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Podcast #56 – Interview with “Survivor’s” Eliza Orlins

I got caught up in running errands yesterday before my trip to California today so I never got around to writing your episode 1 recap. If you check my Twitter yesterday, I broke it down as well as I could in tweets, but next week, you will have your episode 1 recap, I promise. Lets face it, there was a part of me that was so giddy about seeing “The Last Jedi” tonight that it was hard to write the episode 1 recap. Not to mention, I was also prepping for Friday’s podcast that I’m taping in LA which you’ll hear next week. I’ll tweet out a picture of us Friday once we’re done. As for this week, so excited to venture into the “Survivor” world since it’s my favorite reality show of all-time hands down. And my first guest is a friend of mine, Eliza Orlins. You remember her from “Vanuatu,” and the first season of “Fans vs Favorites.” Had quite some memorable moments during her time on the show for sure, and we dive into those pretty extensively, but also has a compelling upbringing along with a travel bug that I don’t know how many of you are aware of, so it was fun to get into that. As always, if you want to respond to the interview with Eliza, please include her Twitter handle (@eorlins) in your replies so she can see them as well. Definitely will be having more “Survivor” contestants on in the future, that I can promise. Hope you all enjoy it.

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(SPOILERS) Eliza joins me to talk about being the youngest cast member ever on the show at the time she was cast, her upbringing (6:10), her recent travels all across Europe (10:19), how Chris Daugherty ended up winning “Vanuatu” despite the all girl alliance at the end of the season (16:45), her infamous final Tribal Council speech to Chris & Twila (23:10), does she like the amount of idols now hidden in the game (25:27), the “Fans vs Favorites” finale of Parvati vs Amanda (32:32), general “Survivor” questions that I hear all the time in regards to food, producers, tribals, grooming, shelters, etc (33:55), some personal stuff I found when googling her (46:16), we play word association with some of the legends of the show (51:11), and end with the Final 10 (53:17) which goes a while because we head off on some tangents and she has a great story about winning “Hamilton” tickets.

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