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Daily Links – 9/19 & (EXCLUSIVE) First Look at One of the Girl’s On Next Season’s “Bachelor”

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I took an informal poll on Twitter yesterday asking readers if they wanted me to release four of Not Peter’s girls all today, or do it once a day for the rest of the week. The overwhelming majority wanted them released at once. As of this post, 9,799 people have voted and 84% wanted those 4 released at the same time. Can’t say I’m too surprised since people have zero patience any more when it comes to spoilers. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna give you one today, but then tomorrow and the next day, I’ll give 2 to 3 each day. Fair enough? I’ve got 10 girls for next season as of now. I’m sure I’ll be getting more in the coming days. Assuming Not Peter has the standard 25 girls on his season, already have 40% of the cast set. Granted, these are girls that are in LA set to show up tomorrow night when filming starts with the limo entrances. There could always be a last second change and someone could get cut at the last minute which is impossible to predict, but, for the most part, you can expect these girls to be on. Me releasing them before filming actually starts tomorrow night will have no bearing on whether they actually make it on. As I say every season, back on Juan Pablo’s season, I released 5 girls a week before they even flew out to begin filming and all 5 ended up making it on showing that there’s no bearing on whether I release them early. Either production wants them to be on or not.

Releasing the girls is always one of my favorite things to do for a few reasons:

1) Immediately people begin to pre-judge them based on absolutely nothing
2) To see how long it takes the former Bachelor guys to start hitting on them
3) Finally, my favorite, once I release them, assuming their IG account hasn’t been de-activated and it’s still public, seeing the same exact people every season start following them and you see them on this person’s most recent “Followers.” Like clockwork. You’ll see. Not to mention, not hard to figure out when they return home once they turn their accounts back on, which they inevitably do the second they get their phones back. Considering so many de-activated once they flew out this season, it’ll be fairly easy to keep track of.

Again, if you’re a site that covers this show, please give credit to this site when talking about the girls that I release. There are zero sites that are releasing any of Not Peter’s girls this early, so I would appreciate the proper credit given.

It’s funny because I’ve had some of these girl’s since last week, put together their profiles over the weekend and all their accounts were public. Then on Sunday, over half of them either changed their accounts to private, or de-activated them. Which pretty much confirms they’re on the show since there’s no other reason why they’d do that. But again, remember that the show could possibly send them home for whatever reason before the first night. That I have no control over. So here’s the first of a few girls you’ll get over the next few days. There’s no rhyme or reason as to who I release and when. I’m basically just randomly selecting who I give out. Judge away!

1. Chelsea Roy: 29, Portland, Maine. She’s an Administrative Assistant for Keller Williams and also models. A single mom with a 3 year old son named Sammy. Was never married. Graduated from the University of Southern Maine.

Instagram – chelsea_roy_ (de-activated her account 9/17)


DLo decided to dive a little deeper into the Dean breakup yesterday during an interview and man, Dean keeps looking worse by the day, doesn’t he? Not at all surprised that maybe he was encouraged to break up with her at the end of filming. Happens a lot more than you think on Paradise. But to hear her re-tell the story, this guy really was clueless. What does he expect the audience’s reaction to be when plays two women like that? You should probably make up your mind at some point.

We know in the last couple months former “Bachelor” contestant Britt opened up about her past addictions. Last week she went on the “Doctors” to talk about it further. Here was her segments from the show in case you missed them:

Daily Links

-We haven’t done Daily Links in almost 6 months, but I could’ve sworn that last time we did them, there always seem to be a story about one of two people: Taylor Swift and Farrah Abraham. Well guess what leads off with the top two stories today? You got it. Jake Gyllenhaal is finally answering a question (sort of) about his brief 3 month fling with Tay Tay. Amazing that apparently two or three songs she wrote were about a guy she barely had a cup of coffee with. Figure of speech. I’m sure they did nasty things to each other, but still. And wasn’t she like 18 at the time? And haven’t their been, you know, rumors about Jake for years? What an odd pairing.

