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Final “Reader Emails” of the Calendar Year

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Hi Steve!

I don’t know why as I wasn’t expecting this, but during the entire Dean/Kristina/Danielle segment, I was holding in laughter. Maybe it’s cuz of all the stuff that’s come out since the season ended or cuz of all the interviews I’ve seen him do or cuz he’s just so awkward. I couldn’t take any of it seriously. I also cracked up strongly when they panned away to the audience member who shook her hand and head after Dean’s final apology. (I wish I could insert a screenshot.) Hilarious!

Anyway, do you happen to know how the Ellen Degeneres show is associated with the Bachelor franchise and/or ABC? As far as I know, Ellen airs on NBC. I read a recent interview by Mills (or it might have been Fleiss…been reading too much internet lately) who said “Arie will be doing the normal press tour on Live with Kelly, GMA and Ellen.” I wondered why Ellen. Kimmel makes sense because that’s ABC yet Mills didn’t mention Kimmel. Today I saw Dean, Kristina and Danielle on Ellen so figured I’d take a chance and see if you knew how the shows are related.

Thanks again for all you do!

Comment: She’s fan I believe, so that helps. And just because the show is on ABC doesn’t mean they can only do ABC related promotions.

Hi Steve,

I really love what you do. Your podcasts have also been great so far, I can’t wait for more !!!

I have just listened to E&G Podcast with Jamie Blynn where they say the production was playing a bit with you (first with the winner and then with the announcement as Arie as the new Bachelor). What do you think of that ? Did you listen to the podcast ?

Comment: That podcast was talking about me again? Real shocker. The sky is blue too.

Jamie Blynn is the writer at US Weekly that constantly posts “Bachelor” related stories 24-48 hours after I do and never credits me. Solid guest. If those guys hard on for me and what I do was any bigger, I might have to get a restraining order.

Hi Steve,

Paradise is finally coming to an end and I was kinda disappointed cause it’s kinda a dull season but there are some questions that came to my mind watching it so here we go.

First, what is it with Amanda and paparazzi. Every time she is in a relationship it seems like she’s always getting caught being together. First with Josh and earlier with Robby. Is she really that bad at keeping a secret? Or this is her game plan all along? I like her but I mean all couples got caught being together too but not as much as her (I think). Well she’s only had two from this show because she’s been on twice. Basically every other couple has been caught as well, or doesn’t hide that fact. So I don’t think it’s a huge deal. The show certainly doesn’t.

Now let’s move up to this season paradise “couple” Raven and Adam, as much as I like them together (they’re cute tho) why I have a sense that he is more into her than she is into him. I’m not saying she’s with him just for tv but it’s just a lil weird considering she hasn’t posted anything about Adam. I also seen a lot of people kinda sensing a weird vibe with them and I’ve read an ET article where she said she’s open for another tv show (I’m not saying she’s a fame whore here like Daniel but it’s just came out a lil wrong). What is your thought on this?

Comment: I was as shocked as anyone when I heard they were together. Don’t know much about them. I’m sure they’re all in luuuuurve right now. Lets wait it out.

Hi Steve, a few questions:

1) Til you had Josiah on your podcast recently I thought for contractual reasons you couldn’t interview contestants until a certain amount of time passed after that season. Has that changed and now anyone is fair game? Do you think people who are willing to speak to you automatically fall from good graces with the producers/higher ups of the franchise? I have no idea and am not gonna concern myself with it. I’m just gonna ask people to come on and if they say yes, we’ll do it. I just saw a ton of Rachel’s guys doing podcasts and interviews so I figured it seemed ok to do. No one’s told me otherwise. I think the show realizes it’s probably better for their brand.

2) I see what you’ve said and posted about Arie, but on the other side many former contestants from a bunch of seasons ago are really happy for him and think he’s a great guy and a wonderful selection. Does that at all alter your view of him? And if Jef came out saying Arie’s disgusting I almost like Arie better because it seems to me Jef is the more disgusting one of the two!! Does it alter my view? No. I don’t concern myself with what people in the franchise say about him because some of them have agendas and they might not even have a clue what I’ve been made aware of.

