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Bachelor in Paradise 6 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – (EXCLUSIVE) What’s Happening Now & “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers for Episodes 1 & 2

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Which brings me to something I’ve been debating for the last week, and that’s whether to post the texts from the woman Jed cheated on Haley with at the beginning of February that was revealed on the podcast last week. After thinking about it all weekend and even up until this morning, I’ve decided not to post them. I asked the woman in question yesterday if I could post them, and she said she had no problem with that as long as I left her name out. I asked Haley and, even though she had nothing to do with the texts and didn’t know about them until last week, if she had a problem with me posting them and she said she didn’t either. But my decision came down to this: Hannah and Jed are done, and to me, it’d just be piling on the guy at this point. I think he’s scum for what he did. I think he deserved getting dumped by Hannah. And I think the guy needs to re-evaluate his life as a f**k boy, because that’s what he is. But these texts are bad. If I were him, I’d be embarrassed these got out. If Hannah and Jed weren’t already over, absolutely I would post them. Because it’s something she needs to see. But they’re done, so I don’t feel I need to pile on the guy. It’s not that I’m feeling sorry for him, because I’m most certainly not, but as a guy, he doesn’t need this added on to his misery. But I will tell you the gist of what the texts said and the timeline of it…

On the morning of Feb 3rd (Super Bowl Sunday) at 1:37am, Jed sent *Barbie (her name’s not Barbie, but I don’t wanna keep calling her “woman,” nor does Barbie have any connotation or hidden meaning to it. First name that popped into my head that was silly) a text that started with the infamous “Wanna makeout y/n.” *Barbie obliged, asked where he was, he told her, and then at the end of working out logistics, he said “are you prepared to be with me the rest of the night” to which *Barbie replied “yes.”

The next text was from Jed at 11:42am on the 3rd (so roughly 10 hrs after his initial contact that night) saying “I had fun! Thanks for assisting in me not having anxiety” (crying laughing emoji). From that point forward is where I’ll stop transcribing the texts. The texts continued on between Jed and *Barbie all day on Feb. 3rd, 4th and 5th. On the 3rd, 2:43pm, 6:32pm, 11:43pm. On the 4th, 12:57am, 8:14pm. And on the 5th, 3:50pm. It is absolutely 100% clear on these texts following their night together they had sex. Trust me. However, something I just found out last week as I shared these with Haley with *Barbie’s permission, and that’s that Haley was with Jed on Super Bowl Sunday. So in summary, Jed has sex with *Barbie in the morning of Feb. 3rd at her place, he’s gone by 11:42am that morning since his text suggests he was, the rest of the day (or most of it), he’s with Haley and friends watching the Super Bowl, all while still texting *Barbie about their night together. Look, Jed isn’t the first guy to play two women at one time, I’m aware of that, but in this particular instance, I just wanna show you how creepy this was.

As for *Barbie, a little background on her. This was not someone that Jed had just met that night. This is not someone that Jed was dating. Nor did *Barbie ever think they were dating. They had met in July of 2018 and had hooked up then, casually kept in touch through texts after that, and then Jed was just horny the night of the 3rd so he hit her up. At no point did *Barbie ever think this was anything more than what it was: a hookup. They enjoyed each other’s company. However, she also told me Jed never mentioned anything about Haley or the show in the time they were together either in person or in text. Because of course he didn’t. But the fact that Jed had sex with her the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, and was with Haley hours later (presumably they hooked up that night as well), then yeah, you can see how sh***y it is all around.

The first contact I had with *Barbie was at 3:01pm on June 18th, a few hours after I released the changed spoiler to Jed. She emailed me on IG showing me her texts with Jed immediately. Then like an hour later is when Haley’s story hit the web. *Barbie didn’t even know about it until I sent her the link. In *Barbie’s initial email to me, all she wanted to know was when filming started. When I told her March 16th, she actually thought it was closer to the night they were together. Her response was, “I wasn’t sure the timeline on when they started filming because I thought it was pretty messed up to come over to my place then shortly afterwards go on the show. But I guess it was a month after we slept together he went on the show.” So yeah, if there was no Haley, then the *Barbie hookup is just whatever. NOt even a story. I’m sure plenty of guys from this show have slept with someone 6 weeks before going on the show. Hell, they’ve done a day before going on from stories I’ve heard from past contestants. But the second Haley told her story, that’s when *Barbie realized what a shitty guy he was and we started diving more into what she had sent me.

All in all, if you’re Hannah at this point, and not even knowing the details behind the *Barbie hookup until last Thursday at the earliest, I think Haley’s story was enough in itself to end the thing. Jed clearly lied about his relationship with Haley and now this man was her fiancé. How is she supposed to believe anything he tells her from that point forward? He could’ve begged and pleaded for another chance, and telling her he’d change, and apologized for not being 100% honest about his relationship with Haley, but as a woman, seeing what Haley put out there, there’s NO WAY Hannah would’ve ever been able to forgive that type of betrayal. Seeing what he’s texting a woman hours before arriving in LA? I don’t care what happened during filming and how hard he claims to have fallen for her, how could she trust him enough after he basically started off their engagement with one big lie? She couldn’t, and I’m assuming that’s why the relationship is over. As it should be.



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