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Podcast #108 – Interview with Jonny Fairplay

On a bit of a “Survivor” run with the finale coming up next week. Pretty funny how guests come together sometimes. When I had reality TV casting director Shannon McCarty on a couple weeks ago, I mentioned how nowadays you see people come on these shows just wanting to be like other people before them. I threw out the name Jonny Fairplay to her. Someone who was listening tweeted at him mentioning that I brought his name up, Jonny DM’ed me, we got talking, and here we are. Another podcast that I recorded this morning so we could talk about last night’s episode. Unbelievably enough, Jonny is someone I’d actually forgotten to inquire about as a podcast guest in the past. Tons of “Survivor” contestants as we know, and he’d just slipped my mind for whatever reason, even though he’s arguably the biggest villain in this show’s history. So great to finally have him on and, as you’d expect, he was as Fairplay as Fairplay can be. Everything you’d expect him to be is what he is – and more. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Jonny’s handle (@JonnyFairplay) in your replies. Probably the last week of “Survivor” talk until next season rolls around, so enjoy this conversation with one of the all-time not only “Survivor” villains, but reality TV villains ever.

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(SPOILERS) Jonny joins me to talk about how the Jonny Fairplay moniker came to be, his thoughts on Christian being eliminated last night, what really happened that led to his exit on “Fans vs Favorites,” being 2 years sober, wanting to play the game again, where his relationship is with Jeff Probst, and much much more. Easiest interview I’ve ever done. Just ask Jonny a question, wind him up, and let him go. Almost a 2 hour filibuster on all things Jonny Fairplay.

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