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“Reader Emails,” Jed’s Ex Speaks Out, And, Ummmm, More Jed

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Hellooooo there Steve.

Few things I’m curious about

1) you are very vocal when it comes to outing a f***boy, and whether you disclose the actual stories behind it or not I know that you would never publicly denounce someone’s character without multiple sources and evidence behind it, and that it has to be more than just them being a douche bag a few times. Basically I feel like you wouldn’t say anything unless they were just really scummy as a person. And even though I know not to believe the social media perception of a couple to be reality, it is confusing to see people like Arie and Chris Lane have such successful relationships given what you’ve told us. My question is- do you think it is possible for every f***boy to eventually want to give up that life and become a family man at some point? Because it’s hard to look at arie and Lauren and think that he really never wanted to find a wife and will never be able to settle for just one. Obviously he did the switcharoo, and you believed that he would have done the same thing in reverse if it were Lauren he gave the final rose to. I firmly believed that as well, but it seems that they are pretty right for each other and I can’t see him and Becca anywhere near married with a kid- which is the opposite of what we all expected arie to want. So… do you think he is still the same person he always was and was able to use the motivation of his image to force himself into settling down, or do you think this is really what he did want to happen from the bachelor and had finally changed his ways? He better not be the same person he was or divorce is in their future. He’s a father now. Maybe the dude realized his ways were getting him nowhere. I would think having a kid will settle him down.

I know I lost the part about Chris and Lauren somewhere back there, but whatever. I got carried away rambling.

2) who would you least want to spend a day stuck in an elevator with:

Chris Lane – I wouldn’t be able to hold in laughter at how ridiculous his hair cut is and how tight his pants are.
Nick Viall – I doubt we’d be able to fit in the same elevator with how inflated his ego is. Might be tough.
Joe McCoy after JD choked on the game winning pass for the panthers – F You Joe McCoy. I’m glad your wife left you and the town of Dillon wants your head on a stick.

3) how do you feel about Chris B. returning to BIP after his apology and praising him for sticking to his word after his apology and proof of changing his ways / announcing his retirement? He really does seem like a different and better person based on your podcast and social, so I really hope he went to give one last shot of finding a relationship now that he’s actually wanting one, rather than just fueling his reality tv addiction for attention that he talked about. I’ll be really sad if I see him act like old Chris on there again. Any word on that?

Thank you!!!!

Comment: I hope he does too. I can’t imagine he’d do what he did, do the podcast sounding very sincere, then just go back to his womanizing ways. Would be a horrible story arc for him. Lets hope he changes. From what I’m hearing, so far so good.

Hi! I’ve watched the show for a long time, but this is my first time watching it and having read all your spoilers. It’s also my husband’s first time ever watching it, and he has 100% nailed down Hannah’s top four. He knows nothing about the Bachelor world and he was able to guess it correctly. I’ve seen you say how Hannah shows all her emotions, but is it always THIS easy to guess who makes it to the end? Have all the other Bachelors and Bachelorettes been so incredibly easy to predict? Or is Hannah just making it too obvious who she’s into?


Comment: Well, your husband apparently also did that having watched 5 episodes. There’s 9 guys left. And really only 5 or 6 real possibilities for those 4 spots. So is it really that impressive?

Hi Steve

I know this isn’t bachelorette related m but as a long time basketball fan and sports enthusiast, was just curious about your take on the NBA finals.

No worries if you don’t want this in your column but figured I would ask.


“A raptors fan”

Comment: Look, they won it on the court fair and square. Props to them. But lets not kid ourselves. A whole series of a healthy Klay and KD and the Raptors win one, maybe 2 games at most. I think even you can admit that. And lets flip it around. What if Kawhi played 12 minutes all series like KD did? You think the Raptors even win a game? Probably not.

But hey, they won. Whether people want to put as asterisk there or not, in the record books, it shows them as the 2018-2019 NBA Champions. Can’t take that away from them.

