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Podcast #89 – Interview with Samantha Steffen

Back to the “Bachelor” world as I’m pretty sure the whole month of August the podcasts will be with contestants from Bachelor Nation, assuming everyone follows through with what they said. Today’s guest had an interesting run during her time on the show, and that’s Samantha Steffen. She’s the first girl I had on from Chris Soules’ season which I didn’t even realize until I started researching for the interview. Most people probably don’t even remember her from Chris’ season, since she definitely more known for her time on BIP 2 and her relationship with Joe Bailey. We get into that and a whole lot more in this podcast. I had Joe on probably over a year ago, so it was tough to remember what he said, but I remember he definitely took ownership for how their relationship unfolded on TV. Samantha sheds a little light on things that we didn’t see which played out behind-the-scenes. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Samantha’s Twitter handle (@SammiSteffen) in your replies. After last week’s podcast, wanted to have a more fun and lighthearted conversation and you’ll definitely get that with Samantha this week. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Samantha joins me to talk about being the first contestant from Chris’ season on the podcast, how she got cast (6:01), her first night impressions of the other women (9:56), what were her initial impressions of Chris (11:27), not getting a date early on (13:13), her thoughts on Ashley Salter & Kelsey Poe (16:30), getting eliminated in New Mexico and who had she connected with the most (24:23), did the women talk about what life would be like with Chris in Iowa (27:58), being approached about Paradise (30:24), everything that happened with Joe pre-show and her relationship on the show with him (32:43), her one regret about the Joe situation (41:03), her relationship with Nick on the show and post-show (45:15), what she’s up to now (48:54), and we end with the Final 10 (56:20).

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