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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

“Reader Emails,” Jed’s Ex Speaks Out, And, Ummmm, More Jed

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Hi Steve,

Like many others I’m a long time reader, first time emailer. Also a Gemini like you (happy belated birthday). Few questions for you this week.

Do people on the show ever have time without producers/ cameras/ microphones besides when they’re sleeping? Or is someone always watching? That’s pretty much it. That and the fantasy suites.

Are the producers telling people what to talk about during the cocktail parties when the lead is off with another person? I’m assuming yes, but still these people have half a brain and shouldn’t be forced to sound stupid by talking about someone they’re all tired of talking/hearing about. Right? Most of them want to follow the rules because they don’t want to be the one that disobeys or goes off the rails and does their own thing. Almost all are just too scared to rock the boat.

Are people allowed to watch TV or at least the news when they’re not on a date and sitting around bored? Are they allowed to check in with family every now and then?

Keep the spoilers coming 🙂

Comment: No and no.

Hi, Steve –

I know the producers love drama. I can’t believe Hannah would be dense enough to not see through Luke P’s lies and superficiality. I believe the producers push for “drama queens/kings” to stay for ratings. It had to be frustrating for the other guys. Her heart was into him? Please. She’d have to be a moron! So am I right that the producers keep the jerks?

Comment: Hannah has liked Luke since Day 1. Her keeping him around has more to do with her thinking she can change him. She’s making all the excuses in the book to justify his behavior because she likes him. We’ve all been there.

Hey does this mean Luke is a virgin if he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage? Why wasnt this addressed like it was for Colton?

Comment: No. He’s never stated that. And judging by his intro video, without stating he wasn’t a virgin, it’s pretty clear he wasn’t.

Hi Steve,

You’re the best. Thanks for everything you do. I love your site.

Holy crap is Luke a world class douchebag. It’s really next level. My question to you as someone who knows a lot more than what we see: is he really this awful or are they editing him to make it look even worse? So curious on how much you think this is actually Luke P and how much is producers.

Anyway, thanks again you’re great.

Comment: I really don’t think he’s an awful human being. I think he has some flaws that are being magnified on this show. He’s far from perfect, and I think, well I hope, he’s seeing how he comes across to other people.

Hi there,

I might be spoiled and all, but wow. Just wow. I know why the producers didn’t guide Hannah to send Luke P home earlier but I really wish they did. If anything, I hope they post the National Domestic Abuse Hotline number after the FS episode.

Back to less troubling matters:

Are there any 3rd-4th round Paradise cast members flying out this week? I feel Kirpa, Chase and Diggy could be in that category if true. I also feel that Heather’s been there since the weekend. All in due time you’ll know who else joined.

Any chance that Paradise Hotel could come back, but to cable? That’s what should’ve happened IMO. It would probably have to go there since I doubt Fox is bringing it back.

And finally, while Toronto and all of Canada are happy for the Raptors regardless of what happens next, it would’ve paled had the Leafs made the Stanley Cup finals.

Comment: I still think the Raptors winning would be a bigger deal in Toronto, no? I saw that parade. It’d be bigger for the Leafs?


I saw recently where Mills said something to the effect of – It came down to the wire for Hannah, it was like where the guy stepped out of the limo on his way to get his heart broken and she said “no hes the final one.” I know to take everything Mills says with a grain of salt, but do you have any idea if this is what happens at the Final Rose Ceremony?

Comment: No. But he’s a mouthpiece for the show, so I expect him to say things like that.

Hi Steve,

As I read your column on 6/12, one added name for BIP stuck out at me… Clay Harbor. This one has been on my mind! Late last year, he and Angela (from last season of BIP) started dating and were constantly on IG together, even vacationing in Miami with Chris and Krystal. However, right after their Valentine’s Day posts, they were never in pictures together again, though kept following each other.

Any idea what caused the breakup there? Just curious because they seemed like a beautiful couple on the outside, but perhaps were not compatible.

Comment: Not really, but I’m guessing we’ll hear about it on Paradise. Angela was part of Krystal’s wedding party. Don’t think they would have Angela on that island and not have her confront Clay in some way. It’s happening.

Everyone thinks Luke P is strange or behaving oddly on the show, and I don’t disagree. However, during Mike’s 1:1 date with Hannah, he says in an ITM that the last time he said I love you was on December 25, 2013. That’s 5 and a half years ago!!! It isn’t weird that he remembers the exact date he said I love you for the first time? But Luke P saying he’s falling in love with Hannah on their first date is so much weirder?!?

Comment: I don’t think Mike remembering that is weird at all. And Luke saying it on the first date is definitely weird.

Hi Steve,

My first time writing to you. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was very wrapped up in the Jordan/Jenna drama on last year’s BIP and it’s aftermath. Do you know if either of them will be there this season? After his interview with you, and her craziness with “proving” that she hadn’t sent the texts that he claims she sent, their story completely died out and neither seems involved in the franchise any more. I really liked him from the beginning (thought he was very funny and there was way more to him than people gave him credit for.) Any chance we’ll see either of them this summer?