Hey Steve,

Meant to ask this last week but watched it late. Any thoughts or knowledge on why Luke P was not on the group date (Scottish week one)? Did Hannah demand a 1-1, did they think he would be literally too dangerous given the nature of the date? Just seems like the most drama would have been having him on yet another highly physical group date …


Comment: I have no insight to this. They gave him the 1-on-1. You’re asking me to tell you why he got that date instead of being put on the group date? I have no idea.

Hi Steve,

I hope you are doing well!! I saw a reader comment on your page that Peter Weber dumped a girlfriend to go on the show, but didn’t see it in any of your posts. Am I missing something? He’s my favorite character for three reasons: he doesn’t get caught up in drama, gets along with everyone and seems like a happy, go lucky guy. Is he just getting a good edit? And I saw your comment on not revealing anything about Tyler C and it’s killing me!!!! How long must we wait for the dirt 🙂 Huh?

Luke P may be a douche, but he’s probably not a bad guy, just your average gym bro. Most people would be defensive if they were trapped in a house with people who hate them. Also, it’s stupid that the guys get mad that he lied about talking to Hannah about them. How many people would say, “Yeah, I talked shit about you,” to somebody’s face? Very few. What are your thoughts?

Thank you very much for your insight. Have a happy and wonderful week!

Comment: That whole conversation between all of them fried my brain. I’d rather not re-live it. It was too much.

Hey Steve,

Love your site! Long time viewer of Bachelor franchise and been reading your spoilers since the beginning!

Quick question, will Luke P be on Bachelor in Paradise??

Comment: No. Not happening.

My feeling is that those who “hate” Hannah, it is more about them. Everyone in my family adores her-we think she is cute, funny, down to earth etc. Yes, she says “like” to much, and she will have to work on that post-bachelor, but we think she will go on to have a career in Hollyweird. Perhaps folks just hate southerners?

Comment: People who “hate” her have issues. You can dislike her. You can not choose to watch the show. But to watch it and determine you hate her is so extreme and I can’t possibly fathom the alternate world someone must be living in to generate that much hatred toward a woman on a reality TV show.

I know you can’t and won’t out your sources, but I believe your Jed spoiler and I even have my own theory about where you may have gotten the information from: Luke Pell is Friends with Jed (and also tried using the show as a platform for his music career). Luke Pell’s gf Amanda (who you spoke about in your Holly Allen podcast) is Friends with Christen Whitney. One of them did an Instagram post where Amanda was supposedly FaceTiming you (which means that the two of you know each other and obviously she’s over the Holly Allen podcast). Hannah was in town a couple of weeks ago (not sure what she was doing— maybe CMA fest stuff?). My theory is that either Luke/Amanda is Friends with Jed and he just told them that he won the season OR maybe while Hannah was in town she snuck a visit with Jed and maybe they hung out (not in public— but in someone’s house) with Luke/Amanda/Christen. Just a theory!

But all jokes aside, were you really FaceTiming with Amanda? Why? Did she ask/confront you about anything that was said in the Holly Allen podcast?

Comment: Ooooooohhhhhh, good conspiracy theory. But no. That’s not how I heard.

On your other question, yes, I did Facetime with Amanda over the weekend. She was with Katheryn from “Temptation Island” and Christen. Katheryn called me, introduced Amanda and Christen (first time having ever spoken to either), there might have been drinking involved, and yeah. We had a great talk. And yes, we discussed the Holly podcast. And Luke. I listened to everything she had to say. She shared her side, I gave my thoughts, and that was that. Yes, she’s over it. She was just giving me her feelings of when it came out 11 months ago. Really liked talking to Amanda. Can honestly say never thought I would, but I’m glad I did.


Your latest post was so overwhelming for me steve! 😀

And of course i loved every minute of it!

I hope you don’t get too many crazy reader mails regarding the change in the winner, i mean i get it…the kind of work you do- must be tricky to confirm things for sure. I never understood why you get the hate you do when you have to change things up.

