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“Bachelor in Paradise 4” Episode 5 Recap, Upcoming Podcasts, Nick & Vanessa Break Up, & Finale Taping on Thursday

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-Last night’s show summed up in one word to me: weird. Just…weird. The scallop story, how the first 45 minutes of the show was nothing but Jasmine complaining about Christen, Robby doing Robby things, Derek and Taylor’s bizarre fight, Dean apparently not realizing that he was on a TV show and all his crazy fans would clearly see him playing two girls at once, etc. I felt like punching myself in the head numerous times while watching last night because there were a lot of things that just did not make sense. Lets begin, shall we?

The Scallop Story

-I tweeted out at the time I had no idea what the hell Alexis was talking about in her story about Christen. And I didn’t. So I had to go back and re-watch her tell the story. So it goes like this. Sometime in the past, 8 of the girls were in a car together, Christen had some scallops in her purse, started eating them while in the car, and then proceeded to touch Alexis with her slimy scallop hands. The rest of the episode basically became a “lets call Christen ‘scallops’ as much as we can.” Ok, got it. I mean, the whole thing was just bizarre. Who puts scallops in their purse? Who eats them to go? Is this a thing now? I mean, I love scallops. But no thank you, I’ll eat them at the restaurant and never bring them home. That’s the equivalent of the guy at the office that heats up fish in the microwave at lunch and destroys the kitchen for the next 3 days. Just…no.

So yes, while I agree that Christen bringing scallops in her purse in a car of 8 women is totally a random story, I also was amazed at how fixated some of the others were on it. Then again, this is where I don’t want to get carried away too much because I know how this show works. I’m sure they were egged on to run with the scallop story to the 100th degree. Granted, it’s their decision to ultimately do it and therefore they should own up to it, but I’m pretty sure they were told to run with it. I guess at this point it’s a matter of how Christen feels about it. Did she tweet or IG anything about it last night? Did she seem put off by people ganging up on her for it, or did she have with it? I honestly don’t know and I could see it going either way. Hang on a sec. Be right back.

Ok, looks like I got my answer. The sense I’m getting is that Christen felt bullied by what happened. If that’s the way she feels, that’s the way she feels. We can all agree there are levels of bullying. They didn’t make fun of her physical features. They didn’t harp on the fact she was a virgin (although I think Jasmine may have made a comment). They told a story about scallops and how she had it on her fingers. I don’t know. I’m on the fence about it. The story was pretty harmless in and of itself, but maybe the constant harping could’ve taken it down a notch. However in the grand scheme of things when it comes to this show and this franchise, there have probably been 1,000 things worse said about people that were much more hurtful than that. But alas, I’m sure Christen has a side to this story that I’m sure we’ll hear about some day. I’m curious to hear how much this bothered her.

Jasmine, Matt, & Christen

The beginning of the episode started with Jasmine telling us how great things were with Matt, and if someone were to show up, it wouldn’t even bother her, which automatically means someone will be entering the show in the very next scene to disrupt that, and that’s exactly what happened with Christen. She makes the rounds, is told that Matt and Jasmine are “coupled,” so she talks to Ben Z. and Jack and thinking is she’ll ask one of them on her date. Until Matt sits her down and basically tells her, “No, I’m not taken and I’d totally go on a date with you.” So this becomes the question: If Matt essentially gave her the go-ahead to ask him out, even though she was just told by Jasmine that he was taken, is Christen breaking girl code by asking Matt out WITHOUT telling Jasmine first? Even though Matt said what he did, should Christen have gone to Jasmine and said, “Look, here’s what Matt just told me. You seemed to tell me something different. I’d like to take him out but only if it’s ok with you.” I think that’s the route she should’ve gone. Do I think what she did was as bad as Jasmine made it out to be? No. Because Matt then went to Jasmine and told her Christen was interested in him.

Just like I called Corinne out for the episode where she called Taylor a bitch over 10 times during their 2-on-1 on Nick’s season, Jasmine must feel the same heat. I get it that she was bothered by Matt’s flippy floppiness (yes, that’s now a word), and I get she seemed pretty drunk during most of the day. It’s part of what makes this show what it is (new drinking rule be damned). But the amount of times she called Christen a bitch was unnecessary. You’ve spent a few days with the guy. You know how this show works. And you know that this show is looking to stir sh** up every single chance they can get. Again, I’m sure she was egged on with alcohol in her ITM’s and fed stuff like, “Hey, how does it make you feel that Christen is out with him right now when you told her you and him were a couple,” just hoping to elicit those type of responses. But it doesn’t make it right. She could’ve not called her that as many times as she did. So yes, another part where I’m curious to see what bothered Christen the most about the episode. I just thought Jasmine’s anger should’ve been directed more towards Matt than Christen.

