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Podcast #109 – Colton’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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It’s finally here. What you’ve all been asking for since I released the ending to Colton’s season, and that’s your episode-by-episode spoilers. When I recorded this last night, I had my notes in front of me and did some things that I remember being told off the top of my head, but I also wanted to cover some topics in Bachelor Nation first that I’ve gotten asked about the most in the last couple months. The podcast begins with that since I’m aware I haven’t written much at all this offseason. That’ll change once Jan. 7th rolls around and I basically have almost 9 straight months of writing three times a week and six podcasts a month. But you’ve had emails and questions regarding things in Bachelor Nation I wanted to address, so we start with that. Also when I last left you with spoilers, I said there were some details about the ending to Colton’s season that I didn’t have. This podcast addresses those and I update you on more that went down during overnight dates in Portugal including the fence jump from what I’m being told. Podcast is a little less than an hour and has no advertisement breaks. There are a few things in the spoilers that I spend some extra amount of time on, and I don’t expect any of you to sit there with a pen and paper writing this all down, but you will have it in written form soon. Good chance it’ll be tomorrow. You’ll see that the details on the dates overseas in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, while being correct in who went on the dates, don’t have too much info on what exactly they did. A couple do, but all your dates and eliminations are correct. Just not as detailed. So sit back and enjoy your spoilers to Colton’s season.

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(SPOILERS) Podcast begins by talking some news in Bachelor Nation including the “Crazy Days and Nights” site rumors, Elan Gale no longer producing, the overt Kaitlyn/Jason flirting on social media, also why rumors/speculation/innuendo/tea whatever you want to call it, is not as easy to spill anymore (9:50), your episode-by-episode spoilers for the season (14:24), this Colton/Caelynn conversation that Chris Harrison keeps hyping up (28:05), the updated ending with more details regarding what went down on overnight dates (40:41), and I end with “Bachelorette” talk (44:41).

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