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(EXCLUSIVE): Your First 3 Episode-by-Episode Spoilers & Some Winter Games Pics

Photo Credit: ABC

Episode 1: (airing Jan. 1st): (Los Angeles, CA) (29 girls down to 21)

The cast head shots and bios should be coming out next week, along with the first episode released online to the media. Once I’m able to watch it, I’ll spoil all the details for you of what happens in the first episode. Next Monday, ABC is doing a 1 hr “Countdown to Arie” episode to give you a little background on him and show some of the girls intro vidoes. My guess is that’ll be the same intro videos we see on episode 1. Yesterday, they sent out a press release which they do every season, giving an overview of what to expect this season. A lot of the stuff on the first night I already gave you back in this post and this post, but for those that didn’t read those, here’s an update:

“A beautiful blonde wearing a mask proclaims that Arie is not the only “kissing bandit…”Annaliese Puccini

“Another woman roars up on a miniature Formula One racecar, leaving a lot of jealous ladies in her wake…”Maquel Cooper

“One sassy female gives Arie compliments in Dutch…”Brittney Taylor

“…another sultry stunner whispers sweet nothings in his ear…”Don’t know this one.

“The arrivals are almost stolen by a charming woman, who arrives in a cherry red ’65 convertible Mustang…”Bekah Martinez

“Once Arie enters the mansion, the competition is on! He is swept away by a very assertive and mysterious bachelorette. She lands the first one-on-one conversation with the debonair Bachelor and a very romantic kiss…”Chelsea Roy was the first to steal him away, so I’m assuming this is her.

“A hopeful TV host believes that her future with the Bachelor is destiny…”Jessica Carroll

“Another gorgeous, thoughtful woman makes Arie dig deep about why he hasn’t found true love since Emily…”Don’t know this one.

“A feisty lady uses a ukulele to serenade Arie…”Kendall Long

“…and yet another challenges him to race riding miniature racecars…”Brittany Taylor. And she gets to kiss him on this which I thought was the first girl to kiss him. But maybe Chelsea did first when she stole him away.

“Arie finally decides who to honor with the all-important “first impression” rose…Chelsea Roy

“A nerve-wracking rose ceremony ends the journey for eight lovely ladies…Don’t need to see the first episode to tell you who was eliminated on night one…

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Olivia Goethals, Bri Amaranthus, Ali Harrington, Brittane Johnson, Amber Wilkerson, Jessica Carroll, Nysha Norris, and Lauren Jarreau.

The 21 girls remaining after night one are (in alphabetical order):

Annaliese Puccini
Ashley Luebke
Becca Kufrin
Bekah Martinez
Bibiana Julian
Brittany Taylor
Caroline Lunny
Chelsey Roy
Jacqueline Trumbull
Jenna Cooper
Jenny Delaney
Kendall Long
Krystal Nielson
Lauren Burnham
Lauren Griffin
Lauren Schleyer
Maquel Cooper
Marikh Mathias
Seinne Fleming
Tia Booth
Valerie Biles

Episode 2: (airing Jan. 8th) (Los Angeles, CA) (21 to 18)

1-on-1 date: Becca Kufrin. The “Pretty Woman” date. Took a motorcycle ride, they went to see Rachel Zoe’s recent runway collection, he took her shopping and bought her expensive shoes, dresses, etc. Came back to the house with clothes and jewelry then left again for the night portion of their date.

1-on-1: Krystal Nielson. They took a private jet to Arizona and went to Arie’s house. Met his parents, met his dog, rode around in his car, went to his high school, etc. Then they flew back the same day and had the night portion of their date in LA. Remember when I told you I didn’t have the people mixed up just not the date? That’s because Fleiss tweeted this picture on Sept 23:

Sept 23rd was actually the day of Krystal’s date. Becca’s had happened the day before on the 22nd. So that’s where my confusion lied. I knew it was Krystal who got the 1-on-1 to Arizona and then the night portion in LA because I was sent this picture that was taken at the Los Angeles Theatre on Broadway St. in downtown LA, where they had a private concert performed by Connor Duermit – whoever the hell that is.

