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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 6 Recap, BIP Reunion Finale Tapes Today, & Chris Harrison Talks About Me & The Spoilers

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Do you know what this week is? Yes, it’s the start of college football season. Well technically it started last weekend with Colo St/Hawaii and Wyoming/New Mex St., but I’m talking about the REAL start of the season. First full slate of Saturday games coming up and this guy couldn’t be more excited. I think you’re all aware by now my love for college football and what not, and this season is no different. Let the weekly studying, dissecting, and podcast listening begin as it will basically keep me busy until the end of the calendar year. So many good games this weekend and frankly, I don’t plan on missing any. Granted, this will also be Luka’s first time watching with me so lets see how that goes. This will be the test to see if the two of us can last together. Kidding. Can we just fast forward to Saturday please? And then after Saturday, can we DeLorean it on over to next Thursday when I leave for Vegas? That’d be great. I know it’ll go by fast, but like, I want it to be faster. I mean, if my nephew can play Fortnite all day every day, then there’s nothing wrong with me plopping down at the Venetian sportsbook next Saturday morning at 9am and basically not leaving until the Sunday night Packers/Bears game is over, is there? Didn’t think so.

Interesting to hear Chris Harrison actually discuss me and the spoilers during an interview he did last week on the “Ben and Skin Show” here in Dallas to promote his restaurant opening. It starts at the 6:18 mark:

I challenge anyone to go back on the internet anywhere in the last five years and find any interview where Chris Harrison, Robert Mills, Mike Fleiss, or anyone of the higher ups of that show ever discuss me or the spoilers. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. Now, it’s not like Chris volunteered to bring me up, he was asked about me by Ben Rogers, the host. Ben and I used to work together years ago, but never knew each other too well. I’ve run into him on a couple of occasions over the years, and they had me on their show when they were on another station back in like 2010. Chris’ answer is what I expected in regards to when it came to me personally. Like, he pretended he didn’t really know anything about me, yet knew plenty of things about me like where I lived, that this is my job, that I’ve been wrong in the past, etc. That was comical. But for the spoilers aspect, I mean, that’s no different than what I’ve been saying to you for years. Spoilers don’t affect their show. You can tell in his answer they’ve resigned themselves to that fact. It didn’t always used to be that way, but now it is. So basically Chris and I are BFF’s now and he’s coming on the podcast. Kidding.

Don’t forget that Nell Kalter’s “Floribama Shore” recap is now up for your viewing pleasure. Yes, this episode was supposed to air last week but it didn’t because of the VMA’s, so go ahead and read it again. Also, this Thursday will be her “Are You the One?” season 7 recap as well.

Maybe it’s because the season is winding down but we are very low on “Reader Emails” this week. So get those in today if you want to see them in tomorrow’s column. Got a couple “Dr. Reality Steve” emails for this week, but always looking for more, so get those in if you want as well.

As for the podcast this week, we are going back a few years as Kat Hurd from Juan Pablo’s season will be the guest. You will want to hear this one as she speaks up on something that she’s mentioned before but I don’t think expanded on it as much as she did in the podcast, and that was her battle with bulimia. Major props to Kat for being so open and willing to discuss it. She even told me afterwards if it even helps one person out there, she feels it was necessary to talk about. Couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait for you all to hear it on Thursday.

Today they are taping the reunion finale for BIP. Yesterday I didn’t know when the finale was airing since ABC hasn’t officially announced anything. But then someone sent me a link to a TV schedule and it looks like the finale is on Monday the 10th, with the reunion special to air the following night on the 11th. If/when I hear stuff about the reunion taping today and what the updates are on the couples who appear, I will post it. Seems weird they are taping the reunion finale a full two weeks before it airs. That’s 4 episodes (tonights, next week’s 2 episodes, then the following Monday’s) that the audience would have to watch to understand how everything shakes out. No way the audience is being shown 8 hours of episodes before they tape today, so I gotta imagine they’ll just condense it down.

Will they announce the next “Bachelor” at today’s taping? I’d be shocked if they did. In the past they used to do that, but their “Bachelor” announcements now more recently have always been live. They know if they do it at today’s taping, it’d get out immediately, so I wouldn’t expect it come today. Not to mention, they’ve always promoted when they are making the announcement and there’s been no mention yet. Arie was announced on GMA last year on Sept. 7th, so I would expect a GMA announcement again sometime in the next week or so. Hey ABC, one small request. Last year you dropped Arie on us while I was in Vegas and it basically ruined one of my days there as I was getting bombarded with tweets, texts, etc. Can you possibly do it before the 6th this year since I’ll be there all next weekend? Thanks. You’re the best. All my love.



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