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Podcast #55 – Interview with Johnny Bananas

Podcast #55. One year anniversary of the Reality Steve Podcast. It’s Johnny Bananas. That’s about all you need to know. 75 minutes of pure, unadulterated, no BS from the greatest competitor in Challenge history. Although some of you who dislike him, and we know there are plenty, will argue that. We hit on that right off the bat. I love the fact that I can ask a question to him and get a 10 minute answer, like he did when I asked him about what went down with Sarah on “Rivals 3.” Even if you don’t like him, if you actually listen to what he says and the points he makes, he’s a really thoughtful guy and cares tremendously about this show. You can hear it in his voice. Something else to keep in mind when listening. We recorded this last Friday, Dec. 1st. So nothing that happened this past Tuesday night on Champs vs Stars was discussed and I didn’t bring up “Challenge: Vendettas” which aired its first promo this past Tuesday either (posted below). But Bananas and Cara Maria are both on that, and it looks be another great season. From what I read, only one winner will be crowned. Not sure if that’s one from each sex, or just one total, but that’ll be interesting. As always, if you want to respond to the Bananas interview, please include his Twitter handle (@MTVBananas) so he can see your replies. No punches are pulled in this interview. Johnny tells it like it is, and love or hate him, you gotta respect his game play. No one’s been able to do it better. Hope you enjoy the interview.

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(SPOILERS) Johnny joins me to talk about why people don’t like him, his overall thoughts on “Dirty 30” (5:43), how he feels about what Camila is going through (10:38), his relationship with Wes (17:12), the AYTO people being part of the Challenge (20:35), strategy overall on the show (24:43), newbies going after the vets (28:14), his finale moment on Rivals 3 & everything that went behind the decision on keeping the $275k and not sharing with Sarah (30:02), does he like the “Champs vs Stars” format (41:50), going on Jimmy Fallon a couple weeks ago (50:39), what would it take for him to hang it up (1:02:03), we play word association with some of his castmates (1:04:08), and we wrap it up with the Final 10 (1:07:41).

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