Soooo yeah, kinda gave away who was on that date. But at the time I got this picture, I didn’t know that episode 2 had two 1-on-1’s and one group date yet. The previous 6 seasons had two groups and a 1-on-1 to start the season, so I figured they continued with that trend, and I thought the “motorcycle date” and “flew back to AZ girl” were the same person at the time. Wasn’t til two days later did I realize there were two 1-on-1’s.

And also I can add that Krystal Nielson is the girl this season that the others do not get along with. She was the, “I’m not here to make friends girl” this season, so expect a lot of drama surrounding her. I don’t think getting this date where she met his family so early helped either, but she definitely didn’t vibe with the rest of the cast.

Group Date:: Demolition Derby (Sienne, Valerie, Tia, Kendall, Maquel, Marikh, Jenna, Caroline, Bekah, Lauren G., Chelsea, Annaliese, Brittany, Jenny, and Bibiana). Pictures from this date were released by a couple of sites here and here.

Each girl had to spray and decorate their cars, then it was every girl for herself. Annaliese had a fear of bumper cars or something and was hyperventilating on the date and Arie had to take her aside to calm her down, but she did end up participating. Last car standing won. Seinne ended up winning and got the group date rose at the after party. Brittany Taylor ended up getting a concussion during the date and had to be taken to the hospital and missed the after party.

Four girls didn’t have a date this episode: Lauren Schleyer, Lauren Burnham, Jacqueline Trumbull and Ashley Luebke.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Valerie Biles, Lauren Griffin, and Jenny Delaney.

Episode 3: (airing Jan. 15th) (Los Angeles, CA) (18 to 15)

Group Date: Wrestling. “GLOB” – Gorgeous Ladies of the Bachelor.” The matchups were:

Bekah Martinez (Sex Kitten) vs Maquel Cooper (Lunch Lady) – Was told this was the best match of the bunch and the rest all sucked.

Marikh Mathias (Gold Digger) vs Lauren Burnham (Princess) – Match had a sexual overtone to it as Marikh pulled money out of Lauren’s ass and Chris Harrison made an “adult film” comment about it.

Tia Booth (Southern Belle) vs Bibiana Julian (Bridezilla)

Krystal Nielson (Cougar) vs Jacqueline Trumbull (Miss America)

Producers were telling the audience beforehand to cheer for Tia and to boo when Bekah Martinez came out. Arie wrestled with Kenny King briefly before these matches took place and Kenny made a comment about “this is for all the Peter fans out there.” In the end, they asked the audience to cheer for who they thought should win. Maquel (Lunch Lady) got the most cheers, but some chant started up for Tia so Chris Harrison made her the “winner.” Of course he did.

1-on-1: Lauren Schleyer. They went to a winery and she was eliminated on the date.

Group Date: “Best in Show” at the Grove in LA. 7 girls on the date were: Ashley Luebke, Caroline Lunny, Jenna Cooper, Becca Kufrin, Chelsea Roy, Brittany Taylor, & Annaliese Puccini. You can see pictures of that date here.

Kendall Long and Seinne Fleming didn’t have dates this episode.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Bibiana Julian was the only one to get eliminated at the rose ceremony. Brittany Taylor went home during the episode bc of the concussion she got back during the Demolition Derby date. Lauren Schleyer was sent home on her 1-on-1. UPDATE: Minor correction. Brittany didn’t get eliminated this episode. Arie eliminates Annaliese during the cocktail party of the rose ceremony. The other two eliminations are correct – Lauren S. during her 1-on-1 date, and Bibiana at the rose ceremony.

So that’s it for now. Process of elimination knowing which 15 girls headed off to Tahoe and knowing who the final 4 are, it’s not all too difficult to fill in the blanks on episodes 4 thru 7. Hell, the season preview will give most of it away anyway. But there’s a couple dates and eliminations I’m not sure of which episode they went home, so I’ll hold off on those episodes for now and give them to you when I can.

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