3) Has your opinion of Jordan Rodgers changed (from a playboy) now that him and Jojo have been together a while and seem really happy? I didn’t at first but really like these 2 together now. I really don’t think about them much. Am I surprised they’re still together? Yes. But like I say, until these people walk down the aisle, that’s when I’ll believe them. Plenty can happen.

4) Can we agree that Amanda has the worst taste in guys – Josh and Robby?! She seems sweet and hope she chooses better going forward. I also am a big Challenge fan and am kinda annoyed Josh is now going to be part of that franchise!


Comment: She certainly has a horrible picker these last two summers. Lets hope she learns from this.

LOVE reading your site!

I have never emailed but feel compelled now. Bringing back Arie screams desperation to find someone ANYONE that might be mistaken for a REAL man from the past few seasons. Well they failed at that. My point….Do you feel the casting is tainted beyond control at this point? I doubt there has been a sincere contestant in years on either show and they keep casting from the same cesspool of famewhores. Is there hope, in your mind, that they might go with a fresh face at some point and give us all a break? (Not a fan of Peter either.)

BTW: your vacations are much longer for us

Comment: No. They will always pool from former contestants. They’ve done it for 20 seasons, and even the higher ups have said they don’t see that changing.

Hi Steve,

Mike Fleiss has alluded to another big bachelor announcement coming up that is “shocking”. Do you think its possible that due to the backlash that Arie is receiving, the show will backtrack and add two bachelors? The response from audiences has been super negative 1. because a lot of people do not even know who he is and 2. because you broke the story about all of his baggage and now and various other outlets are running with it. I read an article on how Arie lied to them and said he hasn’t been in a serious relationship for years and his ex girlfriend came forward saying that was not true. I remember reading years ago on your blog about Arie and his ways hence my disappointment of him being chosen as the next bachelor. I know all bachelors have baggage, but like you said, his is extensive. I am just shocked that the show did not pick up on it/does not care since that was one of the reasons they did not chose Luke as the Bachelor. I just cannot think of another bachelor/bachelorette that has had so much negative press before the season even began which is why I am thinking, production may be backtracking on their pick (maybe its wishful thinking). No. Chris Harrison already shot that down in an interview yesterday and even admitted Fleiss is trolling people with his tweets. Girls arrive this weekend and Not Peter’s season begins filming next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. He’s currently shooting his intro packages this week.

As for the Robby/Amanda stuff, I have never in my life seen such terrible acting as I have seen from Robby. When Amanda rejected him, he was trying so hard to be emotional, rubbing his eyes and no tears were coming out. Worst acting job ever, you could tell he did not care at all. The guy is a total joke. Amanda is a terrible judge of character as she has gone for two of the worst guys she could go for both times on BIP. Despite my disdain for Robby, I can see why Robby felt “blindsided” that Amanda/the twins brought up the cheating since you mentioned that she forgave him/was still seeing him after seeing the pics of him with another girl. He obviously felt that her bringing it up after she forgave him would tarnish his image as a “social media influencer”.

Comment: That was a huge mistake on her part. But as we saw with Josh all last summer, Amanda has a hard time just cutting things off.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for all of your coverage of the shocking bachelor news! I was truly shocked myself about Arie becoming the bachelor. I have a few questions!

1) I heard in an interview that Bryan and Rachel will be moving to California and I noticed that Bryan removed Dr off of his instagram account. Have you heard anything about them catching the fame bug or Rachel leaving the law profession? Haven’t heard anything.

2) I know that Derek Peth was previously with Olivia Caridi and that they broke up because he wanted to stay away from girls in the franchise. With that, I wouldn’t think that his engagement to Taylor will last. Do you think that him and Taylor will make it? When they walk down the aisle, then I’ll believe it.

3) Since the reunion show for BIP was taped, what have you heard about the status of the Dean, Kristina and Danielle L triangle? DLo hates him and Dean is sucking up to America with his posts. I have no idea what Kristina is doing or thinking.

4) Do you think that the reason why Peter did not take the bachelor gig was because they put it in his contract that he had to propose to the final girl? I would say that was probably a reason. Not necessarily put it in the contract, but told him that that’s what they expect from this show and he had push back.

