years since “1989.” Can’t wait. She’s got a lot to live up to after “1989,” so that’s a lot of pressure.

Hi Steve!

I listen to Kaitlyn’s podcast each week, and this week Shawn B was her co-host. A couple of things they discussed today, I thought you’d find interesting since I don’t think you listen to other Bachelor podcasts at all.

1. Shawn brought up Mike Fleiss’s tweet about Peter. They discussed how, back when Kaitlyn was the Bachelorette, Shawn B wasn’t really ready to be engaged at the end of filming, but he was in love with Kaitlyn. The moral of their story was that, if Peter really wanted to be with Rachel, he wouldn’t have put up such a stink about proposing – he just would have done it. Period. End of story. Exactly. He didn’t want to be engaged to Rachel that’s why he didn’t want to propose.

Kaitlyn & Shawn both clearly thought Fleiss was throwing shade at Peter, but your insight (re: Peter, right now, doesn’t want to be the Bachelor) isn’t something they seem to have thought of at this point. They both seem to think Rachel was pissed at Peter at ATFR because she thinks he came on the show to be the next Bachelor. I’m sure Rachel may have heard some things post show that changed her mind about who Peter was during filming when she wasn’t aware. That’s just a guess though.

2. Shawn asked Kaitlyn if ABC would ever pay for their wedding. They both laugh and say that they don’t think it’ll ever happen. That ABC would have approached them by now if they were at all interested. The interesting point to note was that they said ABC paid for Desiree’s wedding, even thought it wasn’t a TV wedding. I’m not sure I ever knew that. Had you reported on this in the past?

Love your podcasts. Excited to see who will be your guests in the coming weeks!

Comment: No. Did not know that. But Kaitlyn would probably know something like that more than I would, so I’m assuming it’s true. Can’t imagine she’d just make that up.

Hi Steve!

It’s funny to me how all people are saying Deans true colors are coming out on Bachelor in Paradise. Actually, I think what we saw on Rachel’s season was also who he is however he only had one girl to choose from…not hard to not play the field when you don’t have any other options!

My question is also related to the whole Dean playing the field thing. Have you heard anything about Dean and other girls? All it takes is a quick look at what his tagged photos on Instagram to see that he has no shortage of girls literally lining up to meet him. And fans aside, it seems like every bachelor girl he hangs out with fawns over him like crazy (Becca, Ashley I etc).

Thanks in advance Steve! Love to hear your take on everything.

Comment: I hear a lot of things.


Been following for years (ever since my wife “made” me start watching Bachelor franchise with her) – love the spoilers, makes watching it a shitload more fun J I now watch more for the producer manipulation and the total shit show it is vs hoping someone will “find love”. HA!

Anyway, in reading your BIP episode 3 recap first few paragraphs about Peter and being bachelor I recalled a statement he made on Wilde & Tausch, a sports radio duo in the Milwaukee, GreenBay, Madison network who had Peter on last Thursday. Link to the podcast is here:

It was aired 8/17. You probably already have heard about this but in case you hadn’t now you have. They did ask him that specific question and his response was “I’d have to think a whole lot about it. It’s a huge opportunity with a whole lot of stress but a lot of upside too – so it would be, uh, a tough one.” So, there you go – total non-answer.

Keep up the good work!


Comment: He’s not going to give his exact intentions out publicly just yet. What I do know is he said no, but I know they aren’t just gonna give up. So we’ll see.

Hi Steve,

I’m a long time fan but this is my first time writing to you. My husband and I were watching BIP last night and I told him about the Mike Fleiss tweet about not wanting a Bachelor who wasn’t interested in an engagement. My husband had a prediction, he thinks the next Bachelor will be Jared. I then saw in an interview that Rachel said she thought the next Bachelor should be Jared. What are your thoughts on Jared being chosen?

Comment: Rachel said Jared? Where? I don’t remember her saying that at all? Not to mention, I can’t imagine Rachel knows a thing about Jared or interacted with him.


Are you hearing any names of people that are going to be on Winter Games? I would think they would need to land a few of the bigger names from the franchise to get people pumped to watch it. Otherwise it would just be a group of people that are starting to fade out that no one has ever heard of.

Comment: No.



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