Comment: Yep. Maybe one, maybe both.


Why haven’t you covered shows like Paradise Hotel and Double Shot at Love?

Comment: Kinda of weird how to answer this? I don’t know. Because for 17 years this show has been “Bachelor/ette” focused?

Hi! I’m bachelor nation obsessed and I follow you religiously!!

I was wondering about the phone/technology situation and how it exactly works. Do they turn in their phone before filming and receive it as soon as their eliminated or after filming is over? Are they able to contact their family at all during filming? I’ve been curious about this and it seems so crazy to me in this time to not have any contact with any family member and be in hiding for so long! But, maybe I’m crazy haha.

Comment: Yes. Phone is turned over when you arrive in LA and you don’t get it back until you’re eliminated. Occasionally they will allow an update with family, but that’s done on a producer phone with the producer sitting right next to you.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you can’t fully answer this question because you won’t reveal your sources, but I’m gonna ask anyway. I know when dates are public, you’ll get pictures or info sent to you from regular people who happen to be there. But I am a little confused about how you got pictures and videos of Hannah G, Tayshia and Dylan before paradise? I could be wrong, but I would assume that producers would keep them in a confined space, or at least in an area that’s blocked off from the public. The pictures and videos you posted seem like they were sent to you by a producer. And now that I’m thinking about it some of Hannah’s dates, like the one with Luke in Santorini seen like it was taken by a producer or someone apart of the bachelor franchise. You can visibly see cameras and the pictures are very close up. Can you comment on this? For how much publicity your spoilers bring to the show, it wouldn’t seem crazy that ABC would pay you to pose as someone who “spoils” the show, yet they give you most of the spoilers. I’m not trying to assume, because I know that your job requires a lot of work and investigating and I don’t want to downplay that at all – I just can’t help but wonder.


Comment: Keep wondering. You’re way off base.

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  1. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 7:22 AM

    It’ll be awesome if Hannah just comes out during ATFR and keeps it real and have broken it off with Jed. She doesn’t want to pay his rent now, does she?? Everyone will respect her for it.

  2. sailor2000

    June 19, 2019 at 10:56 AM

    Funny that they staged that whole piece on the first episode to kick out the guy that had a girlfriend right before going on the show and now the winner is revealed to have done the same, plus the motive of using this for his music. If she doesn’t break up with him I would think she is a bit of a hypocrite or perhaps very naive.

  3. mackin3

    June 19, 2019 at 10:59 AM

    They’d be CRAZY not to make Tyler bachelor (unless something scandalous happens with him between now and then). Literally everyone loves him, he’s not another Ben type personality and therefore something different (not to mention attractive). As far as the Jed stuff goes, I feel like 90% of the guys that go on that show do it for the fame or for a platform. Rarely do they really expect to fall in love. I found it genuine when he told Hannah because it’s such a shameful thing to admit, yet he did. I know personally I would never admit that—unless I was truly falling. As for the ex goes, whatever. We’ll never know the truth. I like Jed for Hannah, they fit. They’re both dorky and Tyler doesn’t have a dorky bone in his body. It didn’t work for me with them two. I don’t care about the ex hype with Jed, as long as it’s over now and he truly loves Hannah who cares ?????

  4. mackin3

    June 19, 2019 at 11:04 AM

    Also that makeout text sounds like a total joke… as in “will you be my gf check y/n” I would’ve taken it as a silly flirty text. Don’t think it was a serious (hey do you want to makeout with me???) lol all the guys love Jed and they all seem to joke around a ton.

  5. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 11:57 AM

    @mackin3 My biggest turn-off with Jed is really the fact he can’t make rent at his age. What is his job anyway?? Seriously, they plan to live on air and love??

    YIKES – no thank you!

  6. crushonspivey

    June 19, 2019 at 12:26 PM

    Jed is a starving artist (musician). Likes to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Time to nut up and get a career.

  7. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 2:39 PM

    Too right @crushonspivey. For someone who makes his poor dad pay his rent, then off he went to Bahamas!!?? Really Jed?? What a jerk and what a slap in the face to his own father.

  8. thecuriousgeorgette

    June 19, 2019 at 5:31 PM

    Man, this whole Jed development is disappointing. My hope for Hannah is that she dumps him and takes her time, maybe she’ll be able to rekindle something with Tyler or something down the road? Probably unlikely wishful thinking, but gahhh. Jed is just sounding more and more like a millennial loser. ?

  9. mackin3

    June 19, 2019 at 5:36 PM

    Well the rent thing is hearsay isn’t it? I mean anyone could make these things up. The guy can’t even defend himself.. contract… so I cut him slack until he can

  10. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 6:57 PM

    If none of what the ex-girl friend says is true, for sure, Jed would have issued a denial statement by now defending himself.

    If it’s all hearsay, by that logic, why should we believe Jed’s hearsay words? He can make things up or deny whatever he wants to suit his narrative.

    His ex-gf has receipts to back up her claims. Give her some credit.

  11. mackin3

    June 20, 2019 at 4:52 PM

    No I was just talking about the rent lol

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