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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 6 Recap, BIP Reunion Finale Tapes Today, & Chris Harrison Talks About Me & The Spoilers

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Chris, Connor, & Krystal

The episode started swimmingly for Chris & Krystal as they’re lying on the beach, kissing, and we get ITM’s of other contestants talking about how happy the two of them seem. Even Krystal saying she’s shocked at how much she’s fallen for Chris. All’s well in Paradise, right? Of course not. Enter Connor, he the owner of numerous dress shirts where the top buttons are obsolete, and not to mention, the guy Krystal came to Paradise for. This back and forth was a little bizarre as well. So Connor pulls Krystal aside and she tells him she came to Paradise strictly to meet him. But before he got there, she kinda fell for this other dude and it wouldn’t be right if she accepted this date. Cool. That’s said and done. Krystal goes back to a nervous Chris and tells him that Connor did ask her out, but she said no because she likes what they have going on. Perfectly normal. Until…

Connor I guess couldn’t get anyone else to go out with him, so he went BACK to Krystal and asked her out and she said yes on the condition “as long as you know where I’m at.” Whatever that means. Nothing on their date made it seem like Connor had any inclination to respect wherever “she was at” after they basically stuck their faces together the whole night and walked hand in hand the whole time. So basically Krystal chose to have her cake and eat it too. Guess it’s irrelevant since we know the outcome of her and Chris’ relationship now, but put it this way, if it were the other way around, I’m guessing the audience would’ve turned on the guy in a heartbeat and all the rabid fans would be screaming “How could you do that to so-and-so!” It’s one thing to date multiple people on this show, but you can tell that most of these people, as much as they proclaim to so desperately wanting to meet someone and fall in love, none of them are really that serious about it and are just looking for the bigger, better deal. That’s the only explanation as to why Krystal (or any of the solid couples) would not only accept a date with someone else when they already have a seemingly solid relationship. FOMO. Which brings us to…

Kevin & Astrid

Another head scratcher. Now granted, we haven’t seen much of this courtship. All the sudden when Krystal was out on a date earlier this season with Kenny, Kevin moved in on Astrid and they’ve been inseparable ever since. But we’ve never seen much conversation between the two and they haven’t been on a date. However, from what they’ve shown us, these two were pretty solid as they were always together. Then out of nowhere, Kevin says he thinks he would like to see Astrid go out with another guy. Which ultimately saddens Astrid because why wouldn’t it? Huh? Where the hell is this coming from? Kevin muddies the waters even further by telling her “I can’t explain it.” Oh, well, NOW that makes so much more sense. Later on, he discusses how things were perfect on “Bachelorette: Canada” until that ended. Then he thought things were great with Ashley after Winter Games and that ended. So I guess he’s just waiting for this relationship to implode with Astrid and that makes it worse. They eventually make up because, well, I don’t know why but I could probably guess, and that’s that. Until they break up again later, but then see each other post-show. This show is silly.

Kendall & Leo

You know how we always say “actions speak louder than words?” Well, Leo’s actions AND words spoke volumes last night. And that volume was turned up to “Full Emotional Abuser” last night. How can Leo sit at home and watch this show and think anything that came flying out of his mouth or his actions last night were remotely respectable towards Kendall? I mean yes, I’m fully aware that Leo thinks he does nothing wrong in any situation he’s been involved in with women (the accusations from co-workers, the Twitter feud with Bekah, etc), but I think watching what we saw last night, his credibility on his defense of anything gets shot to hell by how he treated Kendall. I’ve never seen a more pig-headed, conceited, and flat out disrespectful dude on this show – and that’s saying a lot. I couldn’t believe what we were seeing last night.

You want to sit here and break down every little thing Leo did and said, but it’s just like, “Did you watch it?” What more is there to say? He gaslighted the whole conversation. He played down his kiss with Chelsea after his date with Kendall. Ok, so if the kiss wasn’t that big of deal, why wouldn’t you just tell Kendall about it afterwards? The guy made no sense whatsoever, and the fact that he ended up blaming Kendall for his actions pretty much tells you all you need to know about the guy. He’s got a huge superiority complex, will inevitably blame the editing or just say “it’s a TV show,” and will take zero responsibilities for his actions. That’s a given. It’s pointless to give this guy the time of day anymore because it’s clear he respects no one but himself. He’s always right, we’re always wrong, and that’s that. You’ve got some serious growing up to do, dude. Seriously, just go away and stop trying to defend your actions when it’s now becoming a pattern. Nobody buys your act.

Leo’s response to last night?

Pretty much shows all you need to know about this guy. He’s trash. And tonight I’m sure will go real well for him too as he confronts Grocery Joe and makes himself look like even more of an ass. I’m sure his response will be much of the same. I’m no doctor, I just play one on the internet, but following his reactions to the accusations from co-workers and random women, seeing how he handed himself with Bekah, and now watching him last night with Kendall, this guy is lost. I honestly feel he knows shit around him is spinning out of control and he doesn’t have a f***ing clue on how to handle it. He needs help and I’m afraid he’s not going to get any.



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