JED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really?!!!!!!!!!!! i was so down with hannah and tyler.c…i mean jed just seemed so disingenuous from the start and then with his one on one confession, i have been looking at him just like what he claims he is not! *major side eye* and as i mentioned to you before in a previous mail to you, probably the least screen presence i have ever seen for a singer on this show. im sure his career might just take off though. Right place. right time, right reality show i guess?
I can completely believe that he is on the show for his ‘career’. I also believe he will stay with hannah and milk it as long as it serves him. Just a vibe im getting.

BLAKE???!!!!!! OMG…where do i begin…better yet…here are 2 questions:
Why in the world he and kristina kept giving each other roses after all the shit that went down? I’m assuming to stay on the show til others arrive they are possibly interested in.

You think the producers of the bachelor knew Blake was a f***boy that wouldnt be ‘bachelor’ material from the beggining? The producers must have spent enough time with him during becca’s season to probably know what he was all about. I saw all the campaigning he was doing but i think apart from colton, jason always had a better chance at the bachelor honestly. Im sure during casting for BIP, they were well aware of the women who’d been with him, and that’s why all of them are on the show. That wasn’t a random coincidence.

Spontaneous question: How much do these producers get paid?! Low level , mid and High level? If you can indulge me. No idea.

DEMI????!!!!!!! She is like a Corrine 2.0. Don’t you think? Except she has just perfected what Corrine would have always wanted to accomplish with the franchise. Absolutely. Been calling her that since Colton’s season.

Lastly, Any update about Chris Bukowski? Im a throwback fan of sorts…and i cant wait to see what they do with him this time! 😀

Thanks for the spoiling. Im actually tired from what i read today.
This has made my week! 🙂

Comment: Chris seems to be doing well so far.

Hey Steve!

It is my first time writing in, but thank you so much for spoiling! I was sad to hear that Tyler did not win. As much as I want to think you are wrong, I know you aren’t. Do you know if they have been having their “happy couple weekends?” Yup.

Also, could not agree with you more about the Demi thing. If she is bisexual then whatever, but why come on the show and bring your girlfriend who is not a part of Bachelor nation? Really seems to me like Bachelor Producers are trying to scream that they are all about diversity and inclusion. Yup.

I know you have repeatedly said that with Bachelor in Paradise, the Bachelor is not something producers are thinking about yet. In your opinion, who do you think has the chance of being the next Bachelor or who do you think would make a good bachelor? I feel like Mike has a shot because they are shooting for the diversity thing even though I am not sure he would make the best bachelor. He seems to stir up some drama. Blake also seems like a good possibility to me because they like to have a villain turned hero (i.e. Nick Viall). I would love for it to be Tyler or Peter, but I just don’t have high hopes for that. What do you think? I know you don’t know, just want to know your thoughts. I’d say Tyler or Peter are your best bets now.


Why do Hannah’s eyebrows bother me so much? Has anyone else mentioned that?
Oh, and also, why the hell does she put an “ink” on to the end of her words ending in “ing”? It’s SO ANNOYINK!

Comment: Sounds like Hannah could breathe the wrong way and you’d be bothered by her. Not sure what to tell ya’ on that one.

OMG, I am 33 years old and completely befumbled (?) by the earthquake you let loose on my Tuesday! Thank you for all the info. This is pure craziness.

I’m sure you are bombarded with communication right now but I wanted your opinion because you’re savvy and have good recommendations for contestants: Based on your spoilers for the season ending, People mag’s recent reveal about Jed, and all the backlash Hannah is facing over Luke…what is Hannah’s best move going forward? To dump Jed. But I’d be surprised if she did, since I think Jed has either already given her a heads up about Haley, or did today after the story broke, and totally discredited her, played down the relationship, and since it is her fiancé, we saw Hannah give Luke P the benefit of the doubt for 9 episodes, I’m sure she’ll tend to side with her fiancé on this one and not immediately leave. But she should be very worried.

