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Podcast #73 – Interview with Susie Meister of the “Challenge” and “Brain Candy” Podcast

Before I briefly discuss this week’s podcast guest, in case you missed my tweet late last night, I was informed that episode 7 of the “Bachelorette” starts filming this weekend in the Bahamas. They travel today and will begin filming dates starting tomorrow. It’s like Ben’s season all over again. Ben went to Vegas and Bahamas during his season and now Becca has to. Anyway, podcast guest #73 today is former Challenge competitor Susie Meister, host of the “Brain Candy” podcast with another former Challenge competitor Sarah Rice. Susie certainly doesn’t hold back her thoughts on the Bananas/Sarah Rivals 3 ending, even revealing something that apparently is well known in the Challenge world but I had no idea about. Susie is very well versed and has written a couple of pieces about her time in reality TV and how she feels things should change. I’ve linked to them below, but to hear her talk about it, definitely brings up relevant questions when it comes to talking about this genre. A lot more needs to be done and I appreciate her honesty. I pretty much agree with all of it. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Susie’s Twitter handle (@Susie_Meister) in your replies. I really liked the conversation with Susie this week. Hope you do as well…

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(SPOILERS) Susie joins me to talk about how she first got involved with the franchise on “Road Rules,” her podcast last year that “broke” the Brad & Tori divorce (14:22), we discuss the Bananas/Sarah ending on Rivals 3 & she reveals new information that maybe not everyone knows about (16:40), her overall thoughts on Bananas (23:21), the Champs vs Stars franchise (30:18), meeting her husband through the show (38:15), the article she wrote two weeks ago about the reality TV world and how she feels production is doing contestants a disservice (43:01), male vs female villains on reality TV (1:06:20), and we end with the Final 10 (1:08:47).

Twitter – @Susie_Meister
Instagram – susiemeister
Website –
Podcast – Brain Candy
Article – Crossing the Line: How I Met My Husband While Starring on an MTV Reality Show
Article – Cast Aside: Life After Reality TV

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