So how did this all end up? Well, ultimately Matt decided that he couldn’t decide between Jasmine and Christen, so he leaves the show. However, if you read the spoilers, you know that Matt returns during the rose ceremony, gives his rose to Jasmine because he feels she deserves to stay, then he leaves again. And Christen gets a rose from Jack Stone, who made out with her once she realized she might not be getting a rose from Matt. And during that makeout, is now challenging Bryan in the kissing department. A lot of face sucking going on with that one.

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  1. adelina

    August 29, 2017 at 8:01 AM

    I was just as confused as you Steve. Last night’s show was complete sheet. Every single one of these people on this show is making a complete arse of themselves or is a complete fool for giving up their pride to be on this show.

    The only ones who look good Wells and Diggy. He’s a shining light of normalcy.

    Raven – trying so so hard.
    Jasmine – playing into every angry black woman stereotype on earth.
    Kristina – sweet girl acting so pathetically desperate.
    Dean – child
    Adam – no appeal
    Taylor – an embarrassment to the mental health field. Her valley girl voice alone – ugh!
    Derek – left his balls in Taylor’s purse
    Alexis – trashy
    Lacey – sad little sap
    Robby – just gross
    Amanda – desperate

    The whole scallops thing played to death was not funny and just plain high school girl level mean.

  2. jlal

    August 29, 2017 at 8:37 AM

    OMG adelina, I couldn’t have said it better myself; you nailed it with all of them.

    I was so frustrated when Dean was telling Kristina he thought of her feelings before making every decision, and she goes “That’s so sweet”, ugh! I about spit out my drink. I wanted to scream at her “Actions, not words. Pay attention to his actions woman.”

    Ladies, never, ever buy into the pretty words unless there are pretty actions to back them up. Talk is truly cheap.

    Amanda is just stringing Robby along to get a rose. Not faulting her as that is the point, just making an observation.

    Taylor’s valley girl voice is killing me man. Also, everyone apparently no matter how well educated just massacres pronouns. Frankly, Steve does too, just read his post. I wish someone would teach these people which pronoun to use, it makes me crazy.

    For the record people – Take out the other person and it will tell you which pronoun to use. “Me and her went to the mall” – “me when to the mall” (wrong), “her went to the mall” (wrong). She and I went to the mall (correct). She went to the mall – I went to the mall. Got it, great!

    Maybe I should offer to tutor the contestants so they don’t sound so ignorant.

  3. ashleigh11

    August 29, 2017 at 8:42 AM

    I liked Christen and her chill vibe and I did think the other girls were being very Regina George/Mean Girls/’You can’t sit with us!” on her with the scallops thing. And I thought the story was that she grabbed the take-out box of scallops from her car to take with her on the ride to the bar (not randomly pulling scallops out of her purse). Girls tend not to eat a lot when going out (and especially nothing with carbs), so as weird as scallops sound, I can see why she’d grab something like that to fill her up a bit before drinking, without worrying about the dreaded carb-bloat in a tight dress. Doing it in a jam-packed car probably wasn’t the smartest thing, but they way overplayed it. Clearly the Paradise clique was Team Jasmine because of her aggressive claim on Matt, so Christen was thrown under the bus. The side-giggling and constant scallop fingers thing felt like grade school girls ganging up on a new girl and telling her ‘ewww, you smell!’. Like it’s just silly, especially for adult women.

    Re Taylor/Derek. I thought Derek had said the FU as a joke. They weren’t arguing when it came out, so the context was important. For Taylor to name it a ‘trigger’ that causes her to burst into tears and demand to be alone so she can question the relationship (and consider ending it, even 24 hrs later) is bizarre and not a good trait to carry into a mature relationship for the future.

  4. ctrealitygirl

    August 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM

    Wow! After reading these comments I am SO glad that I was not home last night and recorded the episode! I will definitely zip thru it and skip all the scallop nonsense. I am so NOT liking this season’s cast, even Dean, the one person I looked forward to seeing on the show. What a pack of immature self-absorbed people. There is not one couple I am the least bit invested in. I say just end it now and give us Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights!

