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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 6 Recap, BIP Reunion Finale Tapes Today, & Chris Harrison Talks About Me & The Spoilers

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One of the biggest things I noticed about BIP this season compared to the first four, is that they aren’t giving the solid couples dates. They always did that in past seasons. Heading into last night (and even tonight for that matter), the most solid couples are Chris/Krystal, Kevin/Astrid, and Joe/Kendall. I guess you could say Eric/Angela as well, we’ve just seen zero interaction with them. NONE of those couples have had a date yet. In past seasons in case you forgot, it would always be people entering the show come in with a date card and ask people out, but also, there would be one or two dates an episode where a date card was given to someone already at the resort, and they’d ask their person they were seeing out. I guess maybe they realize the dates on this show suck and always have, so they’d much rather just keep the dates to the people coming in who are essentially trying to break up couples. Definitely different this season. Better? That’s debatable.

Jordan, Benoit, and Jenna

I don’t think I’m going out on any limbs here by saying, ummmm, Jenna is kind of an odd bird. She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. Then again, you kinda have to if you’re going to promote a Rose Gold Club on your IG which basically charges women $250 a year to essentially get mani’s & pedi’s and go to brunch with you. By all means, if that’s not what it is, please someone correct me, but when I visited that link on her page, that’s the gist that I got. And people do it, which might even be more bizarre. I’ve always said, get what you can while you can on this show, because no one will care about you in a few years. But that seems a bit extreme. What service exactly is she providing? Some things I’ll never understand I guess.

With that said, last night Jenna finds herself in a dilemma. A dilemma she creates because she’s in her own head for a least a little bit. The episode started with her making out with Benoit on the day bed, a continuation from her date the night before with him (which I never saw the end of because of the power outage last week). Then Benoit and Jenna take their relationship into the frisbee throwing stage which, unfortunately, was the beginning of the end for them. Jordan commented on Benoit’s frisbee throwing skills and, well, he was right. Not that we’ve seen much from Jordan and Jenna’s relationship other than pure physical attraction, but that seems to be the same with Benoit. Sure, he’s clamoring about how great they are together, but gives zero specifics about it. Not to mention they barely know each other at this point, so anything he did say would be pretty confusing anyway because we wouldn’t buy it.

Jordan gets jealous and decides to pour his heart out telling her he can see himself falling in love with her. Jenna has this standoffish approach where she tells Jordan she’s basically gonna tell Benoit not to bother with her anymore, but then she goes sees him and starts kissing him, followed by her saying she’s gonna kiss neither guy anymore because she’s confused and that’s making it worse. Then she sees Jordan again, he pours his heart out again, and now she’s made up her mind, goes and tells Benoit, and that dude is so angry, he chucks a football into the ocean. His football throwing skills are equivalent to his frisbee throwing skills, which is to say piss poor. Benoit and Jenna are no longer and Jenna and Jordan are well on their way to marital bliss because why wouldn’t they be? It’s a TV show, both are out to promote their careers and, well, we know how that ends.

Annaliese & Whoever

I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks Annaliese is trying waaaaaay too hard on this show. Maybe it’s because she’s one of the older contestants there, maybe it’s because the producers are brainwashing her, I don’t know. But I lost track of how many times this season (and especially last night) Annaliese referenced things like how she was ready to find love, she deserves to find love, etc. It’s all a bit much. Tone it down 100 notches or so Annaliese. It’s not a good look. Like, at all. In the beginning of the season, she was all about Jordan. Jordan was her guy. Had never met anyone like him. Ride or die. Then 4 seconds later when he didn’t want her anymore, he was forgotten. Then it was Kenny. Everything’s great with Kenny. She can see herself with Kenny long term. Until she couldn’t. Enter Kamil last night. Wash, rinse, repeat. The thirst is real.



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