-I’m going to tell you a story that you may find hard to believe. I hope you’re sitting down. You ready? Ok. Whew. This is gonna be major, so get ready. Farrah Abraham is doing porn again. Yeah, I know, I know. Pick your mouth up off the floor. In other news today, the sun will rise. Also, water is wet. In addition, the sky is blue. Enjoy your news day everyone.

-Guess what? We now have two Taylor stories today. It’s never ending I tell ya’. Anyway, Taylor is being sued by some clowns who think she ripped off her “Shake it Off” lyrics from them because she used “haters gonna hate” in the song. Like her lawyer said, this is a total cash grab and zero chance she loses this case. Nor does it ever even see the light of day. Leave Taylor alone. And while you’re at it, leave me alone as well. Don’t bother me about anything Taylor related and let me listen to “Ready For It” 1000 more times on a loop. Thank you.

-Boy, Kevin Hart sure has gotten himself into a pickle, no? He’s part of an extortion case because some woman is claiming she has a sexual video of him that she plans to expose which proves him cheating on his pregnant wife. Kevin has already taken to IG to apologize for a video that hasn’t been released yet admitting he did something wrong, but didn’t say what. This comes on the heels of his first marriage that ended because of his admitted cheating. I’m not an official doctor in case you couldn’t tell, but I’m gonna try to give some real hard sound advice to Kevin on this during his trying time. This is the sort of analysis you can’t really get many other places, so I hope he’s listening. You ready? Stop cheating on your wives, Kev. There. All better now.

-Ummmm, this certainly doesn’t look good for Ryan Phillippe does it? His ex-girlfriend is suing him for allegedly beating her, throwing pictures out there for everyone to see. I’m sure there’s more to this story to still come out, but on the surface, it doesn’t look good. Again, I’m not sure where Ryan is getting any advice from, but I’m here to help him. And for free. I hope he’s listening. Hey Ryan, feel free to stop beating your girlfriend at any time now. It would be much appreciated. I’m telling you, you can’t get better help that what I can offer nowadays. Maybe I should be a therapist to the stars.

-DWTS premiered last night with no Julianne Hough for no particular reason. Just decided not to bring her back this season with not a whole lot of reasoning behind it. Whatever the case, Glamour Magazine has their recap up from last night’s performances and, as is the case every season, you pretty much know in the first episode who the final 3 or 4 will be. Really? The guy from “Hamilton” says he’s only danced a little? You do realize you’ve performed on Broadway, right? You can pencil him in to the finals. Sure, there will be someone who’s good who gets eliminated earlier than they should, and there will be someone who’s average who goes longer than they should. Happens every season like clockwork. But it’s not hard to tell who will most likely be there in the end. And oh yeah, you know what else is becoming an every season tradition? Keo being given a horrible dance partner and him being eliminated by Week 3. I get that if you’re a rookie or whatever you’re given someone that won’t win, but geez, has that guy EVER been given someone good? How many seasons has he been on now where he gets eliminated early?

-Debbie Gibson is one of this season’s dancers and she’s probably a middle-of the-pack performers. Not horrible but not great. Has a good story that’ll keep her around a few weeks and is likeable. Remember, this show has basically turned into a social media popularity contest more so than it is a dance competition. It’s based on your followers and likability, and Debbie has a decent amount. Her battle with Lyme’s Disease is definitely gonna help her. I think the thing I found amazing about her video package was that she still performs “Shake Your Love” at concerts. I get it. Plenty of bands/artists from the 80’s who still perform all sing their songs that made them popular. But I don’t know, when I saw a 47 year old Debbie performing a song that was popular with teenie boppers in the 80’s, it just felt weird. But whatever. Hey, didn’t Debbie once do Playboy? Or was that Tiffany? Hang on let me check. (Checking). Yep, it was Debbie. And Tiffany. Debbie just didn’t get as naked as Tiffany.

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