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Podcast #57 – Interview with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Brandi Glanville

I promise you’ll be getting your Episode 1 break down soon. Was out of town all last weekend, got back late Monday, and have been a little swamped with stuff the last few days. No, this has nothing to do with any possible pending litigation. As I said, I will continue to spoil as planned. Hey, that “Bachelor: Canada” spoiler I gave you on Thanksgiving Day seemed to work out last night, didn’t it? I highly doubt I’ll ever get another spoiler to that show in the future, so I’d temper any expectations going forward. That was complete luck that dropped in my lap this season. Glad I could help though. As for this week’s podcast, it’s a “dual” interview, as both me and Brandi Glanville interview each other during this hour plus gabfest. We definitely talk about a lot of things in this podcast as you’ll see below. I’ve never watched RHOBH before, but I certainly knew about Brandi from reading both her books and her life in the tabloids. Pretty crazy what she’s went through AND what she’s done herself. Came away very impressed by her because going in I certainly had some preconceived notions. We recorded this last Friday when I was in CA and Brandi couldn’t have been nicer. Hopefully we’ll do this again sometime where can dive into things even deeper than we did this time around. As always, if you want to reply to the interview, please include Brandi’s Twitter handle (@BrandiGlanville) in your responses. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) In this joint interview, Brandi begins by asking me about the lawsuits I’ve dealt with (and could be dealing with), what “Bachelor” contestants careers become once the show airs (12:25), we talk a little Chad Johnson (14:19), I ask her why “Celebrity Apprentice” was the most difficult reality show she’s done (21:47), if she learned anything from being on “Famously Single” (28:16), her trust issues with boyfriends (30:26), her relationship now with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian (35:33), Brandi then asks me about my dating life (38:16), online dating (42:05), we then discuss the celebrity phone hacking and sharing nudes (51:55), sex on top of a car (53:32), what her regrets are about on anything she’s said in her books or done publicly (54:26), are her kids aware of how her divorce came to be (1:00:40), and is her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump irrepairable (1:03:02).

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