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Podcast #99 – Interview with David Ravitz

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Another fun interview this week as I talk to the chicken and the guy who played Jordan’s nemesis on the Becca’s season and then down in Paradise, David Ravitz. I think you’ll learn after listening to this interview that things were never really that contentious between the two at any point. At least that’s what I gathered from talking to David. Just seems like both of them knew what was going on and kinda went with a storyline that was being set up for them on a silver platter. I certainly think David got under Jordan’s skin, but not nearly as bad as the show made it out to be. Listen for yourself and see if you come to the same conclusion. We also talk about the injury he suffered when he fell from the bed and how serious it actually became. Not sure if the show really touched on the severity of it, but it definitely got a little scary there for a minute. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, even though David isn’t a huge Twitter guy, please include his Twitter handle (@DavidRavitz) in your replies. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did as David was very open about his time on both shows and basically just seems like he had a blast, which is probably what more people should try and do and quit taking it so seriously.

One thing I want to point out from the interview where I screwed up, was I told him at one point I’d spoken to one other guy from Becca’s season already, and that was Mike Renner. Well, I totally blanked and forgot I spoke to Jordan AND Christon. Dumb me. Also, I allude to the fact that next week’s podcast guest #100 may or may not do it, nothing was finalized at the time of this taping – well I can confirm that they are and she will be doing it. We’re recording tomorrow. It’s an old school alumni from this show but someone who definitely was a major player back in the day and has a bit of a story behind her. Looking forward to talking to her tomorrow and getting down to everything that happened. That’ll be episode #100 next week.

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(SPOILERS) David joins me to talk about how he got cast on Becca’s season (5:48), the idea behind wearing the chicken suit (7:32), who he bonded with most on the first night (10:31), first group date and his thoughts on Lincoln (15:45), falling off the bed and how serious his injuries were (22:224), the lumberjack date in Park City and the Jean Blanc fallout (33:14), the 2-on-1 in Vegas with Jordan and why he couldn’t stop talking about him to Becca (38:07), who did he think was winning once he left (46:33), expectations heading into Paradise (47:21), the love triangle with himself, Jordan & Jenna (52:23), his thoughts on Colton & Tia and Colton becoming the “Bachelor” (57:41), what is he doing now (1:05:38), and we end with the Final 10 (1:11:28).

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