5) Lastly, I don’t remember much about Derek from BIP except for him previously dating Olivia, so I was curious if I am correct that he was on a two on one date on JoJo’s season?

Thank you

Comment: Yes, he was on a 2-on-1 in Argentina with Chase and got sent home.

Hi Steve,

What a disaster. The entire BIP season was a lesson in girls being mistreated by the men who claim to care so much about them. First, Lacey and Daniel. Daniel may come off as a bit of a dumb dumb but, I think at the root of it him not saying he loved Lacey was pretty normal. They hangout for like 5 days, hooked up once and she’s in love? No way. my guess is production fed into this saying “he cares about you so much, etc,” I do think that he should have been more clear with his feelings but dude loves TV. Can’t stay away. Glad she sassed him at the reunion but honestly I can’t blame him for not being in love. But their relationship was more than 5 days. She even said it on the reunion show. She’s known him for a year and she’d hooked up with him before he ever came on the show.

Next, did you see the Jef Holm tweet (pretty sure you re-tweeted) about how he has “stories to tell?” Any truth there as in will he actually?? Do you think he was salty that he wasn’t considered? Are him and Arie still friends?? Wouldn’t be surprised if this group of dudes is on paradise next season(James Taylor, the Ken Doll, and Jef).

I have this weird feeling that Emily Maynard is sitting back sipping some tea and watching this all go down.

Cant wait for your spoilers!!!!!

Comment: Jef was never going to be the “Bachelor.” I’m sure he said that out of jealousy as well. Will he spill? My guess would be no because every story he has about Not Peter pretty much also implicates Jef as well. Those two ran amuck together chasing young skirt once Emily’s season ended and they did for a while. Just the stories I’ve heard since Thursday make you cringe. I’d be surprised. But then again, Not Peter will be off filming so it’s not like he could retaliate. If Jef doesn’t do it publicly, I’m sure he’d do it privately just feeding tabloids the stories with them giving the ol’ “sources are telling us…”

Hey Steve,

A few questions I was wondering you might have the answers to.

-there’s talk of releasing Emily’s season (which I think is a great idea for them) so that people can get re/acquainted with Not Peter.. but I’ve always wondered why (aside from season 1 this past year) they don’t release any seasons of the bachelor/ette on Hulu or Netflix? Do you know the reasoning behind it? You’d think it would get even more people hooked on the franchise and be good for “business” so to speak by building up their bachelor nation… but I don’t know how these things work.. No, I don’t. But yes, I did hear Robert Mills say they’re releasing Emily’s season.

– Do you think they’ll do another BIP? This one was god awful… it felt completed scripted and I’ve seen episodes of The Hills be more believable… maybe due to a shortened film period? Or perhaps like other older cast members are saying.. and it’s truly becoming about Instagram followers and people just trying to stay on for as many episodes as possible for the air time…? From what I’ve read, yes, they’re keeping it.

-Why does Mike Fleiss suck so badly? You’d have to ask him.

– Any leads yet on some good story lines they’re working on for next year?? (Just a yes or no is fine) I can only think of one.

Keep on, keepin’ on, brother. ?? Thanks for doing all the dirty work for us.

So, totally #TeamAmanda but WHY would she go to Cabo with him right after the photos and videos came out?

Comment: A horrible mistake. Lets hope she learned from it.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page, or listen to all my podcasts at Apple Podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. tinyred500

    September 13, 2017 at 10:43 AM

    A mix bag of reader emails a lot about Arie which was expected.

    Sean Lowe tweeted that ‘he was lobbying Bachelor producers to let him (Sean) follow Arie around and slap him every time he thinks about giving a rose to someone half his age’. I thought it was funny and made the right kind of fun at the franchise and his friend. They should let Sean do it for an entire episode or intermittently throughout Arie’s series, I think it would give a little humour to such a silly programme that so many love to hate, but watch regardless.

