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Podcast #133 – Interview with Amanda Stanton

Been a couple years since I last had her on, but lets just say a hell of a lot has happened in Amanda Stanton’s life since then. A relationship has come and gone, she was the victim of a hacking/blackmail incident, she’s started a clothing line, she’s written a book, etc. A lot to cover today. Not easy for Amanda to talk about this stuff but I wanted to bring her on because it’s been so long, and I know a lot of people have questions regarding the things that have gone down her life. As she says in the podcast, she likes to share. Almost too much. She’s an open book and she addresses all these issues head on. The Vegas incident she explains as to why she really hasn’t talked about it much, so you’ll get to hear that as well. I also wanted to bring her on because she is one of the donors to this weekend’s Fan Appreciation Party as one of those in attendance will win a $100 gift card to her online store, Lani the Label. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Amanda’s Twitter handle (@amandastantonnn) in your replies. A nice, fun one hour chat with Amanda getting caught up on some of the craziness she’s experienced over the last couple years in her life. Again I thank her for coming on and sharing this with us. Hope you enjoy…

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Amanda joins me to talk about Josh Murray for a hot minute (3:20), her Lani the Label clothing line (5:01), her recent trip to Maui with her daughters (9:42), the relationship with Bobby and what happened (11:55), the hacking incident from a couple months ago (25:40), her decision to get breast implants (35:15), the Vegas incident from a few months back (39:33), and her book coming out in a few months (52:30).

Twitter – @amandastantonnn
Instagram – amanda_stantonn
Amazon Pre-Order – Now Accepting Roses by Amanda Stanton

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