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“Reader Emails,” Jed’s Ex Speaks Out, And, Ummmm, More Jed

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I think the only time in recent memory there’s been a crazier day in Bachelor Nation than yesterday was when I spoiled that Arie had broken things off with Becca and went to Virginia to chase Lauren. Other than that, nothing in recent memory tops yesterday. It’s not even close. The amount of people that contacted me yesterday coming out of the woodwork sharing more stories about Jed and Blake was mind blowing. Unfortunately, pretty much all of them were told to me off record. You’ll hear me address this in one of the Reader Emails today from someone who asks why do these people tell me stuff but then don’t want to be public about it. Many reasons actually. Fear of being discredited, the hate they’ll get online, the harassment, nobody believing them, and some just have moved on with their life and all this would do would add drama that’s not needed. But they still want to get it off their chest. With that said, yeah, it sucks. Of course I’d like to share what I heard yesterday. But I can’t. They asked me not to. Some of it was serious, some of it was just recapping what it was like being with Jed and/or Blake, and some of it was downright funny. Oh the fun I had yesterday sharing this with friends. More people came to me about being with Jed pre-show, and more people I’ve heard about Blake sleeping with pre-show. It’s unreal. I’ve seen text conversations. I’ve seen pictures. I’ve seen someone send me a screen video of their phone to legitimize it. It’s nuts. Whatever you read yesterday, that’s maybe 25% of the story. There’s so much more out there, but unless these people want to put their name to it, explain details, and include receipts and pictures with their permission to release it, I cannot and will not post it. I don’t have to like their decision to do so, but I have to respect it.

Ok, fine. I’ll give you one little tidbit because I asked permission and she agreed but didn’t want me to use her name. “Wanna makeout y/n.” Yes, that is an actual text sent by Jed, a seemingly grown ass man, to a woman he was involved with pre-show not named Haley. What followed that was even more embarrassing. Are you kidding me? Is he 12 years old? And don’t think for a second for the next month of recapping the “Bachelorette” that “Wanna makeout y/n” (exactly how it appeared in the text) won’t be mentioned at least 500 times by me since that’s about the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a while. Did he pass her a note too? Play M*A*S*H*? I can’t. I’m dead. If I was still in high school, that’d be my senior quote. Hell, I might put it on my Twitter and Instagram profile now.

One of the biggest things to add gasoline to the fire yesterday was the fact that Jed’s ex Haley Stevens spoke with yesterday and detailed her relationship with Jed pre-show. Haley’s name was one that was brought up to me at least 3 times since I announced Jed as a contestant in March. I reached out to her a couple weeks ago, sent her an email on Instagram, and never heard back. But yes, I was fully aware this was someone from his past (and more importantly, most recent past) who could probably throw some dirt on his reputation. Which she did in that interview with Of course you’ll have people who say she made it up, none of it’s true, she’s looking for 15 minutes, why would someone stay with a guy who knowingly is going on a show to boost his career, etc. We get that ANY time ANYONE speaks out about ANYONE. That’s nothing new. It’s her side, she told it, and for people to immediately discredit her is complete Jed bias.

Here’s my thing with what Haley said. All the stuff pre-show about their relationship, and how close they were, and going to the Bahamas on February 20th together (which is documented on both their IG’s), that’s great and all. I’m assuming that stuff is true. I’m not gonna say it isn’t. But I’m not even focused on that part of the interview per se. The fact that what she said in the interview about his reasoning for going on Hannah’s season holds the most water with me since that’s exactly what he told Hannah his reasoning for doing the show was. This is a guy who openly admitted to Hannah when first approached about the show (which I’m being told he was submitted by his agency – red flag) that he initially went on because he knew it’d be a good platform for him. So is it so hard to dismiss what Haley said he told her pre-show? It isn’t for me. Pretty much lines up and makes the most sense. But I get why people will immediately doubt her, even though it’s based in nothing. It’s because it’s what people do when something doesn’t fit the narrative they’ve already established. Look, I’d love to talk to Haley. only gave her so much website space. Haley, I’ve got a website and a podcast. As they say on the “Price is Right,” come on down! I’ll give you all the time you need, it won’t be edited, and you can say whatever you want.

So what’s Jed’s move from here? We really don’t know. But I can absolutely with 100% certainty tell you what Jed’s next move WON’T be. He’s never going to come out, either in a prepared statement released to the media, on IG, or maybe not even til the ATFR, and say, “Yep. You got me. Everything Haley said is right. Busted.” Never in a million years. Expect him to discredit her. Expect him to say they were already broken up. Expect him to say he’s already explained everything to Hannah and she believes him. All of that. It’s coming. There’s no way he’s going to admit to this because he’d be an absolute moron if he did. The question is when. Does he do it by giving us backhanded comments on social media since he’s been having fun on it with the guys all season? Is it a statement released by him through ABC? Is it not until the ATFR this is addressed? Only time will tell. My guess is we won’t hear his response to this until we see him on TV again, and that’ll be on the ATFR. And whatever has happened between now and then will all be brought out. Obviously anything I hear throughout the remainder of the season of how this affects Hannah & Jed I’ll report. But you can bet Hannah isn’t going to just dump him the second this story broke. Pretty sure he already told her, or if he didn’t, then yesterday after it came out, he told his side and she believed him. Hell, she’s gonna go 9 episodes continuing to make excuses for Luke P. Of course she’s gonna stick by her fiancé in a time like this. Lets not kid ourselves.

I’m sure you know after yesterday’s post what the #1 thing I was asked about yesterday was, don’t you? “So does this mean Tyler will be the next Bachelor?” “Do you think Tyler has a shot at being the “Bachelor?” “Who’s the next ‘Bachelor’”? Yeah, all 741 variations of that idea were thrown at me yesterday. My answer? Well, he hasn’t been named the next “Bachelor,” but obviously since he’s not with Hannah, he’s for sure in the running. I’d say it’s between Tyler and Peter now. Don’t think I’m going out on a limb with that one. Pretty easy to say. As to where they’re leaning, I have no idea. Still over two months away from that decision being made. So many things can happen. But yes, if Tyler is a single man come end of August, of course he’ll be considered for the role.

I added two things late to the column yesterday within ten minutes of me posting, so let me put those here today. First, ratings are in from Monday night, and despite it being the worst episode of the season considering half of it was just recapping the first 5 weeks, it was the highest rated episode they’ve had all season. 5.53 million viewers and a 1.5 rating. So yeah, everyone that bitched about the episode and they don’t care about the Luke P drama? No one cares. Plenty of people are watching. I feel like a broken record every season saying the same thing to people who complain about the show. Great. You’re not watching. Millions of others are. We don’t care.

Also, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell got engaged on Sunday in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. That was why I sent the tweet out Sunday morning of “Engagement coming…”. Was told this was happening on Sunday, but obviously I’m not going to spoil someone’s engagement before it actually happens. Ummmm, good luck to them. Moving on.

And finally, I’m sure you all saw the news posted Monday morning by CBS. Former podcast guest and Luke Pell’s ex-girlfriend Holly Allen is a cast member on the next season of “Big Brother” that starts next week. Considering I’ve never watched that show (only the “Celebrity” versions), I guess I’ll have to tune in. And I’m pretty sure the second Holly is no longer on the show is when I’ll stop watching. I just can’t dedicate 3 nights a week to one show for 3 months. I don’t have it in me. The celebrity one I can do because I know it’s only lasting 3 weeks. 3 months? No thanks. Anyway, good luck to Holly.

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