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Podcast #107 – Interview with “Survivor’s” Stephen Fishbach

Haven’t talked “Survivor” all season when we’re in the midst of one of the all-time greatest seasons they’ve had in recent memory. So who else would I turn to? The Survivor Know-It-All, Stephen Fishbach. One of my favorite guests because I could listen to this guy talk “Survivor” for hours on end. As I say every time when I talk to “Survivor” people, it’s my favorite reality show, always has been, I’ve watched every episode of every season, but if you ask me basic questions, I’d probably get many of them wrong. I just don’t retain a lot of info when it comes to this show, probably because it’s not my job. That’s why to hear Stephen recall things from years and seasons ago like it is nothing I’ll always find pretty fascinating. The guy is an encyclopedia when it comes to this show and we do a deep dive into “David vs Goliath” this season, even though it seems like there’s a clear cut winner. If you want to respond to the interview, please include Stephen’s Twitter handle (@stephenfishbach) in your replies. And as promised, I ask Stephen the riddle from the Olivia Caridi podcast and you’ll be amazed at his answer. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Stephen joins me to talk about the buzz around the current season of “David vs Goliath” (6:40), does he like the themes the seasons are given (12:40), who’s playing the best game (17:50), Kara & Alec posting a pre-season pic together (25:15), how does he see this season playing out (30:05), was the Idol Nullifier fair (35:55), Christian’s strategy (42:30), did Gabby go after Christian too early (46:14), players giving in-season interviews while still on the show (51:50), Stephen answers my Survivor trivia questions & the water bucket riddle (1:07:39), and we end with more Christian talk and why he’s so beloved (1:15:20).

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