    I liked RS’s reader email selection, though I do think a lot of peeps think Steve knows a lot more then he does, unless he’s on very friendly terms with contestants and leads and they are flat out honest with him, he really wouldn’t know about really personal stuff, especially about decisions and choices made by the leads. I still think most leads have a narrative for their season and pretty much keep to it, regardless how much truth is in it.

    I hope there isn’t another BIP series, we’re on series 2 in the UK, and I can’t say I’m enamoured! Lol Too much drama and far too many tears to be genuine. Maybe this is when it started going downhill…

  2. jlal

    September 13, 2017 at 10:49 AM

    I don’t understand why everyone, including RS is so down on Arie. Heck RS is calling him Not Peter, and refusing to use his name. Talk about immature. I’m not an “Arie fan”, but don’t see what the big deal is about. Maybe everyone has become so accustom to really young guys on the show, don’t know. However, there have been bachelors in their mid 30’s before. The average age of the bachelor is 31, so not far off Arie. Also, the average age of the bachelorette is 26, quite a bit younger. Surprise, surprise (not). Other than maybe Sean and Ben H. all of these guys are players. Most people play around before settling down, granted some more than others. I think Arie has a better chance of actually finding love, than Peter would have. I’m just so happy it is not someone from BIP, as I’m really over the usual suspects.

  3. tinyred500

    September 13, 2017 at 11:10 AM

    I completely agree with you once again. Unfortunately it’s going to be like this thoughout filming and airing of Arie’s season. I find it childish on RS’s part, he only has to report but he gets far too judgemental especially when it’s rumour or this person said this, read that or heard that, unless you have proof it’s just noise and chatter and he shouldn’t repeat it . Tis why I think anyone wanting to go on any reality programme must be stark raving mad, no matter who you are, what your past is or isn’t, what you look like…all will be dragged through the mud for months on end. Madness.

  4. kygirl13

    September 13, 2017 at 11:19 AM

    RS cracks me up calling Arie “Not Peter”. I agree with him though. Don’t think this guy is going to get married to anyone from this franchise, cause he won’t. He’s just looking for a good time. There have been very few people on this show that have been genuine about looking for love. I love to watch for the drama 🙂

  5. opinionatrix

    September 13, 2017 at 12:39 PM

    I’m not saying this in a snarky way, totally serious:

    Could Dean have a medical/mental condition? Attention deficit, behavioral or a mild bipolar condition, or maybe something on the spectrum?

    He doesn’t seem just straight up immature, but more like an inability to correctly respond to social cues and appropriately modify behavior in response to emotions.

    I know guys who are just players and liars, but it really seems that isn’t all there is to it for him and he seems genuinely tangled up in something he can’t get a handle on. He should get a blood test and have his chemistry checked.

  6. crushonspivey

    September 13, 2017 at 2:25 PM

    Let’s be honest. The Bachelor options were limited. Peter sort of forced himself out of it by being stupid. Cost himself some good $$$ I bet. But Arie? Really? I’d rather see Ben H. 2.0 or Brad Womack 3.0 than Arie.

    That Arie announcement went over about as well as a fart in church too. Just come on. Stop trying to sell me a turd sandwich and act like it is prime rib, except with more tongue.

    Didn’t watch one second of BiP for the first time, and might tap out on this season too. Just read the RS recaps and the Spivey blog if she does it again. Let’s hope so.

  7. mariet

    September 13, 2017 at 5:39 PM

    opinionatrix, now that you mention it, that makes sense. Asperger’s Syndrome possibly.

  8. realityfan879

    September 14, 2017 at 6:02 PM

    Correction: Steve mentions above no bachelorette lead has been on DWTS. Actually, Trista Sutter was on one of the first seasons of DWTS. It’s too bad none have since then.

  9. atleast4characters

    September 14, 2017 at 9:59 PM

    Concerning the reader email who had a question about Sean’s book, a book store in my area has several dozen copies. They were priced at 25 cents, so buy it and read it if you care so much what it says. They also had some copies of Emily’s book priced at $5 (I suppose not discounted as much because it was published more recently than Sean’s book).

  10. coffeeinchicago

    September 16, 2017 at 1:14 PM

    You can get Emily’s season on Amazon.

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