Side note, agree about Demi and curious if she will face any backlash for showing up to Paradise with a GF at home? Since Scott and now Jed are being slaughtered for having GFs on the show, seems like a double standard if Demi slides.

Thanks as always for the behind the scenes info!

Comment: Definitely a double standard. We can’t jump on guys for going on this show with a girlfriend, but give Demi a free pass just because it’s with someone of the same sex. It’s about pretending to be available when you’re not.

The most amusing part will be the media outlets that pretend you didn’t just spill all the tea. I know not everyone follows what you have to say but I am referring to other podcasts. They play dumb but do a poor job.

Comment: Well, let me know, because outside of Olivia’s and Juliet Litman’s (whose I catch on occasion), I listen to none of them.

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  1. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 7:22 AM

    It’ll be awesome if Hannah just comes out during ATFR and keeps it real and have broken it off with Jed. She doesn’t want to pay his rent now, does she?? Everyone will respect her for it.

  2. sailor2000

    June 19, 2019 at 10:56 AM

    Funny that they staged that whole piece on the first episode to kick out the guy that had a girlfriend right before going on the show and now the winner is revealed to have done the same, plus the motive of using this for his music. If she doesn’t break up with him I would think she is a bit of a hypocrite or perhaps very naive.

  3. mackin3

    June 19, 2019 at 10:59 AM

    They’d be CRAZY not to make Tyler bachelor (unless something scandalous happens with him between now and then). Literally everyone loves him, he’s not another Ben type personality and therefore something different (not to mention attractive). As far as the Jed stuff goes, I feel like 90% of the guys that go on that show do it for the fame or for a platform. Rarely do they really expect to fall in love. I found it genuine when he told Hannah because it’s such a shameful thing to admit, yet he did. I know personally I would never admit that—unless I was truly falling. As for the ex goes, whatever. We’ll never know the truth. I like Jed for Hannah, they fit. They’re both dorky and Tyler doesn’t have a dorky bone in his body. It didn’t work for me with them two. I don’t care about the ex hype with Jed, as long as it’s over now and he truly loves Hannah who cares ?????

  4. mackin3

    June 19, 2019 at 11:04 AM

    Also that makeout text sounds like a total joke… as in “will you be my gf check y/n” I would’ve taken it as a silly flirty text. Don’t think it was a serious (hey do you want to makeout with me???) lol all the guys love Jed and they all seem to joke around a ton.

  5. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 11:57 AM

    @mackin3 My biggest turn-off with Jed is really the fact he can’t make rent at his age. What is his job anyway?? Seriously, they plan to live on air and love??

    YIKES – no thank you!

  6. crushonspivey

    June 19, 2019 at 12:26 PM

    Jed is a starving artist (musician). Likes to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Time to nut up and get a career.

  7. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 2:39 PM

    Too right @crushonspivey. For someone who makes his poor dad pay his rent, then off he went to Bahamas!!?? Really Jed?? What a jerk and what a slap in the face to his own father.

  8. thecuriousgeorgette

    June 19, 2019 at 5:31 PM

    Man, this whole Jed development is disappointing. My hope for Hannah is that she dumps him and takes her time, maybe she’ll be able to rekindle something with Tyler or something down the road? Probably unlikely wishful thinking, but gahhh. Jed is just sounding more and more like a millennial loser. ?

  9. mackin3

    June 19, 2019 at 5:36 PM

    Well the rent thing is hearsay isn’t it? I mean anyone could make these things up. The guy can’t even defend himself.. contract… so I cut him slack until he can

  10. justsaying

    June 19, 2019 at 6:57 PM

    If none of what the ex-girl friend says is true, for sure, Jed would have issued a denial statement by now defending himself.

    If it’s all hearsay, by that logic, why should we believe Jed’s hearsay words? He can make things up or deny whatever he wants to suit his narrative.

    His ex-gf has receipts to back up her claims. Give her some credit.

  11. mackin3

    June 20, 2019 at 4:52 PM

    No I was just talking about the rent lol

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