  5. rob22

    August 29, 2017 at 10:47 AM

    I have three shows on backlog on the DVR. I can’t really get myself to watch them. BIP is always pretty bad and uninteresting, but this season really has to be the last one. They’ve played this out to the point that nobody is even really attempting to have much of a relationship. The ones that are out there seem to be more business partnerships, disguised as a relationship, designed to generate attention and clicks. Whatever is happening, it’s unwatchable.

  6. purplerayne

    August 29, 2017 at 11:01 AM

    Yeah, it seems Christen had leftovers/take out and tried to eat in the car on way to a club. Big deal.

    And I didnt find Taylor’s trigger odd……she made it clear its from past relationships. So someone she dated probably verbally abused her and she’s more sensitive to that type of language than most. Verbal abuse is just as powerful as physical. Even a small joke could make her feel..wait, is this how he is off camera?….its understandable that she would be worried.

  7. jlal

    August 29, 2017 at 11:08 AM

    Ashleigh, you’re so right the scallop thing was very jr. high school and mean girls.

    I wonder is Jasmine is as aggressive as they edit her to be. For the love of Pete, she was crawling all over Matt and he did not seem to be interested at all. Either she is just clueless and not good at picking up signals or lack there of, or the producers were egging her on.

  8. nevermiss

    August 29, 2017 at 12:44 PM

    I don’t understand the double standards on this show or from the viewer. No one batted an eye when Dlo asked out Dean even though he was in an established relationship with Kristina. And no one seemed to care when Kristina said she would like to go on a date with one of the new guys (can’t remember who it was) even though she’s supposedly head over heels in love with Dean. But yet Christen took major heat and Dean is getting trashed for being a typical 26 year old. Let’s not forget these relationships have only been days long NOT years (or even months) of a normal, committed relationship.

  9. thedoctor

    August 29, 2017 at 1:14 PM

    I only half pay attention. But didn’t Derek state he has talked on the phone 100’s of hours with Taylor?

    Wells is sure getting a ton of screen time. Will he be replacing Chris Harrison?

    I can’t beleive how much scree time is given to pointless garbage. Were is the topless pool action? Can we please get one if these triangles morph in a menage a trios? BIP needs a shakeup, way too boring.

    Why does Matt leave? What the heck. Is it that boring that guys leave for no reason at all? Or did Jasmine scare the crap out of him?

  10. ctrealitygirl

    August 29, 2017 at 1:48 PM

    I just hope that they’re NOT giving Wells a lot of air time to groom him for being named the next bachelor like they did with Nick last summer. Wells is a nice guy but does NOT have enough charisma to pull off being the leading man…he’s more like a girl’s best friend than lover. Please give us someone hotter than that!!

  11. cmb977

    August 29, 2017 at 2:08 PM

    I love how these girls are all tough until the heat is on them…

    Then they disable comments on their social media haha ?

  12. cmb977

    August 29, 2017 at 2:33 PM

    My guess is Jasmine didn’t call her a bitch as many times as it seemed but there was editing happening to replay her comment in various contexts.

    That said, I hope these girls do actually read this stuff… what I liked about Jasmine before was the comedic light hearted relief she brought to the show. Seeing her react last night by being ugly to the girl and clingy to the guy was appalling. First of all, whether she has a true grievance with Christen or not isn’t for us to judge, but she showed she can’t be the classier woman when she is upset. And ultimately drove the guy away because of it. I also am irritated with the double standard depending on where you sit in the bachelor world popularity co test…

    D Lo comes in, steaks Dean from Kristina and nobody seems to care or take Kristinas side. Nobody tells D Lo hey, girl code, not a good play. But then Christen who is less popular rolls in and gets the green light from Matt himself does the same thing and she’s ostracized.

    I hope looking back there’s some reflection of behaviour and realization that her behaviour led to Matt wanting nothing to do with her. And her anger was misdirected entirely. But judging on her Twitter comments she is defending her behaviour and blocking anyone who doesn’t agree with her.

  13. ltil47

    August 29, 2017 at 5:31 PM

    Wait so if the finale is being taped in advance is then when they’re announcing the next bachelor. Meaning you may be able to actually spoil that this time?!

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